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In the next couple days / weeks / always, I’d like to remind people to check the sources and dates of articles they’re sharing/reblogging. Misinformation spreads via clickbait titles on disreputable/non-news sites, or old articles with relevant titles but out-of-date information. 

This is, at best, extremely frustrating and at worst, very very dangerous. There are people out there, for whatever reason, who are taking advantage of public sentiment and creating false news stories that play to our worst fears. Every time you share a false news story, you make it less likely that people will believe the real ones that come after them.

Please check your sources. Don’t help spread misinformation.

>see a article abt important current events
>google keywords from headline
>find an article w the same info from a publication that doesn’t mistreat and underpay its journalists
>post that article instead of reblogging
>direct action
Why Do So Many Americans Think They Have Cherokee Blood?
“I cannot say when I first heard of my Indian blood, but as a boy I heard it spoken of in a general way,” Charles Phelps, a resident of Winston-Salem in No

“Part Cherokee” is often a myth, one perpetuated for reasons in the article.

You either are or you aren’t Native. It’s part of your soul. If you try to claim being “part Native” without doing your part as a Native to take care of the earth and fellow man, you’re being appropriative. End of story.

On top of that, if a tribe/the community doesn’t accept you, do not try to claim an identity you have no right to. If you think you’re part Native, do your research, find out who you belong to, and connect back with your tribe. If you find it’s a myth, move on. Still learn about us, but know you cannot claim membership unless invited.

~Mod Lesya

Haaaay, it is I, Glaburg !! 

Sooo, i’m a beginner in digital art..; i hope it’s not too bad aha ;; 

I decided to start a new blog (my main is @letthephoenixfly but it’s just reblogged articles) where i’ll be posting my art. right now i’m a lil bit scared, hoping i will not abandon this blog (((bc i’m rly bad at keeping interest in somthing))) but hey !!! always try !! 

So my first drawing is Kairi from KH, she’s my sweet daughter 🌸
The Difference Between Rationality and Intelligence
It all started in the early 1970s, when the psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky conducted an influential series of experiments showing that all of us, even highly intelligent people, are prone to irrationality. Across a wide range of scenarios, the experiments revealed, people tend to make decisions based on intuition rather than reason.

Give this article a read and reblog this post with your thoughts!

This post is going to be controversial, but…the goal of ethical veganism is to minimize harm to animals/sentient beings. So when there’s good evidence that eating local, organic honey may cause less harm than purchasing agave (see recent article I reblogged or I can send anyone the link), maybe it’s time to consider being less stubborn about the fact that it’s technically an animal product & invest in the raw local honey, which a) helps bees flourish in a world where they’re disappearing & b) minimizes harm to the bats who depend on agave & on the other creatures who are being negatively impacted by the commercial agave business.

{Hey guys, if you’ve spent any period of time on my page, you’ll know I’ve got quite the obsession with organising things, ‘the illusion of having my life together’. As a result, I’m always on the lookout for articles to quench my thirst. Today I stumbled across this post which has some basic but useful pointers and thought they would inspire you lovely people too.}

Organization is perhaps most important to me when it comes to setting goals and creating feasible and realistic plans to achieve them. When considering a big goal of yours —perhaps getting a stellar job, Acing a course, completing a half marathon…it’s always helpful to take note of why you want it and how you plan to achieve it. Here are some steps to consider – 

 1. Identify your goal. This may seem obvious but it could get confusing. Is your goal to run more or is it to run at least 2 miles per day? Taking it up a notch—is your goal to run a half marathon or is to complete a half marathon by say… April? Be specific and realistic.

2. Develop a schedule. This can be as detailed or simple as you want it to be–but the point is–that it should work for you. Building a simple schedule for how many miles you want to run per day/how many days you want to run per week–and jotting that in your planner as you would any other appointment or obligation–is a great way to commit yourself WHILE being realistic with your schedule . It’s easy to say “I want to run 5 days per week”. But do you really have time for that? If so, when? After or before work? Consider all of these things so that the goal is attainable in regards to your schedule . 

 3. Track your success. This not only helps you see your progress over time and make adjustments where needed–but is a great confidence boost along the way! There are a ton of ways to do this but first, try utilizing the apps on your smartphone–which is probably always at your hip which makes tracking easier! When considering our running example, the app Map My Fitness is a great way to not only track exercise/day but meals and water intake. Either way, do an App search to find out if there is something that will help you track your success. Or if you prefer something more tangible—consider a goal planner . I love the Goal Digger Planner because it allows you to reflect on your goal progress after every month and has a section to record mini goals . There are a ton of goal planners on the market and each of them are a little different so you’re bound to find one that’s right for you and your goal. 

