If we want to improve peer review, we’ll need to invest in training | Higher Education Network

You’ve just accepted your first invitation to peer review a journal article. The paper is the culmination of years of the author’s research and its publication is an important next step. You want to get it right; give constructive feedback, check whether it works for the journal, and generally improve the quality of the article. But how can you achieve those objectives without the right training and support?

We’ve been analysing data emerging from our year-long research project on peer review. First we focused on what academics would like to see change in the process. Now we’ve examined how new reviewers feel about embarking on reviewing, and it seems clear that many would like significantly more guidance on how to get it right.

Alongside issues of transparency, much of the criticism of peer review revolves around the quality of individual reviews – from the “short and snitty” (as one researcher put it in a focus group we held) to those that may be biased by the reviewer’s personal views.

The majority of reviewers learn on the job, plunged into assessing their peers’ work as a natural progression of their academic career. This will need fixing if everyone’s overall experience of the peer review process is to improve.

Weekly Article Roundup (Aug 14-21, 2016)

Hello all! Welcome to my first article roundup! So, I’ll be linking to articles that I found interesting, important or just plain fun. These posts are based on what I read that week, so older pieces will be included from time to time. 




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where is laurens' turtle tattoo in ur college au,,,,? it has to be somewhere my bro

he doeS NOT have a turtle tattoo

however he did buy a baby turtle for 5 dollars once from the Turtle Vendor of Questionable Legality who always hangs out on 133rd and it died after like a month so laurens pestered alex into writing an article for the school paper #exposing Turtle Vendor for selling sick illegal baby turtles

Fic rec list

Today is author appreciation day, so I thought I’d rec a few of my favourite Zimbits fics. I have read a quite frankly ridiculous number in the past two months I’ve been in this fandom, and there are loads which should be on this list but it would take too long to put down all of them. Thank you to all the people who take the time to write, and to Ngozi for creating this swawesome universe.
(Quick tip, you can give extra kudos on a fic by opening it in incognito mode)

A Little Bit Closer
Eric Bittle’s To-Do List:1.) Frame Masters in Library and Information Science diploma and send to Mama, because she never understood the lack of sleep and abuse of caffeine, but she sent cookbooks and money for good chocolate, bless her.
2.) Throw away every last highlighted article, graded paper, and syllabus, because they are no longer needed, thank the sweet Lord.
3.) Promote the library’s new periodic reading series, because it wasn’t the capstone project for nothing.
4.) Harass Boston Bruins star Jack Zimmermann into taking a picture for @BPLWestEnd to promote the reading of his new children’s book, Jacky’s Bad Days.
5.) Do not ogle Boston Bruins star Jack Zimmermann’s ass.
6.) Fail step five. Repeatedly.

Actually, I Do Make the Rules Series
Rule number one is that Mama Loves You. Maybe Dicky has forgotten that? Suzanne Bittle decides it’s time to remind him. Of that, and that nothing on the internet is ever private.

and not waving but drowning
Jack considered himself an Icarus of sorts. He never thought he’d learn to love the sun.

Found Out Series
“Bitty, you have finally rose to the rank of ‘bad roommate who brings people home and has loud sex,’ and we love it. It’s lonely here at the top. And now, you’ve joined us.”No one notices Jack, at the far end of the table, staring at his bacon. [A bunch of ways in which everyone finds out.]

Hockeyed Up
There are many things on Jack’s mind. Namely: hockey, hockey, Bitty, hockey, anxiety, hockey, hockey, anxiety, Bitty, hockey, hockey, anxiety, and hockey.

Hold It All At Bay
The theory of extrapolative synchronization of the mirror neurons was debunked back when he was still in his teens, so Jack is reluctant to mention that he can smell Bitty’s pies baking from across campus.

I hear symphonies in my head
Eric listens to a lot of music. Life is never so bad that it can’t be fixed with baked goods and the right soundtrack, and he’s really good at providing both, if he says so himself.

