Truth Time!

I am a Kurt stan [pause] BUT I would like to point out a little something that deals with some characters of Glee and why I know Blaine has ruined the show! I will make a list below for all the OC characters and how Blaine ruined them.

Rachel Berry: Let me start off with this first fact ok? Even though I am a Kurt stan and not a big fan of Rachel, Ryan Murphy himself said there would not have EVER been a Glee without Rachel Berry because she is his main character just like every other show has one, so yeah no matter what we always knew Glee would have Rachel as the start to the very bitter end, but even though he had Rachel in a lot of scenes and gave her a lot of songs and opportunities, RIB never let her off the hook! She had consequences, no one liked her for years, every guy she dated ended up being pissed at her from HER actions and her selfish ways came with a price. Glee made sure the audience saw why Rachel suffered for her success and how Rachel my get what she wants in the end but it comes with a price, yes sometimes she got her way without consequence but the media and tumblr folk here let it be known that it was not fair! Blaine on the other hand was NEVER meant to be anything more than a side character, then he took over screen time and songs from a character he was created for in the first place, THEN he took over songs and screen time from Rachel Berry herself for NO REASON, in season 4 of Glee Blaine sung 42 songs, Rachel sung 26, wtf kind of bull shit is that?! Not to mention since he’s been on Glee for nearly 4 years now, we have not had a proper story line for him and he has not managed to relate to anyone other then childish end game Klainers and whining from his obnoxious fans with sick fetishes, instead of showing anything for the LGBT community or relatable issues with Teens, Blaine only showed us that if you are a rich white (YES WHITE, Glee has never stated him as anything else! Darren may be mixed race but so is Naya but she plays a Latina on Glee so hush) male who pass as straight and gets all the solos and is capn at literally EVERYTHING without showing how he worked for it, Rachel was in a LOT of school clubs that we saw in the pilot of Glee and from her determined nature we understand why and how she was in so many clubs and activities, Blaine we get no reason why other than he’s Blaine Anderson and Blaine Anderson has everything! Also the fact that he has 90% of pointless solos that has nothing to do with plots but more to do with having him sing ANOTHER random pointless song :I

Finn Hudson: Like Rachel was Glee’s leading Lady, Finn was the leading man, it does not matter if you liked him or not, Ryan wanted Finn to represent his show so he made Finn Hudson to bring the Glee club together and add more characters we all grew to lobe like Santana, Puck, Brittany, Mike, Quinn, and later on a love hate thing with Sam before Blam happened. Finn might have annoyed people like Rachel did but his purpose for Glee mattered, he  was the readon why DSB happened, he was there when MR. Shue gave up on Glee club and Rachel left Glee because while he had many faults, he held this small club togethefr and everyone in the club saw him as a leader, they saw him as someone they can depend on. Finn also was connected to many people on Glee and his songs had causes and plots behind them, sure we all was sick of the Finchel songs throught Glee but at least there was a plot and theme behind them and AGAIN Ryan created them as the main couple in the first place so no one can really blame Finchel for too  much screen time because they were THE MAIN COUPLE Ryan stated that since season one, and now Finn is gone, the show is suffering majorly and now they are shoving more Blaine down our throats for the lack of Finn  which is very disgusting because in season 4 Blaine had sung 42 songs while Finn got a measly 11. Finn was the leading Man, yet he even got side stepped for Blaine, Finn had many flaws, we all saw them, we all watched him suffer from relationships, ALL of his relationships and watched his dreams get crushed not once, not twice, but THREE times and then we see him pick himself up again and move on and we were rooting for him until he died, yet Blaine suffers NOTHING, other than being a Senior, then a sophomore, than a junior for the warblers, Blaine had zero reasons why he was the leader in the first place at Dalton, and he had zero reasons why they kissed his ass when other people in the group were not only older than him but have major talent! Like have you heard Curt Mega sing?! The fuck Blaine singing so much for?! Also Blaine had never brought the team together with out a purpose for himself, he never did things from the kindness of his heart, it always had to do with making him look good or benefit him in the end in some way. People in the Glee club can name several things why they loved Finn or why he was a good leader, for Blaine they can say nothing! He floated to the top for no reason than the writers and his fans kissing his ass, name me one time Blaine suffered and I promise I will tell you how it was 100% BS!

Artie Abrahms: Now here is a under dog! Artie has on of the best male voices in Glee, he is at least in the top 3 Glee guys voices and we all know it! Yet he is constantly pushed to the back and ignored, he had some good storylines and he is very interesting to say the least, now if there was anyone on Glee who has a good story line going but is under used and could get more screen time it is Artie! He is literally what Glee is about! The underdogs. Blaine, no matter how bad his fans thinks he is the best voice to exist, has extremely weak vocals, is not an underdog, and is extremely over used! Compared to Artie, Blaine has no business being in Glee! Artie has real flaws and real talent, Blaine is another spoiled kid that belongs more on a show like Gossip Girl, but since Darren can not act, another actor playing Blaine deserves to be on Gossip Girl :P also to remind you, Artie the incredible singer he is got only 11 songs in season 4 and Blaine got 42 Wtf is up with that?!

