college! minhyung

a/n; inspired by a series of unfortunate events that happened to yours truly, and it’s my first time writing a college au so please enjoy:’)

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  • major: music and audio tech
  • mark really liked music and making music so when he heard there was a course for it he immediately signed himself up for that
  • and he’s in the school’s dance club,, a very underrated dancer
  • tbh he partially got in because of his looks
  • also an underrated visual in nct
  • but mostly because this boy got those sick moves and he does music too?? yes please
  • i’m not saying that he’s the campus hottie but that’s exactly what i’m saying
  • but he’s really low-key and just wants to pursue his passion in music
  • and do well
  • you and mark met through this thing where you get admitted early into a course you like
  • you,, chose communications and media management or mass communications, as you would like to call it(i shall refer it to cmm)
  • and mark was there for the early admission exercise too because he had it as a backup if he couldn’t get into music and audio tech
  • at first the whole room was super tense because,, cmm is fiercely competitive
  • and you needed more than just language to get through this whole thing
  • when you arrived, you took a seat at the back because,, isn’t that what students do
  • and then mark came into the room like a really awkward bean
  • literally bows to everyone while saying excuse me
  • and he takes his seat beside you(!!)
  • you were lowkey screaming because,, why would someone as hot as mark sit beside you,, an average girl who just wants to get into the damn course
  • and your school didn’t had guys like that
  • let’s take a moment to imagine mark in casual clothes, like that red lacoste polo tee and ripped jeans and black vans and a kanken?? did that made your heart race? because it made my heart do just that
  • ya’ll know exactly which pic im referring to
  • so you decided not to be a chicken and make friends w him
  • “i’m really nervous,, i’ve yet to internalize my script for the screen test later”
  • “same,, i’m more worried for the written test tbh” with that shy smile of his
  • ok b4 we move on there are 3 components of your early admission exercise thing
  • 1. written test 2. screen test 3. interview
  • and basically you have to go through all of that lmao
  • ok let’s get back to the story
  • “i’m sure you’ll do well, uhm..”
  • “mark”
  • “mark, yep”
  • “and you’re?”
  • “y/n”
  • “that’s a pretty name ^^”
  • you swore your heart dropped
  • fast forward to the interview, you and mark were in the same group
  • and the damn lecturers had their radar on you bc wow reader you’re a catch
  • “so y/n, we saw that you write fiction in your portfolio, right?”
  • you broke into a sweat bc they ain’t gonna reveal that you write fanfictions in front of mark
  • “yeah i do”
  • “so could you please come up with a plot and characters for a current affair you know?”
  • you were pretty shook because fanfic ideas only hit you when it’s the right time(ff writers do you feel me)
  • so you were stuttering,
  • “i lost my childhood friend in a tsunami??”
  • and the lecturers literally cracked up at your idea
  • but they couldn’t blame you though, its hard to come up with an answer on the spot
  • at the end of the interview, mark was also lowkey cracking up
  • “omg i can’t believe you said that y/n, but i gotta admit it was pretty creative”
  • “i know right, why did i say that…” 
  • “i thought it was really creative and different though, i liked it”
  • there goes your heart
  • fastforward to the beginning of the school term
  • mark and you exchanged numbers on that day and when you guys received the results of the posting he wasn’t in cmm but music and audio tech
  • tbh you were rlly happy for him bc you guys were convenient friends from that day on and he was so excited and passionate about making music its just so so heartwarming
  • and well, the first assignment the lecturer gave was about a collaboration?? article
  • it can be between any student as long as its a different major
  • and it applies to every student on campus gdi
  • so the first person that came to your mind was mark
  • so after your lecture you ran straight to the block mark’s lecture hall was at
  • and as soon his lecture ended you ran up to mark who was busy chatting with his newfound friends
  • “mark! did you get the collaboration assignment?”
  • “yeah i did, why?”
  • “c-can i collab with you?”
  • and all his friends were all stunned like,, why is this girl suddenly coming up to mark to collab
  • “s-sure, why not?” with the mark giggle, you know what i’m talking about
  • “good, i’ll see you soon then,” you winked, leaving mark dumbstruck
  • and when you left your heart was leaping out of your chest and you mentally slapped yourself for winking at mark
  • anyhow, you and mark would meet up every other day to work on the assignment, with mark as your protagonist of your article
  • and mark makes a music piece, as you take part in producing the music piece
  • but the song is actually about you!!
  • basically mark talks about what he learns in the course, like making music and stuff
  • he also plays the guitar which is a plus
  • whilst you guys were collabing
  • mark gained attention for his insanely good looks, which he often denied and pushes the campus hottie title to taeyong,, his senior
  • and also his music making and lyric writing talent
  • have you seen his rap freestyle in snowball project??? like how did you even mark lee 
  • and you gained attention for your writing, one of the top cmm students in school with a bright personality and media sense
  • and rumour goes around the campus that the best students of both majors are collabing and are already scoring those As lmao
  • that rumour was true and everyone was looking forward to the finished products of the geniuses of the school
  • while you two were collabing you two got to know more about each other
  • and you know,, you,, like,, like,, each other its so cute 
  • you two keep sending signals to one another
  • for mark its adding smileys to his texts and a few hearts and like holding the door when you enter the recording studio and all those gentlemanly stuff ugh so sweet
  • for you,, its just more affection and skinship and playful slaps on the shoulder
  • the rest of the school; “pLEASE DATE ALREADY”
  • both of your friends literally could sense those signals but the both of you couldn’t
  • so on the last day of doing the assignment you and mark would show each other’s completed assignment
  • you showed mark your article of him, alongside with a candid picture of him working on the music you took secretly
  • “omg y/n,, this is so good, thank you so much”
  • “you’re welcome mark,, it’s nothing,, really”
  • and mark showed you his finished music piece and you were so proud of him because the song actually sounded legit and not by a college student
  • after the music ended, mark looked at you seriously and started fiddling with his hands
  • “you know,, y/n,, i’ve been wanting to tell you this in the longest time…”
  • “what is it?”
  • “that,, i really like you,, since the d-day we met, i really like how you are so passionate about writing and stuff… and how pretty you are and…”
  • “i like you too, mark, i really really like you”
  • and the you two hug and boom youre dating aAAAA so cute
  • dating college!mark would be the softest thing ever
  • he would memorise your favourite drink and buy it for you every morning without fail
  • you reckon mark would be broke by the end of the year from buying your favourite white chocolate mocha from starbucks every morning lol
  • and wait outside the girls’ dorm for you
  • and the main point is he looks good while waiting for you that sometimes you come down a lil later to just take candid pics of him waiting for you LOL
  • if mark’s lectures end earlier than yours, he would wait for you outside your lecture room like omg sweetest boyfriend ever
  • basically you guys are like inseperable
  • but he’s a lil shy with the pda during the first steps of the r/s so expect loads of blushy mark
  • but when he’s warmed up to it he’s like the clingiest baby ever
  • he does give you space tho,, which youre thankful for
  • and when he stays up too late to do his music assignment you would creep into the studio to bring him some snacks and coffee
  • and make sure he gets sleep because this boy can’t be stopped unless youre around
  • you joined the dance club soon after he joined an like you two are the literal power couple with the visuals and talents just,,, debut together please
  • when ya’ll did 1million dance studio’s All I Wanna Do choreography iT WAS LIT AND SLAYING EVERYONE WAS CHEERING
  • mark is generally rlly shy with compliments so you always compliment him so that people dont take advantage of his humility if that makes sense
  • like there was once he had a group project and je did most of the work and everyone was like “mark you did all the work!! this isnt a group project”
  • mark was like no omg my teammates did the work too
  • and his jackass teammate was like “oh mark only did half of the work and we did the most”
  • you were ready to fight that asshole and mark had to literally hold you back 
  • mark really likes it when you steal his hoodies and wear it to lectures bc you look so cute in them
  • and his graphic tees too this boy has gr8 fashion ngl
  • when the break rolls around you guys would go cafe hopping and eat till your stomachs were almost exploding
  • and also shopping for clothes and all that
  • mark was willing to be your human guinea pig when you buy makeup when your hand runs out of space for swatches
  • and when its time to pay mark just shoves his credit card to the cashier and youre like
  • “mark youre gonna be so broke thats $128 worth of makeup”
  • and you pouting and mark had to use his fingers to lift your lips up into a smile
  • “you’ve done so much for me for just being my girlfriend, babe, just let me pay for it this once”
  • and it was the 34th time he paid lmao
  • anyhow dating!college mark is all pure and fluffy and innocent
  • please give mark lots of love

