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Over tumbling and sprightly guitar picking, Styles details the tumult and potency of young love, fleshing out his lead vocals with simple harmonies and startling background runs. He shows off his impressive range on the song’s final chorus, straining expertly to sing, “Sweet creature, sweet creature/ When I run out of rope, you bring me home.”
The Troubling Viral Trend of the “Hilarious” Black Neighbor
Charles Ramsey, the man who helped rescue three Cleveland women presumed dead after going missing a decade ago, has become aninstant Internet meme. It’ ...

It’s difficult to watch these videos and not sense that their popularity has something to do with a persistent, if unconscious, desire to see black people perform.

date ideas that don’t involve alcohol

below are date ideas that don’t involve alcohol! this is totally inspired by buzzfeed article titled “17 first date ideas for people who don’t drink& i thought it would be a great resources to add onto for writing ideas/prompts.

maybe your muse doesn’t drink, maybe they are trying to quit, or maybe you are just bored of the classic ‘dinner out’ or hanging out at a bar/club. these can also be great for platonic & family threadsfeel free to add onto this list! this will include items from the buzzfeed article & more as i think of them.

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I take a tour of your happiness before I go to sleep, thinking of you and adoring your love. My heart be loyal to you, I promise you I’m yours to keep.
—  Insidemyhert
Oasis airing on March 17th!

According to this article, Amazon will air Richard’s show Oasis on the 17th, and if it is received well, it will go on to be made into a full series. I really, really want to promote this, and I encourage every one of you who can to watch the episode and review it. The book is amazing, and there is no question as to whether Richard is going to do an amazing job as Peter, he is perfect for the role. And I really, very much want this to be turned into a full-on show, so please, spread the word and watch the episode when the time comes!

Thank you!! xx

the stigma against BPD is horrible, it’s literally so dangerous not only for borderlines, but for neurotypicals who read “those” sort of articles.

Half the time i feel like I’m dying inside but I don’t dare show it to anyone because I’m scared of being manipulative. I’m terrified of getting into a relationship because I’ve seen so many people talking about how abusive and horrible people like me are, when it isn’t true at all.

People with BPD are often intensely empathetic, and we love so so much, hurting someone we love is honestly the last thing we would want to do. We aren’t automatically bad people just because of our mental disorder.

quick test

doing a quick (probably not quick) survey for an article i’m writing. reblog if you support the transgender/transsexual community. like if you do not.

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I forget whether we have talked about this before but Mika is really truly out there being as unproblematic as anyone can wish him to be…. seriously, the only drama surrounding him is the fact that he doesn’t tour as often as people would like him to, and he takes ages producing content (e.g. the book that he’s been writing for 3 years now) Even then that’s not real drama like…. he just takes his time, but man oh man is he a Good person!!