Tina CC: If there was EVER a more under used Character on Glee that also no only deserve more screen time and songs, BUT then was forced to become the #1 Blaine stan on Glee! I feel so bad for Tina! She had so much potential and so much promise as a character but what happens? They make her a fucking prop for Blaine! everything Tina fans have waited for was handed to Blaine on a silver platter with a HUGE Fuck You with having Tina be his fucking cheer leader! Tina’s year was suppose to be season 4! There was a whole episode promising that Tina will get to shine in season 4 but it was a LIE! You know what we got in season 4? Blaine, Crying Blaine, and then Blam! Fuck you Glee! Fuck you! and thanks for giving Tina 12 fucking songs compared to Blaine’s 42 -.-

Mercedes Jones: Se should have saw it coming in season 2 when she was at the Diner with Kurt and Blaine, once Blaine was around no more Kurtcedes! -.- I am very bitter about this too because when Mercedes did come down in season 4 it was to sing a fucking duet with Blaine! Then it was to pop up with no reason why to support BLAINES proposal! Wow BLEE, not only you sideline Mercedes for more Blaine and ruin Kurtcedes, you make her a prop for him too? Not to mention she had 2 songs compared to Blaines 42 -.- Fuck Blee!

 Puck: That moment when I officially hated Glee even more was when Puck told Blaine he help show him how to be a fucking man -.- really?! You can accept Blaine being gay and make him your bro out of no where with no fucking reason while you were so rude to Kurt for years?! And then Glee never shows you hanging with Kurt even though him and Finn has LIVED together for nearly 3 fucking years?! I do not understand that! You have spent the night at Finns and hanged out at his house and Kurt was there yet he was never a bro? When was Blaine EVER there for you? When was Blaine ever your bro? I hate Glee and its double fucking standards! not to mention like everyone else, Pucks story line drops out of no where for more Blaine!

Santana Lopez:  Here is a character who can sing and act, who people love and hate, who had ups and downs, only to be sidelined by Blaine, like Mercedes said is season 3, no one wants to be sidelined by anderberry! This woman never once showed a liking to Blaine, yet here she go supporting his insane proposal? She lives with Kurt, claims hes family, yet supporting his cheating ex? Glee used her to prop up Blaine again and its disgusting! Now that there will be Blee in NYC! How do you think Santanas gonna be treated? They are gonna side line her even more for Blaine! I predict Santana and Kurt sitting on the couch clapping silently while Blam or Anderberry does another performance! Because yeah, Glee wont give up Rachel so they will pair her up with Blaine, and Sam and this show is shit! Plus Santana got 14 songs compared to Blaines 42 in season 4 so fuck you blee!

Quin Fabrey:  She was used as RIB punching bad for years! And what do they do? Nearly kill her off in one episode only for the next episode to be about Blaine being butt hurt over his brother being more hot and popular than him, SERIOUSLY?! Quinn nearly died and yet we get some 2 year old nonsense Blangst!? Fuck this show! Also Quin had 4 songs in season 4 compared to Blaines 42 -.- So it’s fine and Dandy to hurt Quinn and constantly try to make her as the bad guy but Blaine gets no bad consequences? When he fucking cheats on someone he gets a whole season of Glee whining about how hurt HE feels and himhimhim ong he loves sam, him him him, the ends it with a promise at the end to propose to a man he easily cheated on yet Quinn comes back only for episodes with no plot expect to try to wheel in more viewers? Fuck blee!

Brittany Pierce: We all know Brittany was on Glee for her one liners and dance moves, later on for Brittana and then Bram, she may not had much screen time but most of the time her heart was in the right place, yet people want to call her dumb but vote for Blaine who’s argument was about more hair gel? Ok ok… wow glee,… WOW, plus not to mention, Blaine cheated because Kurt lost last year and the election might have been a sore spot for him so he did not want to talk about it and Blaine got pissed because Kurt did not want to hear him brag about another Win of his, so yeah! Lets show more Blee! Also the fact that Brittana broke up because Santana was scared of hurting Brittany due to long distance shows maturity that shits all over Blaine and Klaine! it did not take long for Blaine to cheat on Kurt, and since he thinks texting is cheating, he cheated first, plus who knows how long hes been IM'ing EliC -.- plus brittany had 17 songs compared to Blaines 42

Last But not Least, Kurt Hummel: 

Watch Glee from season 2 starting from NBK and up and see how fucked up his life is, plus adding Blaine in his life, fucking up his life even more.

I can write a 5 chapter book talking about how Blaine ruined Kurt’s life, but if you want to see that, watch Blee! Now if you care to tell me how wrong I am let me know! I can back up my words in more detail and I have many more reasons than these, this was just a quick posts, trust and believe that I can give your more reasons why that obnoxious mold ruined Glee and the characters, good day!

Glee Songs by Character: Season 2 (ep 1-13)

I remade this graph to make it more cohesive with the season 1 one.

I left out the people with only one song. (Sue, Mike, Emma, Lauren)

I also left out numbers done by guest stars or guest glee clubs. That came out to 8.