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What would VIXX be like if they were detectives and you were either their assistant or the person they were scolding the case for? Or even the one they were trying to apprehend? :0


  • world-renowned detective 
  • only works cases that even the government can’t solve, has an obsession with trying to solve cold cases that are over hundreds of years old
  • is a Gentlemen to the bone. wears nothing but the most expensive suits, addresses everyone formally, and carries a pocket watch in this day and age
  • doesn’t like working with partners, it isn’t his thing. like the government will offer him the opportunity to have the smartEST people in korea help him but he’ll always just wave the offer off because he’s got this on his own
  • he once accepted the help of a policeman and everyone was so shocked but in the end all he did was make the policeman run around making him coffee and at the end of the case hakyeon was like “thank you for all your effort!” and the policeman was like but i didn’t do anything,,,,,and hakyeon just smiled like nonsense, you made the best coffee ive ever had!
  • you meet hakyeon because you’re related to someone who disappeared mysteriously back in the seventeen hundreds and hakyeon just so happened to have taken on that person’s missing case as a side hobby and he shows up in front of your house
  • at first pretending to be a repairman and you’re like,,,,,,,are repairman always this handsome and courteous?? also you don’t understand half the big words he’s saying
  • but you let him in because your sink is broken and hakyeon,,,,probably because he’s like a genius,,,,actually does fix the sink and wipes his hands with this silk handkerchief he takes out of the suit he’s wearing
  • and in your head you’re doing math like suit + handkerchief + good vocabulary + beautiful face = sink repairman?? no no no it =,,,,
  • and it takes you more than normal but once hakyeon turns to suddenly ask you a question about your family tree you point at him and go
  • “detective cha?”
  • and he just smiles calmly and goes, “took you long enough to notice.”
  • that’s how he ends up sitting at your table, asking you various questions about where your parents are from, if you know this person or that person
  • and to be honest you didn’t even know someone in your family went missing that long ago
  • but hakyeon fills you in on what he knows and when he’s done, he says goodbye in his usual manner - with a bow 
  • but you don’t let him leave, you grab your coat and you’re like “you’re going to go investigate more aren’t you?” and he’s a bit surprised, but nods and you’re like “ill go with you!!!” 
  • and as i said before he’s not to excited about partners, and he does try to discourage you as you follow him out to the car outside but you’re determined to find out what happened to your relative and hakyeon,,,,,
  • looking into your eyes which are clear, and passionate,,,,,,
  • and actually interested in what he told you decides that it would be very “un-gentlemen” of him to say no to someone who is related to the victim and all that,,,,
  • so he let’s you come along and revisit some old sites and stop by a museum and question some more people about their relatives who knew the person at hand
  • and in the end hakyeon, in his mind, has managed to piece together a story that you like ???? could never have imagined
  • and hakyeon,,,,who sees how well you’ve kept up - even taking to recording notes on your phone while he questioned people,,,,decides to take you to his home and help you figure out his conclusion
  • and his home is just as elegant and as well kept as he is, everything is in the rich colors of mahogany and silver and with a kind of victorian twist to it
  • and hakyeon sits you down in front of a large board on which he’s pasted old photos of your relative who went missing, newspaper clippings, handwritten notes, scraps and all that and with the efficiency and lightness of a bird he goes from photo to photo, from article to article
  • and explains to you exactly what he believes happened on the night of  the appearance so so very long ago
  • it’s almost like you’re watching a documentary narration as he explains each clue and then at the end he turns to look at you and goes
  • “they never disappeared, they simply left to be with their lover in another country.”
  • and you’re like WOW how,,,how could you just get that from all this random old stuff, but you clap your hands and go “what a story! you could write a book!”
  • and hakyeon blushes a bit becuase ok he’s used to people being like “you’re a genius” or “it was so simple?” but,,,,,a book?? you obviously were more focused on the case than most people,,,,
  • and you get up to study his board closer and hakyeon is standing close to you as you point at pictures and ask questions
  • and in the dim light of the room, he sees your face glow and that same spark in your eyes he noticed before
  • and the way in which your hair smells faintly of something sweet when you lean up beside him,,,
  • and hakyeon has never been one for a partner because they just get in the way,,,but you,,,,,,,
  • there’s something about you that doesn’t get in his way,,,instead there’s something about you that comforts him
  • and when you look at him, smiling and go “do you have any other unsolved cases? another story you can share with me?”
  • hakyeon decides if there’s one person he wouldn’t mind having a long with him for the next case - it’s you


