It’s happening: Zayn has announced that he’s finally signed to a new record label, RCA Records, after parting ways with One Direction and Simon Cowell’s Syco earlier this year. That’s right, your boy has officially gone solo! And he shared the news with Directioners in a series of cheerful tweets, explaining that the reason he left 1D  was “for this moment to be given the opportunity to show you who I really am!” And who Zayn really is, it seems, is someone now also signed with Iggy Azalea’s manager (as of this week) and reportedly also working with Frank Ocean’s producer, Malay. (Sorry, Naughty Boy.) Guess it’s time to start the countdown to his first solo album, presumably to be named From A to Zayn.
—  Dee Lockett, Vulture - NY Mag
Holotropic Breathwork Naturally Induces Psychedelic States of Mind

Humans have a unique appetite for experiencing altered states of consciousness, and this inclination is evident in many facets of social culture today, such as our attraction to alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, psychedelics, and more.

But is it possible to access these altered states without the help of a substance? Do we all possess the inner mechanisms to heal our latent traumas?

Dr. Stanislav Grof, a 83-year old Czech-born psychiatrist fascinated by the healing capabilities of non-ordinary states, has just the answer to these questions.

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Season One showrunner Steven S. DeKnight came late to the “Daredevil” party, replacing original writer/producer Drew Goddard after the initial two episodes were filmed. And while he’s reluctantly exiting as the Netflix series are just taking off, he says he’s glad he was there at all. 

“The new showrunners, Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez – Doug Petrie was my right hand man on the first season, and Marco was one of our fantastic writers. Unfortunately, I had to leave because of a previous commitment to write and direct a feature. They were there from the inception – actually, Marco was there before even I came onto the project after Drew Goddard had to leave, so it’s in fantastic hands.

"I’ve told them ’Anything I can do, anything you need from me, if you ever need to call, I’m always there. But also, I think it’s very important, for me, exiting, to leave the show to them. And everything I’ve heard about it, everything from on set, from them, sounds like everything is going wonderfully, and I personally can’t wait to watch Season Two with the rest of you.”

The Punisher can’t possibly be more violent than “War Zone,” can it?

Doubtful. That was pretty violent. The first season of “Daredevil” was violent, but I always say it was more implied. It wasn’t nearly as violent as “The Walking Dead,” a show that I love. Because on those, if somebody were to crush somebody’s head in a car door, you would’ve seen the head crush onscreen. But we didn’t want to go quite that far. We wanted to keep it right around PG-16, and not all the way, all R. I have no idea if they’re planning to push it that far next season, but I would be surprised.

Is a return to “Daredevil” out of the question for you?

I never say anything’s out of the question, but my hope is that Doug and Marco stay with the show and continue it on. I mean, I would never step back and push them out, because they are just giving it their all. But who knows what might happen in the future. I mean, thankfully Marvel has a very deep pool of projects, so I could pop up anywhere down the road. 

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GOT7 on Mcountdown

Comments from a GOT7′s latest ‘Just Right’ stage on MCountdown.


[+127, -3]  The fanchant is daebakㄷㄷㄷ

[+92, -3] Every time I watch a music show, I feel like ahgases’ voices are so beautiful!

[+57, -3] JBㅠㅠ♡♡♡

[+55, -3] Once again, today, I received healing from GOT7ㅠㅠ!!

[+54, -2] Really cute ~Cute but also manly! I personally love this group! So excited!

[+46, -3] They’re so cute ㅠㅠ I can’t stop smiling when watching themㅎㅎ

Source: Naver TV Cast
Trans: Sarah/ShinnyMinnie23 @ got7co

LARGE AS LIFE: Rise of the Everyman | Onnit Academy

At Wrestlemania 31, Seth Rollins became the WWE Heavyweight champion of the world. That same night, many of the sport’s most legendary superstars also appeared on stage. Nostalgia aside, after seeing The Undertaker, Triple H, Sting, The Rock, and Bret Hart enthrall the 76,000 plus on hand, the stark differences between the new champion and his predecessors made it official, this is the age of The Everyman. [Read More]

Thistle Magazine Submissions

Hey all :) I’ve been a little too busy to write/post anything on here lately, but I have been working on an art-focused piece for the Fall Issue of Thistle Magazine. I’ve been working with the team as a burgeoning Art Editor and while I am hard at work on my feature, we are also looking for submissions!

The theme for Thistle’s Fall 2015 issue is “HOME.” Submissions are open now until August 7. We accept art of all kinds, writing, collections, and for the first time ever, articles! 

