I love this picture of my Sakizou’s Seraphim cosplay by Dark Age Photography! 

This was definitely my most difficult costume to date. But I got to learn a lot of new techniques and pushed myself to make articulated wings– Thanks to Cupcake Cosplay’s tutorial on their website:

I’VE GOT THE SAKIZO BUG! Must make more!

For progress pics check out my page:

And a huge thanks to Dark Age Photography for the photo:

Not so much a tutorial as a "here's what I did."

Gosh, you couldn’t have asked an easy question, could you? :P You are in luck, I thought I didn’t have any pictures of the wires before I covered them up, but it turns out I had exactly two.

What are we looking at here? We are looking at three wires. These wires are connected at each end to one of the wings, and looped in the middle to take care of the extra length, because they were much too strong to cut.

The top wire, colored yellow for your convenience, opens the wings when pulled down. It is attached securely to the eyelet(s) circled at yellow 1 and runs freely through the yellow 2 eyelets. A crimp at yellow 3 helps keep the force even between the wings so they open at the same rate. The little crimp at yellow 4 is just to mark the exact center, and is where I grab to pull.

The bottom wire, colored blue, closes the wings when pulled down (or in any direction, really). In fact, you have to keep it pulled tight or the wings fall half open on their own. They are attached at the blue 1 circles, run freely through the eyelets at the blue 2 circles, and I pull the wire at the crimp marked blue 4.

The middle red wire does nothing but pull the wings back, and was only used for the purpose of locking the wings. I could swing the wings forward and back easily enough just by tilting my body forward or back, and the wire wasn’t long enough to reach, anyway.

Since the blue wire had to be constantly pulled to keep the wings closed, I kept the wings locked when I wasn’t planning on opening them. Locking them required an assistant; the two crimps circled in green were pulled together and held that way with some S hooks. That kept the wings closed and pulled (mostly) back, out of the way.

Here’s a picture with the wings locked:

So there you have it, my probably-excessively-complicated and oh-hey-did-I-mention-I’m-not-a-professional wing wiring mechanism! I hope that helps! Somehow. :D


Hello everyone!

I made separate blog, kisecosplay , to put all of my cosplay and costume related stuff into.

Which means; you no longer need to put up with all of the non-cosplay stuff I post, it’s easier to browse through if you’re looking for something specific,  more wip pictures of things (such as the articulated wings and hands above), and more replies to (anon) messages! (As lovely as they are I can’t fill this blog up with dozens of them..!) 

Reblogs are really appreciated to spread the word, thank you!


Janie’s Gryphon

This fully articulated gryphon art doll was commissioned as a Christmas present for a fabulous girl called Janie. It’s based on a male American kestrel and a silver torbie cat, with a few unique parts thrown in here and there. 

With green glass eyes and Tissavel fur this art doll is one of my proudest achievements, mostly for his articulated wings. Each feather has been drilled and attached with pivots to a wooden mechanism that allows the wings to spread and fold like a real birds wings. You can see a video of this in action here.

Janie’s gryphon measures approximately 6" in torso length and has cast resin front legs and back feet. His head is sculpted from polymer clay and airbrushed with acrylics.

The silver feathers have a remarkable sheen to them that makes them shimmer in the right light and are from a goose. The brown feathers have a green iridescence to them and have been responsibly sourced from a juvenile shag, kindly sent to me by a friend on DeviantArt! (If you have feathers think I could use in a project please get in touch! As long as they are clean I will take them, and will pay for postage.)

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June 11th at Bambaland

METAL GEAR SOLID | RAY Half-sized edition
The Metal Gear RAY half-sized edition comes ready to do battle with its nemesis, the Metal Gear REX. The Half-sized edition features all the articulation and detail of its larger counterpart. Even at a more compact size, the RAY’s full wingspan spreads an impressive 17.7 inches!

Wing Span - 17.7inches (44.9cm)
Resting Height - 8.6 inches (21.9cm)
Length - 9.76 inches (24.8cm)

  • Officially Licensed by Konami
  • Game Accurate Detailed Design
  • Opening Cockpit
  • Fully Articulated Legs, Wings, and Neck
  • LED Illuminated Cockpit
  • Articulated Stand and Base  

USD $230
Price Includes Worldwide Shipping