The weirdest thing just happened. So my great uncle’s funeral service just happened, and we were there, and after the service, we were waiting to get our car from the garage across the street. Well, I was waiting outside by myself, while my family was inside. I am wearing a really lovely black dress, and I was crying a bit, and I notice that at the restaurant next store, there were police men and bodyguards and papparazzi, ( one pap took a picture of me crying - it was awkward) and these people start walking with bodyguards, and I think to myself, wow, that girl looks an awful lot like Tina from Glee, and then wow! That boy totally looks like Artie and then holy shit the glee cast is walking out. And then, the beautiful, wonderful Chris Colfer walks up, hugs me, and without any knowledge of why I’m standing there in a fancy black dress, crying, says, “you’re gonna be alright.” and then, he paused and added, “and you look super cute in that dress!” walked away and vanished. What just happened.


11.14.2015 - Patrick Kane, instigator of scrums, and Jonathan Toews, notorious enforcer. Starring Brent Seabrook and Artem Anisimov, defenders of the small and precious.