Ice Crew Please!
Jack Zimmermann was drafted first by the Providence Falconers when he was eighteen years old. He is good at hockey. Very good. His team won the Cup his second year and now, in his third year, they are looking good. Jack should be on top of the world. And some days, he manages to convince himself he is.He’s not, of course.Enter the Ice Crew.

maybe i’m waking up!
It’s almost funny. All he ever wanted was to play hockey, to play in the NHL, to win the Cup. This—Samwell, the team, the Haus—was supposed to be just a detour, but now it feels more like a destination he failed to realize he’s already reached. (Or: Jack signs with the Falconers, graduates, and leaves. It’s the hardest thing he’s ever done. What comes after is even harder.)

Someone is in trouble

Continuation of He Likes You and How not to ask someone out. 

There will be another part after this. 

“Really….do I look stupid?”

Liz peaked out into the sitting room where her roommate was on the floor.

“Amelia are you talking to yourself?” Liz asked.

Amelia looked up and laughed, “No I was commenting on the article in the papers.”

Liz walked into the room, “What’s it about?”

“Some bankrupt woman that was throwing around the Goldstein’s family name for her own personal benefit. She got caught and was completely destroyed by the Goldstein.” Amelia explained, “She is now pleading that she never did any of that and is accusing the media for exposing her story.”

Liz plop down on the couch, “Come on let me see. I wanna have a good laugh.”

Amelia handed her the papers and watched as she roommate turned a ghastly shade of white, “Liz are you okay?”

“Amelia….I know this woman.” Liz said after a while, “I chewed her out at the event I was working at…”

“Hold on that’s the same woman!” Amelia said standing up, “You mean you were in on the plan?”

“Plan?” Liz asked looking very confused.

“The plan to expose her.” Amelia said, “It’s in the article but it’s just the woman talking about it.”

Liz quickly skimmed over the details. She then threw the papers on the coffee table and held her head.

“I should have bitten him.” Liz muttered.

“What are you talking about?” Amelia asked.

Liz quickly got up and headed towards the door.

“Where are you going?” Amelia called.

“To work!” Liz shouted back, “I have a bone to pick with someone.”

“But you don’t have a shift today!” Amelia shouted back. But it was already too late. Liz was gone and running down the street for a taxi.

As soon as the car came to stop in front of the hotel, Liz darted out and ran towards the office area. Klaus was just stepping out of his office when he noticed her stomping towards him.

“Miss Hart.” He greeted.

“Don’t you dare.” Liz accused, “I am not even going to let out give me some complicated explanation why you did it because nothing can this any better.”

Klaus crossed his arm over each other, “Why don’t we step into my office and talk about this.”

“No! Absolutely not!” Liz said standing her ground, “I am just going to tell you this because what you did was wrong. You tricked that woman into coming here thinking she was specially invited to something that would help her family regain their wealth. You purposefully made a fool of her and used me to make a scene out of it! And let me make this very clear Mister Goldstein….nothing you can say or do will make me forget that!”

Liz turned to leave but Klaus stopped her.

“I won’t let you walk away without hearing a full story.” Klaus said. His tone was firm. Liz felt small under his gaze. She wondered if that was how the woman felt when he caught her that night.

“Fine. Five minutes. “

Klaus pushed open his office door and motioned for Liz to go inside. As they entered the room he said, “In future if you have a complaint against me I would prefer it to be address in a more private area.”

“I wanted to make sure my point got across.” Liz countered. She sat down on one of the chairs and waited for Klaus’s explanation.

“Let me ask something first….” Klaus started, “Why are you so upset about a woman you don’t know, who clearly goes against something you stand for and insulted you the first time you met her?”

Liz fidgeted in her seat, “It’s not that I like her….” Liz started, “It just seems unfair especially when I realized I unconsciously caused that disaster to happen.”

“Did you know about her situation before I told you?” Klaus asked.

“Of course I didn’t.” Liz replied.

“Then how is that unfair.” Klaus remarked, “To you she was some woman who had no self-respect for animals and nothing she could have do or say in that moment would make the situation any better for you.”

Liz was speechless.

“Therefore you had no idea that something like this would happen to her.” Klaus continued, “It’s her own fault for falling for the ruse.”