  • really silly private investigator who more than anything doesn’t solve actual cases, but just finds out if spouses are cheating on each other for a good amount of money
  • spends most of his time in his office with his legs up on the desk playing games on his computer
  • has an assistant that’s always trying to clean his messes, but literally the minute ken sits down at his desk there’s gum stuck in the keyboard and coffee spilled over files
  • his assistants always quit like two weeks in 
  • and it’s when the last one quits that ken puts out an ad for another, because god help him he wouldn’t be able to do his job without someone keeping him functioning
  • and by functioning is reminding him to take his keys and that no, wearing the long jacket and the fedora just makes him stand out more
  • and you, who’s just moved to seoul and has no job prospects whatsoever, decide that an assistant job can’t be that hard
  • until you meet ken
  • who,when you first come through the door asking to speak to the person in charge, is laying under thirty newspapers taking a nap
  • and you have to nudge him with your foot to see if he’s awake
  • and ken’s like OH RiGHT ,,, i DIDNT GO HOME LAST NIGHT!!! and you’re like yikes who is this crazy dude
  • but then ken dusts himself off and you’re like ok he’s kinda cute not the point and you’re like “where’s ??? investigator ken???” and ken grins and points at himself and is like “speaking!!”
  • and you’re like holy shit ok um and you’re like “im here for the assistants job here’s my resume-” but ken is just like “no need, you’re hired.  the first weeks a trial week though so no pay, but i will take you out to a complimentary lunch~”
  • and you’re like um ok but why are you here shouldn’t  you be investigating cases?? and ken laughs like “oh it’s alright, i already know that all our clients are all cheating on each other i just need to get photo proof but i can do it tomorrow”
  • and you’re like??????? what so you don’t solve like murders
  • and ken is like “an have to look at dead bodies? no sirrie”
  • and from that moment you’re like this,,,,,,this isn’t going to be an easy (or normal) job
  • and it isn’t because two weeks after you work there you’re really thinking of quitting because ken is like a child, both with clients and with you always making bad jokes and slipping over the trash he has scattered
  • but what stops you is that ken comes through the door with his hands both in casts and you’re like ????? and he’s like “i fell down the stairs in the subway,,,,,,” and you’re like how are you going to work ??? you need to take photos ???? can you use your foot
  • and ken just gives you a grin,,,,a very sly grin
  • and you end up in his car - driving to some shady looking street - holding the camera ken is supposed to be holding and ken’s like “you see the guy coming around the corner, that’s mrs. park’s husband, now see the lady over there? that’s his lover - quick snap a photo wait not yet ok,,,,now!”
  • and you try to take photos but you’re like kEN WONT WE GET ARRESTED
  • and he’s like no no i have license but you’re like OK I DONT THO
  • and you see mrs. park’s husband turn and you duck, stumbling a bit and falling into ken’s lap face first
  • and you hear him burst out into a chuckle and you’re like hitting his thigh like DONT and he’s like sorry sorry this is just so compromised,,,
  • and you get what he’s implying but you’re like DO N O T even think about it
  • but then you try to sit back up and ken’s like “don’t, he’s still looking” and you like move a bit so your face isn’t in his lap but like your leaning your head and shoulder against his chest,,,,which is broad btw and quite,,,,,muscular,,,,
  • but yeah you sit there like that for a bit and ken’s like “ok we’re clear!”
  • and you sit back up but the client’s gone and you’re like “i don’t know if i took enough pictures-”
  • and ken’s just like “if you ever need to cuddle into my chest again, feel free. i’d hold you but both my arms are broken and-”
  • and you’re like “don’t make me break your arms AGAIN”
  • ,,,,,,,,,but at the same time like it wasn’t ALL that bad,,,,,