If you’re interested in submitting to Thistle, please do! Right now, we are really interested in receiving art pieces or written articles to feature in this upcoming issue. Art can be of any medium that can translate well to print (physical and digital) and it must pertain to the theme in some way - if you have a creative interpretation, please reach out to us! If you want to submit an article related to this issue’s theme instead, we’d like for it to fall into one of our five categories: Art, Writing, Fashion & Film, Nostalgia, or Wanderlust. Images accompanying your piece are preferred, but not required. Please include all appropriate credits and format it exactly as you’d want to see it in print. The editors of the appropriate section will review all submissions and all contributors will be notified of the decision no later than one week after the submission deadline. Each section will accept 1-2 article submissions. Art, writing, and collection submissions are unlimited, ongoing, and do not have to correspond to the theme. 

Please direct any questions to or you can PM me if that’s easier for you  :) 

If interested please submit: here. Otherwise, sharing and reblogging this post would be greatly appreciated!


(via Recommended Chinese Songs for Perfecting Your Accent)

Today our new contributor Sam will tell you what cause a bad Mandarin accent and how to conquer it. And he will also recommend several Chinese songs to polish your Chinese accent! Interesting? Let`s have a look and sing:
Is Equality Greater than Freedom? - The Imaginative Conservative
The taste which men have for liberty, and that which they feel for equality, are, in fact, two different things; and I am not afraid to add that, amongst democratic nations, they are two unequal things... (click the link below to view more of Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America)

Answer: No.

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MDMA and Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy: Promising Treatments for PTSD

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The Zayn Malik solo era is firing up … he’s officially signed on with RCA Records, with a little help from Simon Cowell.

Our sources say Cowell was the go-between for Zayn and RCA. He’s been negotiating the deal for a couple of weeks.

It’s interesting … One Direction and Malik are on competing labels. The group is signed to Columbia and Syco.

We’re told Cowell – who created One Direction – felt RCA was the best place for Malik to succeed as a solo artist. Malik left the band back in March.

source: TMZ
Midyear Touring Report: One Direction, Foo Fighters Top the List
As the opening riffs of "Jumpin’ Jack Flash" sliced through the Midwest summer air, the fans at The Rolling Stones concert at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on July 4 roared at a volume that would rival the postshow fireworks on this holiday night.

“In a summer of tours where ­familiar hits are minting box-office gold – One Direction’s singalong pop, Foo Fighters’ rampaging rock, Kenny Chesney’s warm country baritone – the Stones’ unrivaled canon fits right in with what’s selling tickets now.”

“Stadium shows hit a peak in 2014, with Live Nation promoting about 70 dates in those venues, selling more than 3 million tickets. While there aren’t as many stadiums booked in 2015, Roux says Joel, Foo Fighters, Luke Bryan, Zac Brown Band, Jason Aldean and One Direction are “all doing stadium shows for us this summer.” As is Taylor Swift for The Messina Group/AEG, whose 1989 Tour just began as the midyear recap period ended.”
Louis Tomlinson rips Liam Payne's shirt open on stage, world has heart palpitations
God bless Tommo

We don’t know what’s in the water on that One Direction tour bus these days but those boys are right little rascals at the moment. One minute they’re getting each other soaking wet, the next they’re proudly showing the man love on Twitter, and now they’re getting each other properly naked too. WELL.

Last night the lads hit Minneapolis with their On The Road Again tour, and as well as all their usual antics, the night also included Louis Tomlinson ripping open Liam Payne’s shirt on stage like some kind of mildly erotic daydream.

Life’s officially peaked, guys.

Louis revealed that he’s just like the rest of us when, during the show, he was unable to control himself around the hunk of man meat that is Liam James Payne, and was powerless to the overpowering urges to see him naked. We feel ya, Louis.

Unfortunately Payno clearly wasn’t up for reenacting The Full Monty with the boys and later got buttoned up again, but not before everyone managed to get a whole load of photos of his GLORIOUS Zeus chest.

Funnily enough, the fandom seemed to quite enjoy watching one member of One Direction get another one semi-starkers, so here’s some of the best reactions that we spotted from you lot on Twitter.

Ooh you’re a pervy bunch.

It was a bit of a celebration on Twitter last night as all the pics started to emerge.

Especially this proof that Louis has NO CHILL.

Some people were genuinely amazed at Louis’ strength.

Most were just quite overwhelmed really.

