The One Direction singer belted out a little ditty about washing his hair and we LOVE it! x

Liam Payne has shared a video of himself singing in the shower and it’s AMAZING.

The One Direction heartthrob is hidden behind a wall in the clip, but he couldn’t hide his voice as he belted out a tune about washing his hair.

He sings: “Washing my hair feels so good.”

Lyrics aside, there’s one moment in particular which will make all Directioners’ jaws drop - THAT high note. Just wow.

Liam - who stepped out of the shower just as the person behind the camera stopped filmed - joked the tune could even feature on 1D’s next album.

He wrote on Instagram: “Today’s shower song was caught on cam thanks to someone … Thought I might as well share #nextalbum #SqueakCleanDream (sic)”

He also posted it on Twitter, teasing fans by saying he’d stick the extended video up on iTunes.

He joked: “Uncut version available on iTunes”

It seems the woman behind the camera was probably Sophia Smith - with the star and his girlfriend are recently enjoying a loved-up trip to Disney World .

The adorable pair couldn’t help but goof around and snap some fun selfies for fans as they spent some time in Florida.

While on a much-deserved break from his band’s On The Road Again tour, the 21-year-old star was seen spending his spare time with his other half and family.

He posted a cute pic of him wearing a Goofy hat, while Sophia opted for a pair of sequined Minnie Mouse ears, captioning the snap: “Minnie & goofy ha as long as mickey doesn’t know I guess it’s ok right?" 


Here are some very informative articles and audios on itikaaf and it’s rulings:

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Concerning ‘Itikaaf – by Shaik Nasiruddin Albanee [Article]

“There is no ‘Itikaaf except in the Three Mosques” – Shaykh Muhammad Wassaabee 

Ruling on Itikaf in a Masjid other than the Three Holy Masjids – Ibn Baz Fatwas [Fatwa]

I’tikaf (Seclusion in the Mosque) in the Month of Ramadan – Riyad ul Saleheen [Ahadith]

Retiring to a Mosque for Remembrance of Allah (I’tikaf) – Sahih Bukhari [Ahadith]

Seclusion – Itikaaf –  Dr. Saleh As-Saleh [Audio|19:12]

Itikaaf of women : It is not done at home – Dr. Saleh as Saleh [Audio|3:51]
One Direction's Earnings: $130 Million in 2015
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images The music industry has enhanced and refined its ability to churn out successful boy bands, with generation after generation producing at least one to go down in history amongst the great. And the boy band of the moment—One Direction—may go down as one of the highest-paid acts of [...]
By Madeline Berg

The music industry has enhanced and refined its ability to churn out successful boy bands, with generation after generation producing at least one to go down in history amongst the great. And the boy band of the moment—One Direction—may go down as one of the highest-paid acts of its kind. This past year the band earned $125 million, leading them to a fourth place spot on the Celebrity 100 and the title of highest-earning band and second highest-earning musician behindKaty Perry. While baby-boomers and children of the 80′s may shake their heads, the group out-earned both the Rolling Stones and the Eagles. The majority of the band’s earnings came from its world tour: With 74 dates during our scoring period and seven-figure grosses at every stop, the band earned top dollar for its Where We Are tour. The group, which is known to make teenage girls swoon, has also capitalized off of its popular image, partnering with Nabisco, Pepsi and Colgate in endorsement deals. And, for those who can’t get enough of 1D, the band has created a surprisingly lucrative fragrance. Even with Zayn Malik’s departure, it seems One Direction is headed in, well, one direction: up.

Organising a Notebook:

I was looking at methods of keeping notebooks organised and I came across a really interesting blog post (source) that I want to share with you all. All of the pictures in this post come directly from the original blog post.

Make your entry into your notebook. In the example photographs, they have recorded a Chinese recipe.

Go to the back of the notebook and add a tag or title, e.g. “Chinese” on the left edge of the page.

Go back to the first page where the entry was, and on the same line number as you wrote “Chinese” make a black mark on the edge. You make this mark so that even when the notebook is closed, the mark is visible. After repeating this for various recipes, you now have various tags visible on the notebooks edge.

If you ever wanted to find a Chinese recipe, you simply look at the index, locate the label, and look along the visible edge which has been tagged as Chinese. Then just flick to each marked page.