Leo & Hyuk

  • leo is the veteran detective who has seen it all and is overworked and tired, while hyuk is the fresh blood detective who wants to pull his gun out every chance and go on high speed chases
  • and leo is supposed to mentor hyuk, but in reality hyuk doesn’t listen to a word he says
  • and leo has given up so he just let’s hyuk do whatever
  • but every now and then he has to hold himself back from knocking hyuk upside the head with a case file (sometimes he can’t hold himself and just. does it)
  • but hyuk always gets his revenge by replacing the sugar in leo’s morning coffee with salt
  •  which ends up with leo spitting the coffee all over himself and fellow policeman ravi and ken rolling on the floor laughing while hyuk runs for his life out of the precinct 
  • the two of them end up being assigned a case of a repeat jewel thief who has stolen from over five separate malls in the past month
  • and leo tells hyuk that no - he doesn’t need to bring a gun with him to the crime scene
  • but hyuk insists that the thief might still be there and leo is like yes, but we want the thief alive - but it’s too late hyuk is asking if the SWAT team will really show up and everyone’s like NO and he’s like “being a cop actually sucks”
  • so hyuk and leo show up to the last store that was robbed only a couple of hours before
  • and you’re still in the mall, wearing the stolen bracelet and watching from afar as the police scatter trying to figure out how you broke in and all that
  • and you just think it’s really funny,,,how hard they try and how they never get anywhere
  •  but you don’t notice the two new policeman, but hyuk nudges leo and shifts his eyes toward you - the sparkling bracelet on your arm only visible for a moment before it gets hidden by your jackets sleeve again
  • and hyuk and leo silently make an agreement,,,,but as always leo goes through with the plan hiding behind a pillar while hyuk,,,,,,,
  • hyuk decides that leo can go screw himself and runs straight toward you, going “hands up!”
  • and you, well hello you’re a thief, you get up quickly and push a trashcan over towards hyuk as you make your escape
  • and hyuk trip and leo screams at him for being an idiot as he chases after you
  • and so if leo catches you, he manages to corner you in a stairwell where the door you’ve reached is blocked
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,, trying to pretend that someone planted to bracelet on you after the robbery
  • but leo is watching you with narrowed eyes so you know he doesn’t believe you so you’re like “ok, fine. arrest me.” and leo does put you in handcuffs but he’s like “tell me how you managed to rob the store” and you just grin and shake your head like “uh-uh you can’t get me to talk, uncuff me and i will.”
  • and leo’s too seasoned of a policeman to know you’ll just sock him and run for it so instead he uncuffs one and cuffs the other to his own arm and he’s like “there, you’re practically free.” and you’re like lmao you call this free??
  • and he’s like “im not an idiot, but if you want both hands behind your bac-”
  • and you’re like fine whatever let’s walk out like this - but as leo takes a step forward you yank the cuffs and he teeters backwards with you and as he falls, you fall ontop of him
  • and leo is close to your face and you’re like “oops~ i didn’t mean it~” and he just,,,,well you’re close and you’re not exactly,,,,,bad to look at 
  • plus you’re pressed up against him and he’s like “get off” and you take a moment before you do and you don’t hesitate to notice how red he’s gone in the face
  • but then you also, very easily undo your cuff with the key you stole from his backpocket when you made him fall
  • and leo doesn’t see until he hears the ‘clink’ of the cuffs unlocking and he looks down but you’re already dashing up the stairs and laughing and you’re like
  • “i hope we see each other again officer-  i also left a giiiiiiiift~”
  • and leo is too stunned and angry, but he looks down at his wrist and sees that you slipped the bracelet onto his cuffed hand as well and he’s like HOW THE HELL
  • but all he’s left with is your laughters echo
  • and if hyuk catches you it’s because he’s still faster and more agile than you and ends up tackling you to the floor before you can escape
  • and as he’s arresting you, leo appears and hyuk just sticks out his tongue like he’s five like “hehe hyung i got them and you didn’t because your old and can’t run~~~” and leo is like shut it boy
  • back at the station hyuk and leo are questioning you about the other robberies and you’re like not interested in anything leo is saying
  • instead you keep making eyes at hyuk
  • and hyuk is kinda like,,,,,,what,,,,,because he’s oblivious until you’re like “id like to speak to officer hyuk. alone.”