This is the most important question of life now.

Does the On The Road Again show need a 12A certificate these days?

This gal found that Harry summed up her feelings quite nicely.

But basically…

What a time to be alive.

Thoughts about this magical occasion? Let us know your inner most feelings on the matter of Liam Payne’s naked torso with a tweet to @Sugarscape.

A Breathing Earth

Here’s a view looking at one year of seasonal transformations on Earth. Made possible by the tremendous folks of the NASA Visible Earth team, I downloaded the twelve cloud-free satellite imagery mosaics of Earth (“Blue Marble Next Generation”) at each month of the year. I wrapped them into some fun projections then stitched them together into a couple animated gifs…

I of course had some expectation of what I would see as a result of animating these frames. But I didn’t expect to be so mesmerized by them. I can’t look away.

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We are different and that’s okay: 7 things I got from ‘Inside Out’

What It’s Actually Like Being A Teen With A Broken Heart

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5 Well-Being Apps

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The 12 Zodiac Signs

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This Week’s Top 5 Psychology News

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sunshinetoday asked:

Hello :) I keep hearing about this interview with TV Guide when Gillian jumped in David's arm to cheer him up. Do you have the video by any chance? :) I've never actually seen it, but I am very curious! Thank you

Sure! You can find the article here. Its a fantastic article and it shows so much about them! 

Also campaignofmisinformation, this one pretty much hits home for our discussion last night ;) 

TV Guide
March 11, 1995
by Deborah Starr Seibel

David Duchovny is not happy. He stands behind Gillian Anderson in a barebones photo studio, resigned to having roll after roll of pictures taken on what promises to be another 16-hour day. Now that The X-Files has been crowned with a Golden Globe for best drama and is emerging from cult status to become a mainstream hit, the world is descending upon Vancouver, British Columbia, where the Fox series is shot and in all the X-citement, everyone wants a piece of the costars.

Anderson, sensing Duchovny’s mood, looks down at his hand on her left shoulder and tries to brush it away, as if it were a mosquito. Then she turns and jumps into his arms, laughing, looking like a little girl making trouble for a protective older brother. Startled to be holding her, the smile on Duchovny’s face is forced no longer. “When we first started X-files,” says Anderson, “I was so green. It was only my second time in front of a camera. I desperately needed someone to show me the ropes. And he did that. He was wonderful.”

Little wonder, then, that Anderson, 25, turned to David again when she was pregnant. It was last winter, they were still in the thick of their first season in a series showing real promise, and Anderson was worried about losing her job. “I went into his trailer,” she recalls, “and I said, ‘David, I’m pregnant.’ It looked like his knees buckled. I think he said, ‘Oh, my God.’ And he asked me if it was a good thing. I said, ‘Yeah, it is.’ “No one else knew, and Duchovny kept it that way for weeks, until Anderson was ready to tell her producers and deal with the professional consequences. “We really trust each other,” Duchovny says simply.

There is, between these two, a real-life camaraderie born of necessity, a friendship strong enough to survive too many work hours, and a chemistry powerful enough to rearrange the atoms on-screen. “Whenever we’re acting together,” says Anderson, “it’s there.” As FBI special agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, their sizzle packs a wallop not because of any romantic involvement-which the show carefully avoids-but because their characters’ remarkable brainpower, each is incomplete without the other: He never tires of brandind the mind-bending, hair-raising crimes they investigate as paranormal or supernatural. She insists that he root his out-of-this-world theories in science. “It’s just suddenly dawned on me,” says wardrobe supervisor Gillian Kieft, “that the way Mulder and Scully are on-screen is the way David and Gillian are in person. They help each other, they respect each other.”

“But we don’t hang out,” cautions Duchovny, 34. “We are very wary of the fact that at any moment the other can turn into a psychotic human being because of the demands that are put on us, the 16-hour days. So I know when she is very tired and irritable, and she knows the same about me. We have a great respect for the fine line the other is walking all the time.”

They are walking that fine line now, near midnight, at a creepy downtown high-rise construction site. Chilly and damp, Duchovny and Anderson are exhausted but show virtually no signs of the usual Hollywood afflictions: no need for hand-holding by assistants, no entourage, no preening between takes, no temper tantrums. They don’t even seem to understand that they are, in fact, stars. “One of the things about Vancouver is that we don’t have a lot of people hanging around watching us, "says John S. Bartley, the X-files director of photography. He reconsiders: "Or if we do, they don’t get too close. There is something about this city, perhaps a Canadian reserve. They don’t seem to bother people who are famous.”

