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In the beginning of Keeping it Together, right before amethyst says "garnet! That mouth!" What does garnet say? I can't really understand her but it sounds like she says "giant"

She says “janked” in response to Pearl saying if they let Peridot restart the Kindergarten “the entire planet will become…”

“Janked” is slang for “messed up” or, how Garnet was using it, “fucked up”. Hence Amethyst’s amusement

Aku. Kamu. Kita. Jarak terjauh kita hanyalah ‘waktu’, perasaan terindah kita adalah 'kerinduan’. Kadang kita memang harus dipisahkan untuk tahu arti perasaan

So I googled that wine TOP insta’d with the symbols on the label. The winery is called Domaine Prieuré Roch and yes, they are hieroglyphs.

“Domaine’s individuality extends to front label where Egyptian hieroglyphic symbols are interpreted on the whole as Viticulture. More specifically, the blue-green symbol between a feather and a blade stands for the vine’s life, the upper yellow goes to God while the lower one symbolizes the people. At the end, red symbols have the meaning of the grapes that make the wine.“

…ok then.

Bambina di 7 anni che ha subito un’emisferectomia all’età di 3 anni, per la sindrome di Rasmussen (encefalite focale cronica).
Un’epilessia intrattabile le aveva causato emiplegia agli arti destri e una regressione delle competenze linguistiche.
L’emisfero rimosso è stato il dominante, con i suoi centri linguistici e di controllo motorio per il lato sinistro del corpo.
Eppure la bambina risulta bilingue (lingua turca e olandese) ed è riuscita a recuperare parzialmente la sua emiplegia, pur presentando spasticità al braccio e alla gamba sinistra.
Riesce a condurre una vita mediamente normale.

Boy Next Door || F2F: Dani & Artie

Dani and Artie was pretty good friends. They’ve known each other their whole lives and while Dani was always closer with Julian, things were complicated with the harry potter nerd. Artie and Dani were more relaxed and she liked that. After she slept off her hangover from the night before she headed next door to the Abrams house, letting herself in and finding Artie. “Oh yeah I smell popcorn!” She smiled. “Whats up wheels?” 

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This is the anon with the diamond color question. Sorry about the confusing question! I was wondering if you had a tool to blend the different colors from the logo to see what colors their fusions would have.

well, I can only make gradients between two colors:

but in anycase, I wouldn’t worry so much about the color combinations because the fusions don’t really follow it too strictly. For example, Garnet is the combination of Ruby and Sapphire but her first design was just shades of red. So a fusion can be any of the solid colors of the component Gems or a combination of any of the component Gems.

So a fusion of White, Blue, Yellow, and Pink Diamond could contain any or all of the following: white, blue, yellow, pink (probably red too), black, purple, orange, and/or green.

I’m curious about White Diamond because it seems like all Gems naturally have white and black in their color palettes meaning they’d add nothing to a fusion’s color palette. Perhaps they’d add a translucent or metallicy silver element or something instead.

Though, personally, I don’t think Diamonds would do much fusing but there could always be a Malachite sort of situation

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their blog name is whootley and their ask blogs are ask-broken-angel-oliver and ask-subject-artie

i hope this isnt a prank, test, or a spite message, because i dont see any blatant tracing or stealing of my designs or w/e

ive gotten a concerned anon yesterday about how “similar styles arnt art theft” which is true, but i was referring too the act of outright tracing and sort of “oc” stealing

just because this tumblr user (and many others) have a similar art style, doesnt mean its art theft

im sorry if im missing a post you’re trying to show me, but i dont see any theft after a quick scan of all 3 blogs? plus their art is adorable??


The door would creak shut as Atreus pulled it when he entered the room, saying nothing until he came to Stephen’s desk where he would press his palms into the wood and lean down, his voice low and irritation written upon his features.

“I would prefer it, Stephen, regardless of your pissing match with Lambert that you keep my feelings out of it, is it any concern of yours how I feel about him?

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Do we STILL not know when SU is coming back?

nope. Cartoon Network doesn’t release (or even decide on) their monthly schedule until the end of the previous month. So we should get the schedule some time tomorrow, since its the last day in August. At the latest, we’ll get a schedule after September 3rd (since they’ll need to make promos for the following week)

The soonest SU can be back is September 10th, since the 3rd was included in the August premiere schedule so we already know its not coming back on the 3rd. I’ve been thinking, though, if they pushed SU back in order to get the mid-season finale to air right before winter hiatus, it might not be coming back until September 24th or October 1st. That’s just pure speculation on my part, though

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