  • and leo says something under his voice but leaves and hyuk sits down and is like “are you going to tell me how you did it?”
  • and you’re innocently like “did what? by the way are you single?”
  • and hyuk snorts like “huh, no!” and you can tell he’s lying 
  • because he’s still pretty young and the way you’re looking at him gets him a bit ,,,,,,hot under the collar if i may say
  • and you like lean over the table as much as you can and you’re like 
  • “officer hyuk, you’re cute. i think i know what i want to rob next.”
  • and hyuk is like “ah-aha! so you admit it, you did rob those places?”
  • and you just smile and bring your face a bit closer and you’re like
  • “can’t you uncuff me?~ it hurts~”
  • and hyuk is like “i,,,,,i can’t do that but if you sit down-”
  • and you’re like “i don’t want to~ i want to be closer to you.”
  • and hyuk swallows because,,,ok,,,,,your eyes are,,,,,,so,,,,pretty,,,but no you’re a thief. he just needs your confession
  • and so again he’s like “what do you mean when you say you know what you’re going to rob next?”
  • and you just giggle and hyuk has to fan himself because wow was your shirt this lowcut when they brought you in?
  • and you pull back slowly as if you’re going to sit
  • but then you stop and lean back in and you’re like
  • “i don’t steal jewelry or whatever. i only steal boys hearts~ and you’re next officer hyuk -”
  • and you tilt your head as if you’re going to lean up for a kiss 
  • and hyuk is sweating now but he pulls back and is like,,,,,,,, “officer leo will handle it from here!”
  • and he runs out with his hand over his mouth because,,,,,,goddammit you’re a criminal but why are you so ,,,,,,,,,,,, enticing,,,,,


  • really clumsy and easily emotional policeman who can’t work cases like murder or kidnapping because ok he’ll cry at literally anything
  • but it’s ok!! he doesn’t mind doing the usual responding to cats stuck in trees or loose grandmas wandering the park calls
  • and he’ll try to help anyone out with any problem - big or small
  • even though he looks intimidating and though, the whole tattoos and bright hair
  • he’s actual a soft guy at heart 
  • and some of the other policemen make fun of him a bit, but for the most part people tend to take care of him at the station because he has the best intentions 
  • you come in one day with your friends who is terrified because their little brother didn’t come in from school yet and it’s been two hours
  • and while every other policeman rushes past you and tells you to wait a moment, policeman ravi immediately pulls you both aside and asks what happened
  • and your friend barely manages to say something before she’s in tears, so you explain for her 
  • and ravi scribbles down some notes and nods along and he’s like ‘ok, let’s go to her brothers school first.’ 
  • and your friend wants to come, but she’s in hysterics so you tell her to wait at the station while you and policeman ravi investigate
  • and as you’re leaving you’re like “are you sure there’s nothing important you’re bust wi-”
  • and ravi waves his hand like no- there’s nothing more important than a a missing child 
  • and you nod because he’s right, but also like,,,,,,,are cops usually this kind??
  • but yeah the both of you show up at the school that says your friends brother left by himself hours ago when classes ended
  • and you decide there’s only two places he hangs out - the park or library so you try the library
  • and ravi almost turns the whole place over, even manages to knock down a display of books as he looks for the kid
  • and he’s so devoted that watching him makes you work even harder too
  • and so it’s a no in the library so you two split up to search the park when you reach it
  • and when you meet up ,,,,,, you light up because ravi is there,,,,, holding your friends kid brother on his shoulders 
  • and you’re like you found him!!!
  • and ravi is like “i did!! he was hiding on the playground, but i let him play with my badge and he agreed to come out!!”
  • and you’re like oh thank god, it’s good he’s safe!!
  • and you three head back to the station where you friend jumps up when she sees her brother and she’s like @ policeman ravi like how do i ever thank you
  • and she reaches up to kiss his cheek and ravi is like !!!! oh
  • but he just touches the skin and smile shyly
  • and you like look around but then lean up and kiss his cheek as well except this time ravi turns a bright BRIGHT red
  • and is like “t-t-thank you???” and you’re like no no thank you !!!! and he’s like ,,,,,still blushing
  • and then you remember to get the badge back from the little boy and you pin it back onto ravi’s lapel
  • and as you’re pinning it on he’s like “i could get used to this,,,,,”
  • and you’re like “,,,,hmm????”
  • and ravi is like OH NOTHING I SAID NOTHING
  • but his face betrays his feelings and you 
  • plus the entire damn world knows that 


