The Purge: Clothes Edition

So the great purging of clothing began today. Looks like.. 12 bags of clothing to donate. 

Most of it were clothing that no longer fit my husband. Some background: a few years ago husband had a gastric bypass and lost an immense amount of weight. Since then he’s gained a small amount of it back, but enough that those articles of clothing no longer fit him.

Most of them were old scrubs from jobs passed and business attire I no longer need as a stay-at-home wife. Should the need for these items arise, I’ll purchase new/gently used items for this.

I think I’ll update this post with pictures later.

VicRoads urged to install signs on Tulla advertising Melbourne Airport's free short-term parking -

VicRoads urged to install signs on Tulla advertising Melbourne Airport’s free short-term parking

AUTHORITIES have called for urgent measures to curb the number of motorists who illegally park in freeway emergency lanes near the Melbourne … …read more

Les infos immanquables du jour: Les cousines de la terre, l'appel de Kelly Slater, «Chez nous» à Hénin-Beaumont

ACTU - Ce qu'il ne fallait pas manquer dans l'actualité de ce jeudi 23 février… 
Les immanquables, plus on les lit plus on les aime, n’est-ce pas ?

L’article le plus lu du jour : VIDEO. Expolanètes : Une première ! Sept cousines de la Terre découvertes autour d’une étoile voisine

Nous ne savons toujours pas si nous sommes seuls dans l’univers. Mais la probabilité que la vie existe ailleurs vient de grimper en flèche. Ce mercredi, des chercheurs ont annoncé que le système Trappist-1, qui avait déjà fait parler de lui l’an dernier, n’abrite pas trois cousines de la Terre comme on le pensait, mais sept, à « seulement » 39 années-lumière de distance. Une première qu’on vous explique
par ici.

L’article le plus partagé du jour : Surf : La légende Kelly Slater appelle à un « abattage massif » de requins à la Réunion

La légende du surf Kelly Slater s’est prononcé pour un « abattage massif » de requins à la Réunion après l’attaque mortelle d’un squale sur un jeune bodyboardeur mardi. « Je ne vais pas être populaire en disant cela, mais il y a besoin d’un abattage massif (de requins) à la Réunion et cela devrait avoir lieu tous les jours », a posté l’Américain, 11 fois champion du monde, sur le compte Instagram de Jérémy Florès. En détail,
c’est par là.

L’article à lire du jour : Présidentielle : On est allés voir « Chez nous », le film sur le FN… sur les terres du FN

Soleil couchant sur la zone commerciale d’Hénin Beaumont mercredi. Enfin, ciel grisouillou, plutôt, mais c’est moins vendeur. Petite poussée d’adrénaline sur le parking de Cinéville, après avoir fait trois détours pour semer nos poursuivants (en fait, on s’est perdus). Le grand moment approche : aller voir Chez nous, le film de Lucas Belvaux sur le FN… fortement inspiré de la montée du parti frontiste à Hénin-Beaumont, justement (Steeve Briois, élu en 2014). L’intégralité du reportage
c’est par ici.

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Real Madrid have opened the door for Barcelona and now we have a real La Liga title race
Real Madrid have been cruising all season long. At the start of 2017, they hadn’t lost a single game in La Liga and even by Wednesday morning, their loss total was just one. They led the league with two matches in hand. Barcelona — and Sevilla, as the …
MLS and Real Madrid near deal to play in 2017 All-Star Game - sourcesESPN FC

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Ok, so I see a lot of stuff about the fae but I'm still not sure what it means. Is it shorthand for fairy? 'Cause it's usually somewhat malicious whenever I read something about it. But it sounds SUPER COOL and I LOVE writing fantasy stuff! But I like to have my facts in order before. Do you have a good definition of the fae? (Oh, and I'm the one that sent in that recent dialogue prompt that you wrote that alien story about - that was great! I'm glad you liked it 😁😁😁)

Well, for me it’s how I grew up learning about them! “The fae are from Faerie.” Also as the daoine maithe– the good folk.

Some people say they’re interchangeable, but this article (X) has a pretty good explanation for why it usually isn’t!

The way I understand it, “fairy” refers to the pleasant, bright creatures from Disney stories like Pinocchio (the blue fairy). It’s used to describe a being that uses their powers for the good of humans!

Fae is usually used to let the reader know that this isn’t going to be a happy story–it’s going to be a complicated one. Lots of grey and dark morality, for sure, and their own agenda! A more malicious story as you said!

