So some of you who have been around a while know I used to work at a small, privately-owned, bird-focused pet store, right? And some of those of you might remember that we had a black palmed cockatoo, Artie, there. He was wild-caught illegally back in the ‘80s–the shipment was seized by Fish & Wildlife, some of the birds were sent back to Indonesia, but some were not. Artie bounced around to a few places–a zoo, a couple private people, and eventually ended up at our store (the owner was heavily involved in the bird community and was involved with all this somehow, idk I wasn’t around). Anyway, he had been with us for more than a decade, and since he was wild caught he was never really tame, and the owner always wanted to find a breeder to take him, since black palms are so endangered. She figured since he’s here, and being wild caught his genetics would be diverse from captive populations here, it would be awesome to help propagate the species.

ANYWAY a year or so ago, he finally went to a breeder, and he almost IMMEDIATELY hit it off with one of her females, and they laid an egg very soon after. The breeder & Ruth weren’t sure it would be fertile, since it was so fast and all, BUT IT WAS AND IT HATCHED AND LOOK HOW CUTE THIS BABY IS IM CRYING.


So I am a repeat customer of @palavenmoons. I keep getting her to draw OC Turian, Artem “Artie” Lykos. (there is also a human version of Artie in there; because why the HECK not? :’D)
I can’t give her enough praise; she is AWESOME! Commission her! Give her your monies! X’D
All hail @palavenmoons !!! #palavenmoonsfangirl