 4. Be easy on yourself. If you don’t achieve your goal in the time that you hoped—or meet a particular milestone by a deadline, don’t panic or get down on yourself. Just allow yourself time to sit down and adjust your plan accordingly. Maybe your schedule wasn’t realistic enough with your hectic schedule and needs to be spread out . All great things take work and patience! 😉
Venezuela’s Nemesis Is a Hardware Salesman at a Home Depot in Alabama
Gustavo Díaz also runs the DolarToday website, which tracks the black-market exchange of the bolivar and sways prices of everything from rice to cars in his native country.
By Anatoly Kurmanaev

i’ve noticed people on tumblr have a tendency to take headlines at face value and never bother to look at the article. this begins to border on the absurd when i see screenshots of headlines that directly contradict the article they head, so that people can’t actually look at the article before reblogging without googling it. this is a wonderful example of why you need to read the article, because news media is increasingly taking advantage of this. paragraphs 7: 

Mr. Díaz is a U.S.-trained retired colonel, and he indeed tried to overthrow Mr. Maduro’s predecessor, Hugo Chávez, by participating in a short-lived coup in 2002. Mr. Díaz, who had been deputy security chief to the businessman who briefly took power in the ill-fated overthrow, said his conspiring days are over.

i know this is the kind of ethical violation you’d expect from a murdoch rag, but i’ve seen it in nearly everything nowadays. 

White House Dismisses NSC Aide after Harsh Criticism of Trump

I’m not a huge fan of Politico and its highschool gossip approach to political reporting, but I felt this was a rather significant story(and it’s super short).

In particular:

Deare was a political appointee who came to the NSC after Trump’s inauguration from National Defense University, where he had served as the dean of administration.

To explain, usually you’ve got roughly two types of bureaucrats: the career professionals who are just there to do their job as best they can, an objective made more or less difficult by the political goals of the admin in the White House; and the political appointees, loyal party-first apparatchiks and activists that care far less for the bureau or its brief(or good governance, for that matter) than they do for pushing the political goals of the admin in the White House. This guy was the latter.

Now it’s only one person, but if this is a sign of something larger, if Donald’s starting to have morale problems even with the party fanatics he’s appointed, that means his admin is in some truly dire straights from a functional perspective. I’m not saying this makes impeachment more likely, or even Republican opposition in Congress, but if party loyalists are getting fired to salve his ego, and are beginning to cut bait and jump ship, then Donny’s going to start having some serious problems staffing anything(well, more serious seeing as he’s ALREADY having problems finding anyone willing to work in his admin).

anonymous asked:

Okay is it just me or is anyone else bothered with the way Ape portrayed Travis' mental illness? From the article you reblogged, it mentioned that Travis is schizophrenic, and in the film it's portrayed as him being overcome by his violent tendencies, but as far as I'm aware, that's actually a huge negative stereotype and most schizophrenics aren't violent at all? Idk, it kinda just rubs me the wrong way, but I'd like to know your thoughts.

It wasn’t just you. I personally had a really negative reaction to the short and thought it was a fairly typical, ableist representation of mental illness, specifically schizophrenia. Travis wasn’t really anything outside of his illness, unlike Max in The Rusted, who was mentally ill but not defined by it (which shows that it’s possible to tackle these subjects in the scope of a short film). I’ll also say that as someone who has a mental illness (depression), there have been many times in my life I’ve been afraid to talk to people about it because I don’t want them to be afraid of me. Society, by default, links mental illness to violence, and I worry that depictions like this are more likely to stifle discourse than to encourage it, especially if it discourages anyone with mental illness from contributing their voice to the discussion.

Now, medical evidence suggests there is an association between violence and schizophrenia, especially in the presence of comorbid substance abuse, but not all people who have schizophrenia are violent (nor are all addicts). In fact, the majority of people with schizophrenia, even those who also have a substance addiction, do not exhibit violent tendencies. And the vast majority of violent acts (including violence against women), have nothing whatsoever to do with schizophrenia. It’s hard to tell, in the span of the short, whether the feature length film would intelligently handle the disease or sensationalize it further. I’d definitely have to watch a feature-length film to make a fully informed opinion about it. I can only speak to how I felt about the representation in the short.   

It looks like most people really enjoyed Ape, and I don’t want to rain on their parades. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, this is just mine, and I don’t judge others for thinking differently than I do. And I’ll continue supporting Josh in his career, too. That hasn’t changed. 

In general, I’d recommend you all check the dates, in addition to the general credibility, of all the posts and links to articles you reblog. It doesn’t do to reblog two year old information. (And I’ve recently seen a lot of information and articles literally two years old passed around.)

And in service of this, when you make posts about news yourself, I’d recommend adding dates to posts and indicating the dates articles you link to, just to make it clear when this information is. Saying “yesterday” or “today” or “this morning” or “tomorrow” says nothing. Use dates to make it clearest when things have happened or will happen.

Also, if you want to post screenshots to tweets? Link them. Date them.

Make things as easy to source and place in temporal context as possible. Let people know if this information is up to date or may have changed. Prevent information that’s outdated from being passed around.

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anxioushideko  asked:

hi! the article you reblogged about antisemitism at mcgill is from a zionist news source. the "punch a zionist" tweet was from a personal account by a jewish student who is vocal about his support of palestinian human rights. since the publication of the tweet this student has been asked to step down from student council positions, received death threats, and most recently a police complaint was filed against him. the abuse he has received from established zionist orgs is outrageous

Thanks for the information.

  • Marvel: look we know Doctor Strange is racist and problematic but...
  • Fans: YES GOOD! Ok, so here are some things you can do to fix it-
  • Marvel: nah I mean that sounds like a lot of work so as long as we're pissing people off we might as well fuck things COMPLETELY UP.