Though it’s also worth noting that most stories where the term Faerie is used (underhill, the Seelie/unseelie court, etc) also contain warnings not to call the fae anything but the “good” or “gentle” folk. It’s believed that erring on the side of overly polite is just good self preservation. Funnily enough, this has been my experience in real life–regardless of your beliefs, do try not to give the scary things names.

(And thank you for the dialogue prompt! It was fun to write and I might continue it juuuuust a touch more!)

「いつまで」を具体的に数値にしないと、行動を起こせません。 「いつでもいい仕事は、いつまでもやらない」のです。 / 熊谷 正寿 #名言 #経営

「いつまで」を具体的に数値にしないと、行動を起こせません。 「いつでもいい仕事は、いつまでもやらない」のです。 / 熊谷 正寿#名言 #経営

— 医療・医院経営まとめ (@iryo_article)

February 23, 2017

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February 24, 2017 at 02:11AM

23.2.17// Campus library day. Love those big windows and the long tables where you can spread all your stuff on.
I´m currently working at my Paper on “wir schlafen nicht” by Kathrin Röggla.
I finished the “novel” and I´m starting to write from…tomorrow on.
In the meantime, I also wrote a Wiki article for my seminar on Postmodern novel and I´m quite happy I´m done with it.
Time is running out and I need to focus on my paper NOW.


When you first see a girl out in town, at some house party with her friends..that’s the hook, that’s the melody, the riff, the music that entices you. That’s that Layla riff that draws you in uncontrollably. That’s the infatuation at the beginning of something potentially very special. You want nothing else than to see this girl again. You’re picturing your life play out to this song. You want this song to have your babies. Overplay it, do anything to hear it ring in your mind one more time. Repeat your favourite bit. This is perfect. Showcase her to your friends, strangers, anyone you bump into down the street. What more can you want?

Alas, infatuation and lust are temporary states and that honeymoon you’re on has a return ticket back to pissy old England. There isn’t that giddy feeling that was promised at the beginning. There are unfortunately still Mondays in the week. It now becomes that annoying song that plays endlessly in your head for a fortnight. So you get bored, disenchanted. You move on. You catch another glimpse of something special. This time, there’s even an oboe playing. In music, especially in the land of social media, we can move on very quickly with no hard feelings. Lucky for us, music understands our open relationship that we’ve laid out to her before this all started, so no one gets hurt. She’s very caring.
That’s why most of chart music is dominated by cocaine-tequila shots, Tinder swipes, three minute quickies and one night stand anthems. And when you’re bored of the latest squeeze, when you’re feeling hollow after a walk of shame away from a strangers house you move on to the next stranger for another quick fix. They’re forgotten. How many recent number one tunes can you actually name?

So how the hell do you meet these special people in the first place without searching your surroundings? Your lovers, your besties, your did your favourite songs become your favourite songs?

Wonderwoman ain’t gonna show up in your bedroom without you searching the market a bit. And yeah, you actually have to go out listen to music that, unfortunately, you might be disappointed with. You might have to go out and actually buy the single, go on a date, give him a chance to impress and listen to that song for more than thirty seconds. But as soon as you’ve sat down at the table with him at some restaurant, you’ve noticed a thing on his face. A weird synth intro. What the fuck is that? It’s over. Forget it. You’re not even listening to the crap coming out of his gob. Skip the song. Get your mate to text you she’s in trouble. Just get out of there.

iPods, Tinder, remote controls even have all made us skip to the next option within a heartbeat. A song has to impress us within a few seconds or it’s over. Your ugly face has to be extremely pretty or you’re just an ugly person. On the inside too. Those intros are key.

But suddenly, you hear the same song on the radio you heard two weeks ago. You’ve bumped into him in at a coffee shop and you have to talk to him again. You’ve already listened to that song before and dismissed it because of that weird synth intro; that weird thing on his face. You’ve been forced to get to the first verse. Jesus.

But then.. then you hear him sing. You listen to the words. She challenges you, he sings about life’s mysteries, she makes you question everything you knew before. You’re enamoured, you’re angry, you’re upset, you’re euphoric, your deepest secrets are shared in song with this mysterious person, a person who was categorically weird two weeks ago. But now, that weird synth intro is perfect. You want that synth intro going on for ten whole minutes. You get it. That weird thing on his face has now become the greatest thing that’s ever been on a face ever. You get it now. 

You want to savour this one. This girl is a little different to what’s been before. You want that second date. You wanna know where she’s been, what she thinks of the world, the biography of her band, how many bands was she in before she was signed. You go round to her house and all you wanna do is talk to her and then you realise she’s got albums upon albums of new music! Hours of conversation and sounds to fill up a lifetime. Her words make you see life from new perspectives, open your eyes to new concepts and see an entire genre from a completely different point of view. You might even agree with both left wing and right wing views and be a singular person. Wow.

