// woah wow i just realised i am so terrible with backgROUNDS CREY SOFTLY

But aaaah this is my secret santa thingy to Ask-RBraun !!! Hehehe when I got your name i was like omfg yes perfect we are meant to be I so totally know what I’m doing for you even when I don’t read your wishlist omg but

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAVE A LOVELY NEW YEAR and thanks for being an awesome Reiner sama aaaa <33333

oh shit wait– uhhh- hold on-

oh! yeah its working- holdddd upppp– there!
[camera angles down to view a messy.. teen? adult? no one knows really}


this is uh… kind of a diary series i guess,, a bit,,,,, yeah, anyway im Klyde! im just a dude who chills out here in my hometown, i uh,, i go on a lot of walks n stuff, so you’ll see a lot of that….

i forgot what i was gonna talk about..

welp thats all for today! later!

[screen goes black, what a nice kid ay?]