You’re not limited to one tag per page. You could tag a page 2 or 3 times. So if you jot down a chicken stir fry you could tag it as “Chicken” and “Chinese”.
Zayn Malik and Naughty Boy 'launching Zaughty' as singer files for new trademark
The One Direction star has applied for the trademark - which includes uses for fashion and music
By Alistair McGeorge

The One Direction star has applied for the trademark - which includes uses for fashion and music

Zayn Malik and Naughty Boy look to be going into business after the singer applied to trademark the term ‘Zaughty’.

The former One Direction star and his producer friend are said to be planning to release their own clothing line, while the application does cover the name for potential music ventures.

A source told The Sun: “Zayn and Naughty Boy have seen the offers come flooding in from brands wanting to get them on board.

"They’ve been approached to design a clothing line several times but have always declined because they’d want to do it their way.

"They will start off with designing a range of streetwear clothes. But no doubt they will pair it up with a music project eventually.”

We’re not sure how Louis Tomlinson would react to the news, given he’s certainly not been Naughty Boy’s biggest fan.

Meanwhile, Directioners recently marked 100 days since Zayn’s exit from the band.

Fans took to Twitter on Friday and marked the occasion with thousands of tweets letting him know he’s on their minds.

It’s hard to believe it’s already been so long since 1D went from five to four, and some fans are still hopeful for a return.

One wrote: “I believe he will come back but how long its gonna take? #100DaysSinceZaynLeft (sic)”

We have reached out to reps for Naughty Boy and Zayn for comment.

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Struggle as a Source of Strength

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Krept and Konan Have Recorded A Song With One Direction's Zayn Malik

Krept and Konan have revealed they’ve recorded a song and video with One Direction’s Zayn Malik.

The ‘Freak Of The Week’ duo admitted that although they weren’t really fans of One Direction, they’ve been spending time in the studio with both Zayn and Naughty Boy and have come up with some “sick” new music.

“Zayn is mad cool you know, he’s like one of us,” Konan told Max ahead of their performance at Wireless’ 10th Birthday Party.

Krept said that the four of them bonded over their musical tastes; “Zayn’s into urban music. He’s genuinely into it. He listens to your Chris Brown’s and your Skepta’s.”

Krept and Konan confirmed there is both a song and a video out there, but “There’s no specific date (for when it will drop),” although they did add “There might be a leak.”


Kevin Feige Thinks Marvel TV Characters Will Appear In The Movies

Daredevil’s first season on Netflix was a huge success for Marvel, and fans are already excited for Season 2’s introduction of the Punisher. Meanwhile, over at ABC, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is preparing for its third season, and Agent Carter is heading into its second.

While some characters from these series started as movie characters (Agents Phil Coulson and Peggy Carter) and some movie stars have made appearances on Marvel television (Jaimie Alexander as Lady Sif, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, and Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill), Marvel’s television characters haven’t yet made a transition into film.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige believes that will change in time, as the television wing of the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to grow, as he told io9:

“As those [shows] come out, as those get into the culture I think they’re, just like what happens in the movies, tools in the toolbox for some of those shows. And what happens on those shows could be tools in the tool box of the movies. I think that’ll happen at some point.”

Which characters will make the jump and when remains to be seen.

Activating the Power of the Higher Mind

There’s much talk in spiritual circles about ‘setting our intention’; ‘envisioning the things we want’ or ‘manifesting our reality’. How easily such things slip into the psyche and collective vocabulary. What if though, we’re still being led astray by the ego, albeit a more subtle form of ego? What if instead, there is a reality that is shaping according to the natural flow of the universe? What if by aligning with that flow, you could amplify it and bring amazing harmony not just to your life, but the world around? I’m speaking of activating the Power of Higher Mind…

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Taking Notes That Work (By Dustin Wax)

(Article Source)

You don’t have to be super-fancy in your note-taking to be effective, but there are a few techniques that seem to work best for most people.

  • Outlining: Whether you use Roman numerals or bullet points, outlining is an effective way to capture the hierarchical relationships between ideas and data. In a history class, you might write the name of an important leader, and under it the key events that he or she was involved in. Under each of them, a short description. And so on. Outlining is a great way to take notes from books, because the author has usually organized the material in a fairly effective way, and you can go from start to end of a chapter and simply reproduce that structure in your notes.
    • For lectures, however, outlining has limitations. The relationship between ideas isn’t always hierarchical, and the instructor might jump around a lot. A point later in the lecture might relate better to information earlier in the lecture, leaving you to either a) flip back and forth to find where the information goes best (and hope there’s still room to write it in) or b) risk losing the relationship between what the professor just said and what she said before.