  • undercover detective 
  • everyone believes anything he says because well,,,,look at him,,,,,could a face like that lie to you???
  • the answer is yes it could hongbin is not only a good detective but also a very good actor
  • was asked to pose as a bartender at a club where the police believed there was illegal drug activity and he’s been doing it for a couple of months now that all the regulars have become pretty well acquainted with him
  • is the heartthrob of the station he works at and,,,,,at the bar he works out
  • basically anywhere he goes people are bound to find him attractive and therefore he’s always the “most popular” on holidays
  • from gifts from fellow detective to gifts from the shady people who think he’s just a simple bartender
  • the other detectives have a joke about how hongbin won’t even need to call a bust, one of the suppliers will just gift him the drugs one day
  • you’re also a detective, set to go undercover with hongbin just as extra security measure 
  • and you’re supposed to just be like another regular who comes by the bar for drinks and stays at the end of the bar where if hongbin comes over to whisper something only you two can hear
  • but for the most part you don’t interact as to not bring up suspicion
  • until one night you and hongbin are both minding your own business, doing your jobs separately 
  • when one of the suspected drug dealers sits next to you and starts being unnecessarily touchy
  • and you’re a detective, you know how to handle this so you just reply calmly to his advances and say you need to step out for a moment
  • and hongbin notices and watches from the corner of his eye as you leave,,,,,,but then the guy follows you
  • and hongbin has always gotten a bad read on this guy but he knows he shouldn’t leave his post or he could blow his cover
  • ,,,,but also you’re a fellow detective to he makes up some excuse about taking out the trash
  • and he goes outback to see the guy has pinned you to the wall and he’s about to pull him off when you push the guy off with your foot and knock him unconscious with one swing to the cheek
  • and as he like blacks out on the floor hongbin is like “,,,,,,,you,,,,i was worried about you but,,,,,,i guess for no reason”
  • and you just smile and shrug and you’re like “it’s fine, good to know you have my back - but you could have given us both away.”
  • and hongbin gets a bit red and he’s like youRE RIGHT but you know,,,a fellow detectives safety is much more important,,,,,
  • and you’re like that’s so sweet but go back in before they get suspicious
  • and hongbin nods as you like squat down next to the guy you knocked out and check his pulse to see if he’s alive
  • and hongbin inside is like,,,,,wow,,,,they’re,,,,,,,really strong about you
  • and tbh he can’t stop thinking about you even though they take you off the case because you did knock out one of the suspected dealers so you  can’t show yourself in that bar
  • but when the bust happens, hongbin is glad to see that you’re on the task force
  • and you two help bring down the drug smuggling business in a police raid
  • but as you’re hauling away all the guys the one who’d tried to hurt you calls you a choice name as you’re handcuffing him and hongbin out of nowhere ‘accidentally’ knocks his elbow into the guy’s face and you’re like
  • ???????
  • and hongbin, whose never been super confrontational is like,,,,,,, “sorry, i still feel kind of bad about that night from before”
  • and you’re giggling like ,,,,,ok cute,,,,,don’t worry though we won in the end!!!
  • and hongbin is like yeah!!!! and it’s cute you’re both like kinda smiling to yourselves
  • but you end up smiling even more when you find out your next undercover job involves the two of you ‘pretending’ to be lovers and well,,,,,,you know,,,,,,,pretend might end up being something more hehe,,,,,
Got7 College AU - Yugyeom

A/N - Time for the last of the college AUs! It’s Yugyeom’s turn so I hope you all enjoy reading about our favourite lil maknae. I think I’ll be starting a weekly ‘Got7 as dads’ series so let me know what you think and keep on sending me your requests~  @supernooodles​ just for you 😘