And age?! Age is just a number in music! It’s not weird if you’re with a song who was born in the 1960s! She’s old but she hasn’t aged a bit! It isn’t weird when you and your sugardaddy are walking down the street together. She’s nearly sixty and she could pass for a twenty six year old! You love when people catcall her! You want everyone to hear this song. And even though you know he’s been with thousands of other people, you’re ok with that! Open relationships actually work in music. You can have several of these relationships at the same time! There’s no drama in music. Long distance isn’t an issue either. She or he is with you all the time. 

Then again, some people do not care one ounce about lyrics. Singers could be a singing any old shit and it would still be a banging song to them. And that’s what makes music amazing. Everyone’s got a different take on it and love it equally. I guess the music you’re into is just a reflection of you as a person. But I do think some of the songs that are held dearest by people are associated with an event or a special moment. Be it the wedding song, the 4am end of night song, a song from your favourite film. Even if the lyrics are overlooked, people still attach a feeling or a memory to these sounds. It isn’t always just the sound that makes you feel wonderful.

I’ve always thought that music is the looks and lyrics are the personality. That’s what it has always been like for me. I’m not denying the importance of music or melody by the way, it’s just as important. Melody can underline what is written and also goes beyond human understanding in terms of our therapeutic needs registered by our sensory mechanisms. Words that are read and words that are sung can have substantially different effects. The relationship between the music and lyrics is a really fascinating one. But lyrics, these words can utterly transform your outlook on a song, they can change the way you looked at the melody itself and they can change the way you look at life and your own life. It can open you up to anything. So many of my favourite songs have been completely dismissed by me on first hearing. So many people have been judged negatively on a split-second first impression only to become their best friend. I really do think it is like a relationship between a lover; the melody, their looks, will draw you in at first, but those lyrics, their words and conversation, will keep you coming back again and again.

For more utter bullshit…
Most Doubt out now!

Smart Advice For Caring For Your Dog

Are you currently having a difficult time with training your pet? Do you really need assist with discouraging behaviors like chewing or barking? You may have to train him. Look at the following article to understand tactics to teach your pet how you can behave properly.

Continue and hug your pet, but usually do not kiss him. Your dog features a very filthy mouth. In the end, dogs eat from the garbage, drink from toilet bowls, and lick throughout themselves. It’s only a myth that the dog’s mouth is equally as, or cleaner, than yours. This really is absolutely a myth!

Much like humans, dogs should visit the vet for any checkup yearly. Your pet will struggle to express its concerns, so ensure that you have useful reference it a checkup periodically. Bringing your pet towards the vet every year will help stop these health problems from being a huge problem.

Proper dog training should occur on your own property. It is really not good to show them and then there are distractions. This makes it more challenging for the dog to pay for attention.

Avoid letting your pet walk without having a leash outside of your residence, irrespective of how well he behaves. Dogs are often distracted by other animals, cars, and children, so always be certain to help keep your dog on the leash for their own safety. Your dog’s actions and safety factors your responsibility.

It’s a smart idea to have your normal proper dog training sessions within your yard or in your own home. Education in busy areas with a lot of people around ought to be avoided. Distractions occur, which makes it hard to get the dog to concentrate on basic commands.

Setting up having a badly behaved dog is really a subject put to rest. Dog’s must not be destroying furniture throughout the house. Good dog behavior begins with you. Use what you’ve learned and show your pet how you can behave.

BJP is pan-India party: Jaitley

New Delhi, Feb 23 (IANS) Stressing that the BJP has done “exceedingly well” in every election after 2014 general elections, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday said that it has become a “pan-India party” which is now fast spreading its roots across the country.

“Since May, 2014 India has seen many state and local elections. The BJP has increased its vote in each of these elections. It has done exceedingly well in states like Maharashtra, Haryana and Assam where it traditionally played a second fiddle to regional parties,” he said in an article.

He said that results of local elections in Odisha and Maharashtra have shown that the BJP is capable of winning major states on its own.

“The first message of these elections is that the BJP has become a pan-India party which is now fast spreading its roots even in the eastern and southern states,” he said, adding that the forthcoming elections for the Karnataka Assembly will reassert this.

Jailtley also criticised the Congress for its stand on demonetisation, and said it has lost its “traditional constituency of the poor electorate” to the BJP.

“In any case, a party which has governed India for more than half a century cannot afford to take a stand which supports excessive use of cash and ridicules the new tools of technology which will enable digital transactions to be a substitute for cash.