“Did you see when we won the Golden Globes?” asks hairdresser Malcolm Marrsden. “Gillian stood up, and she was in an absolute daze. She just never expected it.” Anderson agrees. “I had no clue about it. I just don’t get it. And ultimately, I think that’s good because it keeps my head small.”

That may change. “The other day,” says David, “a production assistant came up behind me and said, 'Robin Williams would like to meet you, David.’ And as I was turning, I said, 'No, he wouldn’t.’ And he was standing right there. And he goes, ’ Oh, yes he would!’ So that was kind of funny. But you know, it is more satisfying to me to deal with the people who tried to help me a long time ago, who believed in me, who told me to just hang in there.”

Which is what Duchovny and Anderson are telling each other now. They have developed a sort of shorthand communication: few words, very focused, very relaxed. “They both have a quiet side,” says Bartley. “David can be very funny, very sharp. But mostly, he holds back and just watches and listens to the people around him. Gillian shows a little more emotion. She laughs just like a little girl. They are terrific together.”

But no one could have guessed from their rocky beginnings in a tiny audition room at Twentieth Century Fox Television that this twosome would take off. “I already knew I had the part, so I was totally loose,” says Duchovny with Mulder-esquesardonic humor. “This was my room, these were my people, this was my part. I was just fantastic. I wish I’d been that good when the cameras were rolling. So I played the scene in a kind of sarcastic way-much more sarcastic then it was written-and Gillian was just completely thrown by it. I was toying with this person, because Mulder doesn’t really care whether she stays or goes. And she was shock that anybody would talk to her that way.” He smiles at the memory. “That’s exactly how she should have reacted. It was perfect.”

Still, the network needed to be convinced. “They wanted somebody leggier,” says Anderson,“ somebody with more breasts, somebody drop-dead gorgeous.” Even after she got the part, she knew-and the crew knew-that she was swimming up-stream.

Marsden chopped the long, wavy, ashblond hair that reached to the middle of her back and turned it into a sleek, strawberry-blonde bob. But that was just a surface alteration - Anderson ,an award-winning Off-Broadway actress, also had to learn how to move, how to speak scientific jargon with ease, and how to cope with the crushing demands of an hour-long series.

“In the beginning,” says Marsden, “she had trouble with her lines, and I think it kind of upset David because he is so accomplished. He’s worked in feature files. He’s worked with Brad Pitt. And he can learn his lines”-Marsden snaps his fingers-“like . But I know he appreciates how hard she works.”

Then came the emotional roller-coaster ride of Anderson’s life. Within six months of starting the series, she met and fell in love with Clyde Klotz, then the production designer-a man crew members describe as “very talented, very gentle”-and married him on the spur of the moment on New Year’s Day, 1994, on the 17th hole of a magnificent Kauai golf course (“because that was the most beautiful place we could find on short notice,” says Anderson). Even her hairdresser didn’t know what was going on. “I didn’t have a clue she was getting married,” says Marsden. “It just really stunned me.”

Anderson was a little stunned herself. Unbeknownst to her at the time, the happy couple conceived their daughter, Piper, who is now 6 months old. on their wedding day. When Anderson got back to the mainland, she says, “I was at a party that Fox gave for at a Burbank Airport hangar, and there were fortune-tellers. So I sat down, and the fortune-teller said to me: 'You are going to have a little girl soon.’ And I said, 'I am not!’ A month or so later, I started feeling nauseous.” And happy. And very, very worried. A pregnancy would mean limitations on her work schedule and missing episodes - no one could predict how many - in the second season. “I knew I needed to make my decision about the pregnancy first, before broaching the subject with the producers,” says Anderson. “I couldn’t be wavering. Having this baby was the right decision for my husband and me. But it was like, 'Oh, my God. They did all this for me and now look what I’m doing to them.’ So many things go through your mind. So yes, I was worred.”

Apparently with good reason. According to several sources, executive producer Chris Carter was not pleased. “He went ballistic,” says one source. “He wanted to get rid of her.” Two other insiders back up that claim. “They were considering recasting,” confirms Anderson. “I heard a lot of stuff through the grapevine, and it was not comforting.”

Not so, says Carter. “I never, ever considered replacing her. It’s a lie. If anything, I was the loudest voice saying: We have to protect this show and this person. Scully and Mulder are two characters that the audience has invested in, they are the secret to the success of the show, and we have to find a way to make this work.”

