articulated paper dolls



Hello friends! My name is Leo. I’m a queer transgender guy studying illustration in the Philadelphia area. Money is a little tight right now, and I have virtually zero income since my campus position only allows me to work about 8 hours per week at minimum wage. I’m looking to raise money to continue paying for hormone replacement therapy and eventually for top surgery, so I thought I should update my commission information!

I do a wide range of art, but I mainly focus on digital portraits. Here are the types of art I will do, listed from Low to High under the cut!

If you are interested, either message me here or email me at

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An articulated paper puppet/doll made as part of a (late) present for the uhhhhh-may-zing @dread-p00l! Been working with puppets a lot as part of my research project, wanted to get into drawing and creating my own. This was so much fun to make lmfaoooo, I love making him look stupid and do sumo squats or the splits…More to come eventually because this guy is meant to be part of a set, I’m just a super slow worker!

Happy birthday, Frankie! You inspire me all the time with your positivity and creativity, and have me constantly shrieking with laughter. One day I will hunt you down to give you a hug. >: ]


(Fanart tag and original art tag for more examples. Please note there is not-work-safe fanart mixed in those tags.)

So, how do pay-what-you-want commissions work? 

Simply send me an ask if you want a commission, letting me know much money you have to spend, with a minimum of $2 USD, and an idea of what you want, and I’ll give you my email for further discussion and to let you know what I can do! (Please don’t me send me your email or any links in the ask, as tumblr won’t let the ask go through.) Of course, the higher the amount, the more I can do. You must be able to pay with PayPal.

Something as little as $2 will probably just get you a tiny, simple, single-character chibi sketch. Something like $10 could get you a simple pixel, or a waist-up sketch. Something like $250 could get you a painted bust portrait, a fully painted chibi gif, or an articulated paper doll even larger and with more parts than the Cas example shown. Please note that traditional art MUST get mailed to you. 

I will draw:

  • both work-safe and not work safe stuff, OCs, fanart

I will not draw:

  • minors in sexual situations, images promoting hateful messages, noncon/dubcon, a select few certain pairings, mecha/giant robots

Please note, these are private commissions, for your personal use only. If you want something to reproduce for no profit, or reproduce/use somehow for advertising/profit, please discuss it with me privately.


B O N E  A  D A Y

For the last three years, I’ve attempted to produce a daily piece of art, with some sort of a bone theme. Didn’t manage quite every day, but produced a lot of drawings, paintings, jewelry, sculpture, photography, and a few quips… Subjects ranged from anatomical and scientific orientations to visual puns and surrealistic perspectives. The three years of discipline it took to work with a solitary, singular subject, provides many, many images for a book. Mixed media seems to continue to be a popular subject and I think the variety of the images posted over the years would complement the idea of combining medias, on a daily post platform instead of just on the page or form. My blog has been featured on tumblr’s radar 2 or 3 times and also on the tumblr log in page. A collection of posts have also been featured in a paper art design book published this year. I was also was invited to do a solo show (RAM) and 3 other group shows (In)Organic (RAM), HF Johnson Gallery, and Allegory Gallery that were held this past year from posts that were done during “Bone A Day”