My Worlds Unite piece is finally revealed entirely! Ryu (Street Fighter), Vyse (Skies of Arcadia), Gore Magala (Monster Hunter 4), and Base Wing (Panzer Dragoon) joins in!

For more info on the comic summer event, click here > IGN Article

And trust me, there will be more to come! Stay tuned! 


Yoo I will be posting more regularly soon. In the mean time if you want to check out some hella cute clothes (& my bod in them?), check out Article&!!

I subscribe to searches for various SU-related terms so I can keep tabs on news and whatnot. And in doing that I’ve realized that so many news sites are quite terrible at reading comprehension or properly vetting information and many use each other as a source so they’re just stuck in a whirlpool of misinformation.

Like, a surprising amount of sites didn’t properly read the EW article with the information about the summer block and reported that the summer event was starting on Tuesday with “Mr. Greg”, when, of course, its starting Monday with “Steven Floats”. And, like, I totally understand why someone would make that mistake and wouldn’t fault a person for doing so, but if you’re running a news site you have an obligation to vet your information better and research properly to present the most accurate information possible, and the start of the event was already set so there’s no reason they couldn’t find the proper information for the article

and, like, this morning I got alerted to a news article announcing SU’s return with the headline “Steven and Jasper become friends” and I’m like “what?” so I read the article and it was like “We don’t know what all the episodes of this event will be and Jasper hasn’t turned up yet, but the blog Fake SU Episodes wrote about the idea of Steven and Jasper becoming friends” and like what kind of foolishness is that?? That’s not how you write a news article! Like what is even the point of writing news articles if you’re just going to present completely false information or just make crap up and completely invalidate yourself as a source of accurate information because you have zero criteria for what kind of information you’ll present, like facts and openly false information just presented as entirely equal?? what is even the point of your news site when anyone could get the same information by asking random strangers on the street to make completely random guesses like goddamn

You ask my favourite drink
on the first date ticking off
boxes in some magazine article
and I offer up, “Water” but you
laugh and press me – gently,
you think, being unable to
see yourself any other way.

“I had others,” I explain, voice
rough with longing, the winds
not cold enough. “But one drink
became two, two became six
and it always ended one way.”

You pull back from truth, jitter-
jerking in your seat, eyes wider.
I rattle off how long I’ve been free
and you say: “From that? But
coffee isn’t like alcohol.”

And I smile at how young you are
though we’re almost the same age.