How did all of this affect Anderson? “She’s grown up,” says wardrobe supervisor Kieft. “Getting married and having the baby has matured her, I think, and given her a bit of stability. When she was pregnant, we did have a bed standing by, and whenever we could, we would get her to lie down. But she is quite a strong little person.” In fact, Anderson missed only one episode and was back to work - after an emergency C-section - in just 10 days. “I was getting restless,” says Anderson. “I wanted to get back to work because it was really hard on David, and it’s the two of us up there, you know?”

In the meantime, Duchovny - whose pre-X-Files career included the feature films “The Rapture,” “Chaplin,” and “Kalifornia” - had his own crosses to bear. For this sometimes homesick New Yorker, the idea of living in Vancouver for at least five years is not heaven on earth. “There are some days,” says Duchovny, “when it is really a terrible prospect to me. I never imagined myself on a television series because I always imagined hopping from one glorious movie to another. When we were signing contracts to do the pilot, my agent said, 'You really have to think about what you are getting into.’ And I said, 'I have thought about it.’ But I never thought about it. Because I didn’t know how hard it would be.”

Making matters worse is the fact that his girlfriend, actress Perrey Reeves, still lives in Los Angeles - “although I’m not sure I’d see any more of her if she lived up here,” he says. Duchovny, who dreams of one day “having a wife and three kids,” consoled himself by becoming the proud owner of a fluffy Border collie/terrier mix he named Blue - for the Bob Dylan song “Tangled Up in Blue.” “The idea was that she would help me with my blues,” Duchovny says. “People think that you listen to the blues when you are sad, but actually, the blues kind of help alleviate sadness. It was a totally selfish thing.” Did it work? “Oh yeah,” he says, as he pets her and her tail goes crazy. “She’s a living thing. And training her is like training for being a dad. I see aspects of myself in the way that I handle Blue that I would want to curb a little bit when I have a child. I don’t get fed up, but sometimes I don’t want to give her all the time that she needs, you know? I’ve got a dog staring at me every morning saying, ’ Let’s go play Frisbee.’ And I have to say, 'Don’t you know how hard Daddy works?’”

Mommy’s pretty busy, too. Anderson heads back to her trailer immediately after each shot to check on her baby girl, who’s now sleeping. “I have had the best over this past year,” whispers Anderson. “And , I am beat. I have thought that all of was too much. But having Piper has saved my life.” How? “It took the focus off of me and put it on something much more important.”

A knock on the door and it’s time for another take. Anderson hurries back to the dank basement of a high-rise, where Duchovny is waiting. “You OK?” he asks her. “Fine,” she smiles. Just like Scully and Mulder. And the camera isn’t even rolling.

“Stuff your eyes with wonder, he said, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.”

—from Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Zayn Malik still NOT returning to One Direction, “#ZaynIsComingBackOnJuly26″ twitter trend is FALSE

Zayn Malik is STILL not returning to One Direction, despite “#ZaynIsComingBackOnJuly26″ becoming a top Twitter trend on Friday. A rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop the claim is FALSE.

The hashtag trended both in the United States and worldwide as Directioners speculated about an announcement or reunion that would supposedly come on Sunday, at the group’s Minneapolis concert. Some seemed to be taking it quite seriously, tweeting over and over about it being “true.” One fan even wrote, “ALL IM SAYIN IS DONT GET YOUR HOPES UP!! NOTHING IS CONFIRMED YET BUT THERE HAS BEEN A FEW SIGHTINGS.”

It seems the rumor may have been sparked by Malik and Liam Payne exchanging tweets on Thursday. As Gossip Cop reported, even though Malik is no longer in the group, Payne included him in his tribute message about the boy band’s fifth anniversary. An appreciative Malik retweeted the message, and wrote to his former colleague, “Thanks bro!”

Others fans, however, were rightly skeptical of the new trend, such as the person who exclaimed, “IF I HAD A DOLLAR FOR EVERY TIME OUR FANDOM JOKED ABOUT ZAYN COMING BACK.” Indeed, a similar rumor spread on Twitter with the hashtag “zayniscomingback” in June. Gossip Cop corrected the allegation then, and we can do so again now.

Despite some fans’ wishes, and Malik being on better terms with the guys lately, he is NOT returning to One Direction. And while it seems some people have just been trending the rumor out of boredom, Gossip Cop sincerely wishes it would stop, as the confusion doesn’t help anyone.

source: GossipCop