  • Mind-mapping: For lectures, a mind-map might be a more appropriate way of keeping track of the relationships between ideas. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of mind-mapping, but it might just fit the bill. Here’s the idea: in the center of a blank sheet of paper, you write the lecture’s main topic. As new sub-topics are introduced (the kind of thing you’d create a new heading for in an outline), you draw a branch outward from the center and write the sub-topic along the branch. Then each point under that heading gets its own, smaller branch off the main one. When another new sub-topic is mentioned, you draw a new main branch from the center. And so on. The thing is, if a point should go under the first heading but you’re on the fourth heading, you can easily just draw it in on the first branch. Likewise, if a point connects to two different ideas, you can connect it to two different branches. If you want to neaten things up later, you can re-draw the map or type it up using a program like FreeMind, a free mind-mapping program (some wikis even have plug-ins for FreeMind mind-maps, in case you’re using a wiki to keep track of your notes).

  • The Cornell System: The Cornell System is a simple but powerful system for increasing your recall and the usefulness of your notes. About a quarter of the way from the bottom of a sheet of paper, draw a line across the width of the page. Draw another line from that line to the top, about 2 inches (5 cm) from the right-hand edge of the sheet. You’ve divided your page into three sections. In the largest section, you take notes normally — you can outline or mind-map or whatever. After the lecture, write a series of “cues” into the skinny column on the right, questions about the material you’ve just taken notes on. This will help you process the information from the lecture or reading, as well as providing a handy study tool when exams come along: simply cover the main section and try to answer the questions. In the bottom section, you write a short, 2-3 line summary in your own words of the material you’ve covered. Again, this helps you process the information by forcing you to use it in a new way; it also provides a useful reference when you’re trying to find something in your notes later. You can download instructions and templates from American Digest, though the beauty of the system is you can dash off a template “on the fly”.
“Witchcraft Can KILL You!”

… And so can riding your bike, crossing the road, firing a gun at a gun range, swimming in the ocean, and a host of other activities, both high risk and low risk, that thousands of people do daily and never receive so much as a nosebleed.

This is not to mitigate the dangers of witchcraft… except that it kind of is. When I was first starting out as a witch, I saw blog posts and opinion articles that, before so much as saying what witchcraft was, said “DANGER, DANGER!” And this can be somewhat off-putting. I understand the need to warn people about witchcraft before getting involved, but scare tactics are not the way to go about this. It is especially aggravating when the author simply screams a warning without so much as explaining what the danger is, how to avoid it, or how to fix it in the event that you do get yourself into a spot of trouble. This article explores those areas.

The Dangers of Witchcraft
I liken the dangers of witchcraft somewhere between crossing the road and handling a gun. The level of danger is going to depend on your experience, the type of magic you’re doing, and the precautions that you take before proceeding. If you cross the road without looking both ways, you might walk right out in front of a car, or you might make it across safely without any sort of trouble. If you have no experience handling a gun, you might very well hurt yourself (or someone else), but if you know how to use one or have someone experienced assisting you, the dangers are decreased.

I tend to use the analogy of horseback riding to explain getting started with witchcraft. Before you even think about getting on the horse, you need to do a little bit of research. You should know what the terms mean, such as gallop, trot, lead; you should be aware of the dangers and what to do if things start going wrong; you should try to talk to an experienced rider and if possible, get their advice. But you do not need to know the date of all major horse riding competitions, when horseback riding began, prominent riders, or even the different breeds of horses. You can learn those things over time. It’s the same with witchcraft. You’re going to want to know most of the terms associated with witchcraft (waxing, waning, potion, charm, etc); you should look into the dangers (which you’re now doing, congrats!), and if you can, you should talk to an experienced witch and let them give you some advice. You do not need to know when every sabbat or holiday is; you do not need to know the origins of witchcraft; you don’t even need to know every single correspondence or type of magic. You can learn those things as you begin to study and practice the craft.

Now you’re ready to get on the horse: but are you going to take off full gallop? No. You need to learn how to handle the horse and how you react to each other. You must learn to walk before you can trot, trot before you can gallop, and gallop before you can run. Even as you begin to learn the basics, you are going to fall off of that horse. And when you fall off, you’re going to get right back on. When you’re starting with witchcraft, it’s no different: you don’t want to go right into the heaviest forms of magic, because you will not be prepared, and even when you’re just doing simple spells, they might not work. So you try again. You don’t give up.