“Then aren’t you just as bad as she is?” Liz asked, “You tricked her into thinking she got her hands on a great opportunity. You gave her hope.”

“The event never promised her anything.” Klaus corrected, “It was just an invitation.”

“An invitation of hope.” Liz corrected, “Mister Goldstein I don’t know much about the wealthy and prominent families but I do know what it feels like when you suddenly stopping having things that are very normal and necessary for you. It makes you desperate. Any little hope of getting it back will make you want to grab it.”

“But you weren’t foolish like her.” Klaus replied, “You didn’t leap right into a trap assuming the game would continue.”

“Is that your explanation?” Liz asked, “That you were right and she was stupid?”

“I didn’t_”

Liz cut him off. She stood and gave Klaus the most disappointed look she could muster.

“Minster Goldstein although this job as been a good opportunity for me I don’t think I can work in an environment where my employer invades into my personal information or you is willing to go so far as to publicly destroy someone without any remorse.” Liz said.

“And if I refused to allow you to leave?” Klaus asked.

Liz smiled sadly, “Then I would say you are very selfish.”

“You shouldn’t allow your personal feelings to distract you from your job.” Klaus countered.

“I could tell you the same thing.” Liz replied, “Since you told me that you were interested in my company…” She paused to look straight at her boss, “However I wonder now how much of that was the true as well.”

“What are you implying?” Klaus questioned.

“That you tried to take care of a situation.” Liz replied. She walked towards the door and sighed deeply, “Good day Minster Goldstein. I hope you will reflect on your actions more next time of how other people will feel when they are tricked and trapped by your family…..goodbye.”

She was gone again.

intro post!!

hey there honeys!!  im ellie, and im really kind of a hot mess !!
also i overuse exclamation points like a demon it’s terrible.

at any rate, im over here playing tomoe arashi, shsl historical theorist!  basically that’s a person who deconstructs historical papers/articles/etc to find the driving theory behind the work (like if it’s gender studies, or structuralist, or anti-consumerism, etc) – and then tries to see where that fits in historical discourse/if it’s appropriate!  that’s a lot of words to just say she reams the shit out of people who write bad history!
also, um, she really fucking loves peaches.
you can check out the art im collecting of her here!

your oc PROBABLY doesn’t her unless they… really like academia, laughs.  or they like to box.

lil more about me – i was in da5 + sod1, as well as a smattering of other games here and there.  good to see so many familiar faces and new friends!
i live in EST and im 22 years old, which i always find necessary to specify.  i
i like to draw ocs in all the games im in, but i will warn you – im primarily a furry artist, so if that makes you uncomfy, please just let me know!!  i won’t push it ahh.

im pretty sociable and love to talk so ill be about!!  please feel free to follow my twitter or my personal tumblr !

thanks cuties!  looking forward to writing with all of you !!!

Leonard Snart: Three Headcanons and a Rant

// While reblogging a gif set/post (originally found here) from a scene in The Flash 2x09, I realized I have a lot of thoughts about, oh, right about the time the tags went on for about the length of a dissertation.

So, now, here. Have a post about it for which nobody asked.

As these are actually several different headcanons, I’m going to break it down into sections as they’re very separate ideas, just all inspired by facets in this one scene. 

I’ll call it three headcanons and a rant. 


Snart being able to comment about Iris’ article in the paper is another example of exactly how detailed he is with his research. 

Once Leonard Snart found out the identity of the Flash, I think he went back years to learn everything he possibly could about the kid. I think he knew what schools Barry went to, every person he interacted with, and knew not only about Barry, but also about the people Barry surrounds himself with. Which to some extent he had already done, hence kidnapping Caitlin and Cisco, whom he had seen and was able to locate.

Whether it’s physical files sitting in a safehouse somewhere or––to my way of thinking––more likely, just all catalogued away in his head because he doesn’t trust it to be anywhere else, he has whole dossier built up about Barry and everyone in his life.