"The Congress has lost its image as a responsible political organisation. From a natural party of governance, it has moved to the fringe. It’s policies have alienated its constituency of the poor aam aadmi,” he added.

In Maharashtra, he said, the Congress got pushed to third or fourth place in most cities.

“It is not even a major contestant in states like Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. It is struggling to survive by becoming the tail-ender in an alliance in these states. Many in the Samajwadi Party are wondering if it was worth leaving 103 seats for the Congress in Uttar Pradesh,” the minister said.

“Is the Congress willing for an introspection as to why this is happening,” he asked.



Last Friday, I had the honor of teaching a #StorytellingWorkshop for faculty and students at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry. Big thanks to Matt, Mustafa, Sabrina, and Eileen! One of the students (Rodney Jones) in attendance was nice enough to write an article about me and the workshop for the Mercy student newspaper! #storytelling #college (at Mercy College)

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All I’m gonna say in regards to any of those first impression articles is:

  • I’m hype that a good majority of the ones I read said that it really felt like Mass Effect. Honestly, that’s all I’m looking for.
  • I’m happy that people seem to be enthusiastic about the human squadmates, because they definitely got brushed under the rug in the original trilogy. Except fuck the one that dissed Ash and Kaidan in the process DO NOT TOUCH THEM LET THEM REST.
  • I like that we aren’t limited to just three or four powers. That’s going to be super helpful, and definitely something that was really awesome in the DA games, and I’m happy they’ve brought it over to ME.
  • I personally think it’s hard to judge an entire game (and some articles did say that) by just a couple hours. Especially one that size. It’s not like a short game where you play 3-4 hours and you’re already in the thick of the story. I can definitely guarantee that if someone handed me something like Uncharted 4, and told me to play the beginning and then a chunk somewhere later, I probably wouldn’t have been impressed. Same goes for any game. I don’t think ME is meant to be played as “here check out one mission, that’s the full extent of the game”. So everything these reviews say I think should be taken for a grain of salt, even the positive.
  • Thank god the Nomad seems to run pretty smoothly. And I’m glad that they were clear that you can most certainly run shit over in it. 

The Schumann Resonance of earth has fallen to its lowest!

Schumann Resonance (which is akin to the Vibration or heartbeat of Earth) falls when the PHOTON BLASTS are at their highest, and so also on ECLIPSES, and PORTAL OPENINGS. I just discovered this when Dana Spring on Cobra Etheric Liberation site responded to my article of the Roller Coaster Ride by citing the Schumann Resonance had fallen on Feb 22nd. This is the date the STARGATEWAY OPENED.

This baffled me so I researched and found to my surprise yes, it falls when earth is blasted by Light at its highest. I looked at the table available on this site and discovered (starts from mid Jan) that on 28th Jan (the date of 11111) the SR had fallen, then on the Lunar Eclipse of Feb 11th too it fell drastically, and then again now on Feb 22nd - when it has reached its lowest. Very interesting find!!!! So just as the SR of earth falls when the Light blasts its body can you imagine what happens to our body and it’s vibration? Such as now, we must be vibrating at our lowest.

Now why do you think that happens? Because the body of matter must slow down its vibrating heartbeat to allow the body to rest as it is being blasted, it needs “not” to “short circuit” - so operating as a defense mechanism. When we slow down, just as I have always written - pls rest body completely during this period - we allow our cells to preserve and use the “saved energy” to absorb the huge shift in its working system and integrate successfully and healthily the new Light that’s coming in…once our cells have done the work then the New Upgrade kicks in and revamps our systems and organs and reprograms them to function in the new advanced way. Thats when our vibration begins to rise again, and to a new high this time. So the rest we give our body is so very important in order to prevent a shut down of body and give it the energy instead to incorporate the change, upgrade, and eventually heal.

So this website and its table is the proof of the article I wrote of the new highest blast and why we need to rest.

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I got a feeling that they want 'Harry The Rockstar' so this article kinda fuelled their dreams? Also solo stans calling themselves holo' is such an embarrassment lmaooo.

from what i’ve come to know about them they want the image of harry the rockstar but the music of harry the popstar. but that could only be my impression. the bowie and queen comparisons are.. wow, their music was quite out of the box, don’t you think? like way out of the box. they shaped today’s musical landscape because of their uniqueness. it’s not something you hear on the radio these days when there’s all this fast-paced pop music to consume. i’m massively excited by these comparisons (if they hold true) because it’s the sound i expect him to want to pursue but i also think a lot of people will be disappointed because they projected something onto him.