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Compare and contrast Roger Daltrey's curls and Art Garfunkel's curls.

please refer to this helpful comparison chart

as you can see, roger’s ringlet curls are bigger and more traditionally “curl” shaped, while Artie’s are relatively small curls that can stand up on top of his head in a jewfro without the help of dippity-do (unlike Roger circa 1967). as such, when Artie moves his head, his curls stay put while Roger’s bounce around like springs.

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Artie seems to be more prone to frizz and damage, however with the amount that Roger shakes his head around, he probably had more tangles. When wet, Roger’s curls lay flat and wavy against his head while Artie’s stay relatively the same (ex. Carnal Knowledge pool scene).

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Artie’s blond is darker and more “dirty blond”, sort of a walnut color, especially when he had it cut short. Roger has a more golden color, akin to that of a wheat field in the summer, however during 1980 while filming McVicar, his short hair was nearly brown.

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And for some reason at one point in their lives, they both decided to have really angelic curly-haired debut album covers…  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

While Roger was lucky enough to keep his curls on his head to this day, Artie unfortunately began to lose his somewhere around the mid-late 80’s. Roger now keeps his mane short and tamed. If only Artie could’ve had a silver old man jewfro…

In conclusion, both boys have beautiful hair and I would 100% run my fingers through both mane and fro alike. 

Thank u for ur attention during this presentation.