Think about it. He knew exactly where Barry lived (and, on a sidenote, if he ‘checked for mini marshmallows’, then he almost definitely cased the place seeing what else he could find, assuming he hadn’t been there before), and there’s actually an even better moment after that in the scene

When Barry speed slams him into the mantel (which, by the way, OW, that would’ve left bruises from the speed alone, not even counting the force behind it), Snart reveals his upgrade to the cold gun stating very deliberately that Barry might make it, but she won’t. 

This goes beyond, in my opinion, Snart’s understanding that Barry doesn’t want to see people die. He knows how important Iris is to Barry. Why else would he go to such an effort that he even reads articles that she writes? He knows that understanding someone Barry cares about so much helps him to understand Barry even more, and I swear, Snart should have gone into psychology or something of the like because he is very good at reading people. I would dare say that he is one of, if not the best on the CW’s DC shows. He doesn’t have superpowers, can’t mind read, he just reads people and understands them with an accuracy that would probably make the Martian Manhunter jealous.

People do not give him credit for that often enough.

On to the next headcanon (though below the cut, because this is a long post).

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probably the single funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my ballets russes research and possibly my whole life is this article in an Indianapolis paper about the br’s 1916 American tour where the journalist tried to interview Diaghilev and for the whole article misspells his name as “Dogleaf”

No one actually wants to read scientific writing. They my want the ideas contained within, but if they could get those ideas without actually reading the papers and articles, they would.
Scientific writing is boring and dry, and it is so because sanctimonious pricks in positions of power (in relation to scientific writing) force good writers to suck to style and creativity out of their writing in favor of efficiency.
They do to writing what the industrialists did to education, which is hilarious, because that’s what I’m writing about.
The question is, do I fight for my writer’s voice and potentially fail the class, or do I make the changes asked of me for the sake of moving on to better things?

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Why Chibi Is So Cute and Offensive
ヾ(@゜▽゜@)ノ You could be offending your Japanese friends with a cute-sounding word: chibi. Learn when this kawaii term is and is not appropriate.
By Mami Suzuki

22/8/16 day 2/30 Post a link to an article or academic paper focusing on something you love to study.

I planned to share another tofugu article, but this newer one reeled me in. The word is used all the time in English, but I never knew it was actually banned on Japanese television - this article explains why, with a look at the history and origins of the word and its kanji, along with ways you can use it (adorable new vocab incoming!). 

Worth reading if: you’re interested in Japanese culture or languages in general, but is such an easy and interesting read for anybody!
Scientists Know They Should Really Study Important Bugs but OMG a Baby Cheetah
In conservation science, the cutest animals still get all the attention

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the bulk of research on endangered or threatened species involves vertebrate species, and among those, the cute ones. Perhaps research funders prefer that, or perhaps the researchers anticipate that publication more broadly is more likely with pandas and cheetahs and tigers than with worms or insects.


In a new study published in the Canadian Science Publishing (CSP) journal FACETS, Donaldson (who works for CSP) and his team used the more than 10,000 animal species included on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species and, one by one, counted the total number of papers published about each organism according to the Web of Science database.

Each mammal species on the IUCN’s list was discussed in an average of 17 papers, though some animals, such as tigers, were the focus of more than 600 articles. Reptiles had nine papers per species, birds had eight, and fishes had around five.

“Aside from a few species, almost all the invertebrates had, on average, one paper or less focusing on them,” says Donaldson. And that one paper was often just an initial species description.

miczariel  asked:

“ please don’t ”

“…I have to.”

The singing slice of steel hovered just above his wrist. Fraction of an inch from where the ulnar artery lay buried. 

 Clovis’s life hung somewhere in the balance. It had been months. Months since she was taken by the abyss. The gurgling darkness that had chased them halfway across the state. A profound half-seen black. Rancid fungous force. All encompassing- Goliath mess of army-angels piled high and ethereal. Grey composite and screaming out.  




The sick boughs had entwined around her arm. 

And like that she was

And then wasn’t.

Pouring through every last article, obtuse paper and ancient text. It offered more questions than answers. Leading him to track down any human being with a direction, a prayer or even a possibility. All that he had accumulating; giving rise to a couple of concurring theories. That to get her back, he had to let go. Give Miczariel a chance to get their little girl back.