articulated punctuation

Heyo imma talk about JJ here bc I have lots of feelings about him

I know a lot of people don’t like JJ because he’s so egotistical, but honestly to me it seems like some of it is intentional forced confidence instead of genuine egotism. Like, as someone who struggles with low confidence, telling myself that I’m the best is actually helpful because you slowly start to believe it.

After listening to the full version of the theme of King JJ especially, so much of it seems to be reassuring to himself. A lot of the lines in there are the sort of thing I would tell myself even. While some of his confidence is real (and well deserved, because he really is good at what he does) I think that’s the reason he’s so excessive.

I think this is also why he’s so competitive. It’s a way to prove to himself that he’s great in a tangible way. Sometimes he gets carried away and says things that come off as rude, but he doesn’t mean to upset anyone.