Mark | JB | Jackson | Jinyoung | Youngjae | Bambam

  • okay so Kim Yugyeom
  • we all know he’d be doing dance
  • and he’d be so proud of it
  • dancing was his passion and his life-long aspiration was to be recognised for his dancing
  • all throughout college he was just 100% dedicated to his dancing
  • he’d often be involved in little showcases for the dance and music students
  • and that was where he met you
  • you were involved in the school newspaper and had been asked to do an article on the Christmas showcase, focusing particularly on the performers and giving little interviews
  • so after you watched Yugyeom perform, you went up to talk to him
  • and you had been completely blown away by his dancing skills but seeing him up close and personal, sweat glistening on his forehead and his breathing all heavy from exerting so much energy
  • you could have just had him right then and there
  • but you controlled yourself and spoke to him about dance
  • the time got away from you both as you had an in depth discussion about what dancing meant to him and what he wanted to do with his skills in the future
  • you were just entranced by his passion and began to fall for him hard
  • after that long conversation, you both realised you had missed the last half of the showcase and you now had very little material to work with for your article
  • but it was worth it to be able to talk with Yugyeom
  • the two of you parted ways and you just assumed you wouldn’t really see him again since you had never seen him around campus before
  • but just a few days later, you were sat in a computer room alone, working hard to write up an article you only had half the material for
  • when Yugyeom walked in, wanting to do a bit of research for a routine he was planning
  • he saw you completely focused on your work and couldn’t stop staring
  • for some reason he couldn’t bring himself to look away from you there was just something so fascinating about seeing you in your element
  • after a few minutes of staring, he actually looked away from you and decided to start working
  • but his feet guided him to the computer next to you
  • and he tried not to startle you when he said hi
  • but you hadn’t heard him at all so ended up almost jumping out of your seat
  • the two of you ended up talking for hours
  • until you realised there was only half an hour left before you needed to submit the article
  • and you had lots to write and edit
  • so Yugyeom just sat and watched as you typed furiously, desperate to get it done
  • when you finally did and sent it off to the main editor for the school newspaper, Yugyeom took your hand and led you to a little cafe on campus
  • you had been in a few times before but didn’t visit too regularly, choosing to satisfy your tea cravings at another little cafe a few minutes away from your dorm
  • Yugyeom ordered two drinks and a giant muffin for the two of you to share as an apology for distracting you
  • when you whispered “I like being distracted by you” you hadn’t expected that he would hear 
  • and you blushed so hard when you realised he heard
  • Yugyeom just smiled and looked at you with the sweetest look ever that you almost died from how beautiful he looked
  • “maybe if you like being distracted by me, you should let me do it a little more often. want to go see a movie some time?”
  • “I’d like nothing more”
  • and even after you had been dating for so long, Yugyeom still managed to distract you from coursework and assignments
  • especially when he was dancing
  • because he knew just how much you loved watching him dance
  • so he’d use it against you
  • and would pull out the sexiest of moves whenever he knew you didn’t want distracting 
  • and let’s face it, you were fine with those kind of distractions
  • especially when they led to something more basically every time

anonymous asked:

"[!] Big Hit Entertainment Takes Legal Action Against Malicious Rumors and Netizens" what are these bad rumour and false accusations?? idk maybe because I don't speak korean but I didn't realise there was a big problem going on? pls explain


It’s okay, I see other people too being confused but I will try my best to enlighten everything. Through this 3 years so many things happened, the boys and the fandom had to face with so much hate and controversy that probably I can’t list all of them but here we go…

HATE/ Malicious netizens

  • Jhopeyoureugly/Jhopeyouarenotperfect/kickoutJhopebts  was trending:1,  2,  3,  4,  
  • Death threat against namjoon
  • Inappropirate sexual comments 1,  2 (and yeah we all know this year we had to witness a masturbating video too)
  • Twitter attack against BTS by anti fans
  • Jimin had to face with so much hate so many times -> Jimin fainted during their fan meeting and you know what happened? he got hate for being fake   // Jimin copies gdragon   (but this account is … *sigh* )
  • #Jungkookisthedemiofbts -> hate on Jungkook 1,  2,   
  • #cutforkookie -> this was out of control
  • Jungkook got so much hate through the years because of the way he plays around with Jimin or the older members
  • #armyswantjindead -> after seokjin accidentally hit a fan on fansign (the video) he got hate for it, claiming he did it on purpose 1
  • Taehyung also got critized for his fansign behaviour which was a good opportunity for haters to hate on him -> the recent one + an old one
  • Taehyung apologised for having tanned skin because people critosed him
  • Netizens claiming that Namjoon is ugly 1,   2  -> people even said that he should leave bangtan because of it
  • one of the most ridiculous one: within the fandom the fans hate on members if their favourite ship don’t sit together, or their “moment” was interrupted by other member 
  • or when people in the fandom tries to put shade on other member’s solo activities (kindly reminder Seokjin’s fan vs Taehyung’s fan -acting career) -> so many hateful comments
  • simple hateful comments against bangtan…they are unfortunately not rare: 1,  2,  3
  • and lastly let’s not forget how people IN THE Fandom can behave, armys disrestfectful comments against artist, people who worked with bangtan:

False Rumors + Unnecessary Fandom Wars which obviously cause hate comments towards the fandoms ( and not I’m not saying we are the victims because…both side is guilty)

VIP vs Army

  • After the famouse Loser singing accident so many netizens spread false rumors about how much the members don’t respect their sunbaes…neither BigBang or Exid  => so many hateful comments against Taehyung here
  • Netizends claim that BTS copied Big Bang

Exo-L vs Army

  • A girl tried to shade on Exo-L while she photoshopped Kookie’s picture how people do on funeral pictures ( this is wrong from so many ways)
  • the famouse blackocean: articles about it 1,  2,  3,  


Plagiarism controversy + Copying other bands +Lyrics + Scandals  => everything from here brought hate comments against the band or the members… ( here I’m not gonna tell my opinion or judge because this post is not about it, however I have to show you this too just to see what’s behind the hate too.. ) 

And I could continue this for a while….


Also let me tell you that this not only happened in our fandom but others’ too but FINALLY BigHit decided to take actions (which other entertainments do too)  …we are not different from other fandoms that’s why I ask everyone who read this..please stop hating on other’s band because they are not your favourite, stop harassing fans for liking a band and stop harassing the group with disgusting comments, hate and death threat. Everyone has a right to love a band and we all know the award season is coming which means more unnecessary fandom war but please PLEASE if not your favourite win, don’t hate on others, there are so many circumstances which influence the results.

 Moreover, let me tell you that writing someone behind the anon privilege doesn’t mean that you have the right to tell someone to kill themselves, that they are shit or with other obscene words harm them … this can be considered as cyber bullying.


Yoo I will be posting more regularly soon. In the mean time if you want to check out some hella cute clothes (& my bod in them?), check out Article&!!

I subscribe to searches for various SU-related terms so I can keep tabs on news and whatnot. And in doing that I’ve realized that so many news sites are quite terrible at reading comprehension or properly vetting information and many use each other as a source so they’re just stuck in a whirlpool of misinformation.

Like, a surprising amount of sites didn’t properly read the EW article with the information about the summer block and reported that the summer event was starting on Tuesday with “Mr. Greg”, when, of course, its starting Monday with “Steven Floats”. And, like, I totally understand why someone would make that mistake and wouldn’t fault a person for doing so, but if you’re running a news site you have an obligation to vet your information better and research properly to present the most accurate information possible, and the start of the event was already set so there’s no reason they couldn’t find the proper information for the article

and, like, this morning I got alerted to a news article announcing SU’s return with the headline “Steven and Jasper become friends” and I’m like “what?” so I read the article and it was like “We don’t know what all the episodes of this event will be and Jasper hasn’t turned up yet, but the blog Fake SU Episodes wrote about the idea of Steven and Jasper becoming friends” and like what kind of foolishness is that?? That’s not how you write a news article! Like what is even the point of writing news articles if you’re just going to present completely false information or just make crap up and completely invalidate yourself as a source of accurate information because you have zero criteria for what kind of information you’ll present, like facts and openly false information just presented as entirely equal?? what is even the point of your news site when anyone could get the same information by asking random strangers on the street to make completely random guesses like goddamn

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i thought soap already had that great dane from before liam and that small dog, watson gets passed through management constantly, weren't there pics of harry with it years ago

it’s from a post from after that sugarscape articleand so it seems they switched watson bc it used to look like this pup that was harry's [edited for brevity]

ok so let’s start with the pics circulated after that sugarscape article that named the “secret dogs” ralph and watson: (thanks to that-regular-chick‘s amazing archives)

they HAD to have swapped out the little dog– i guess his name is watson? – in today’s unseen because look:

and LOL because the “watson” from a few months ago does look oddly familiar:

harry’s cockapoo collin? hmmmm…. you know what other dog’s name is colin and looks like a full-grown cockapoo??

wait… who owns this dog…

nice beard management there, benny

You ask my favourite drink
on the first date ticking off
boxes in some magazine article
and I offer up, “Water” but you
laugh and press me – gently,
you think, being unable to
see yourself any other way.

“I had others,” I explain, voice
rough with longing, the winds
not cold enough. “But one drink
became two, two became six
and it always ended one way.”

You pull back from truth, jitter-
jerking in your seat, eyes wider.
I rattle off how long I’ve been free
and you say: “From that? But
coffee isn’t like alcohol.”

And I smile at how young you are
though we’re almost the same age.