But witchcraft can KILL you!

Yes, it can. But if you die from witchcraft, it is likely because you ate a toxic herb, dissolved a toxic crystal in your potion or elixir, or set your room on fire because you left a candle burning. Can magic itself kill you? The answer to that will depend on the witch, but in my practice: no, it can’t. At the very least, it is extremely unlikely and would require a significant amount of energy. In my time as a witch, I have never heard of anyone dying or being seriously injured from magic alone. When you get into dealing with spirits, things can be different, but that is an entirely different animal that I do not have much experience dealing with, so I will save it for another witch to explain. With the proper safety precautions, magic is no more physically dangerous than walking down the street.

This isn’t to say that magic cannot still harm you, because it can. Psychological and emotional damage is a big concern and is usually what witches are talking about when they say that magic can be dangerous. This quote from Paul Huson’s, “Mastering Witchcraft”, perfectly sums up why you should take precautions:

“Don’t delude yourself. The minute you set foot on the path of witchcraft, a call rings out in the unseen world announcing the fact of your arrival. And sooner or later you’re going to have to confront the problem of protecting your friends and yourself from the magical bolts that will undoubtably be slung at you by less friendly practitioners.”

Magic is something that takes energy out of you, which means that after a ritual, especially one that is high intensity, you may be left feeling exhausted and drained. Some curses are designed to make you anxious, depressed, paranoid, and overly fearful. If you are already predisposed to these emotions, it can make your situation a lot worse. Unseen energies, both benevolent and malicious, are attracted to the vibrations that you are inputting into the world and pouring into your space, and they can have very real effects on your mental and emotional functioning.

How to Avoid Danger
I am going to address the elephant in the room: you can’t. There is no surefire way to ensure your safety from yourself, other practitioners, or other entities. However, there are things that you can do to reduce your risk.

  1. Research. Know what you are asking for when you say an incantation. Know the meanings of each herb, crystal, color, and lunar phase of a spell before you perform one. (see: My First Spell for a great example of what can happen if you don’t).
  2. Pace Yourself. Do not jump straight into high-intensity spells before you are ready. Understand how you react to magic and how magic reacts to you. Be familiar with your energies before performing any spell.
  3. Take Protective Measures. Scapegoats, wards, and other protective charms can help deflect baneful magic that is directed towards you. Cleansing, grounding, and meditating can help ensure that you are not an easy target for negative energies.

You do not have to follow all of these measures to stay safe. You could do the exact opposite of every suggestion I’ve given and you might never experience a negative side effect from witchcraft, just as you might jump into open water with a hoard of sharks and return perfectly safe. The level of risk you want yourself exposed to is a personal choice.

What to do When Exposed to Danger
If you feel as though witchcraft has caused you a significant amount of harm, you are in no way obligated to continue practicing. There is no contract, and if you find that maybe this path isn’t for you, you can step off of it just as easily as you stepped on. You may also simply wish to take a break from witchcraft, and that is just as valid. You are not any less of a witch for walking away for a week, a month, or even a few years. Your health and safety should always come first.

If you still want to continue practicing, but feel as though you may have been the target of negative energies, look up banishing and protective methods. Get help from a witch with a little more experience, and take this as a lesson in way you should be careful with your craft.

My Final Two-Cents
Witchcraft is a craft. Like painting, cooking, or shooting a bow and arrow, it is going to take time and practice to learn. And you’re going to mess up. Frequently. You’re going to get results you didn’t plan, results you did plan, and no results at all. You might get a few bumps and bruises along the way. This is all part of the learning process, and the amount you put it is going to be the amount you get out. When it comes to the dangers of witchcraft: be prepared, be cautious, but don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

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Alternative Meditation

What are binaural beats?

Binaural beats are the result of two slightly different audio waves being heard separately by the left and right ear via stereo headphones, in a manner that encourages the neurophysiology to generate a specific unified brain wave pattern.  (All very technical!)

What are the effects of binaural beats?

Binaural beats are associated with studies in consciousness studies, both clinical and informal.

The theta and delta brain waves have especially been linked to meditation and also out of body experiences.

Meditation, guided visualization, self empowerment, astral projection, positive re-enforcement, remote viewing and lucid dreaming have all been reported and sought after via the use of binaural beat technology.

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