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The Summer of the Seventies

Bell-bottoms, knitted crop tops, fringe - it seems as if retro has made a huge comeback. The fashion industry loves to embrace the next big thing, but this summer, we seem to be embracing a decade that has already come and gone, and is now back again! The SS15 shows in Paris, Milan, and London were heavily inspired by the iconic 70′s. Designers including Prada, Tom Ford, Gucci, Miu Miu, and Giambattista Valli- just to name a few- all showcased their throwback designs. So what trends should you expect to see this summer? Here are a few!

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I’m truly baffled by people who react so negatively to news of others trying to make things easier or better. Especially when their reasoning is that THEY did it the hard way, the real way, they worked three jobs and never got any help and suffered (oh god did they suffer)

I mean, god, you’d think someone who walked fifteen miles to school uphill both ways in the snow would be the first to advocate for a bus route

apparently Kara McCullough (Miss USA) is a Nuclear Scientist and graduated with a degree in Chemistry from South Carolina State University. She’s also funding a program which encourages science exploration for children.

that was overshadowed by all the twitter comments and articles about her opinions on feminism 

you ever read those ‘hey stop doing this to your dog they dont like it’ articles and all the comments are like ‘but my dog Allison The Purebred Labradoodle /loves/ it when i swing her around by her back paws for my amusement”

Summer trends for 2017

Staying on trend might be difficult, even for a modern day gentleman. But good news for you: summer is coming, the time of the year when men fashion breaks out into a big party of different colours from bright to pastels. 

This summer the trend includes a lot of timeless colours like black, grey, navy, green and burgundy.

To make sure you have a clear vision of what the trends are going to be, we will inform you with the new and latest style for summer 2017.


The new trend which was already upcoming last year are pastels. These are always nice in summer, especially when worn in suits. See the images underneath for inspiration.

Bright colours

One thing about summer is that we men are able to wear all kinds of bright colouring (like African prints) in our clothing. This is almost the trend every summer – because we can. Check out the images underneath for inspiration.


This summer the trend will mostly be timeless coloured trousers, like grey, black, white and navy. Most trousers are wide, which makes it good and comfortable to wear in hot weather. Also in these trousers we see the summer-pastels.

Lightweight Parkas

These light and comfortable coats are one of the new trends as well. They are a relaxed, cool and light type of jacket – they are not as hot as they look, so you won’t sweat your balls off.


Embellishment is something we see more and more, and probably a lot this summer. It’s a creatice and standout type of style – a bit rebel as well, but we like it. Check the following images for inspiration.

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Single Payer Healthcare

People who answer “single payer healthcare” every time a problem with the U.S. healthcare system is brought up are part of the problem.  

Mashing the SPH button every time the grownups are talking simplifies the conversation about US healthcare to a useless degree.  SPH is the goal, but just injecting those three magic words into every conversation does nothing to address the complexity and nuance, and only allows the person saying it to feel good.  Most of them are just as uneducated as people who want it to remain a for-profit system.  

If you are in favor of SHP, as every sane person should be, then you need to get your hands dirty and educate yourself on some things.  Here, I’ll start you off: 

1. Torte reform.  Want to curb over testing and over prescribing? Torte reform.  Doctors need to be able to not worry about being sued because they missed your zebra or something unrelated to what you saw them for, and they need to feel comfortable saying, “No, Barbara, you can’t have a zpak for your virus”. TORTE.  REFORM.  

2. The cost of med school.  As it stands, most students leave med school with 300-400k in debt.  As single payer statistically speaking involves a drop in pay, this becomes untenable.  They should not be paying a mortgage when they get out of school.  

3. Residencies are underfunded.  Doctors can sometimes come out of school, with the debt mentioned above, and not be able to match into a residency and finish their training.  

4. Doctor shortage.  2 & 3 would help address this, but if we want to switch to SPH we need more doctors to handle the load, otherwise you’ll be waiting weeks to see one.  Plenty of smart, potentially qualified people go to a different field because they don’t want to take on the crushing debt.  

5. Preventative care.  The whole conversation around this needs to change, to emphasize it over emergency care.  Treating stage 1 cancer is cheaper than treating stage 4.  2, 3, and 4 are related to this.  A heavier primary care load means we need more primary care doctors.  

6. Transparency of pricing.  Everyone involved in the process, especially doctors, need to know what things cost.  This also goes towards over testing (Noticing a pattern? It’s all connected.).  Right now that’s not the case, and to avoid being sued, expensive tests are probably being ordered in excess of what is necessary if there’s an efficient cheap one.  

7. Profit limits.  Now, I tend to lean more capitalist than most of Tumblr does, so I don’t have a problem with some profit being made.  BUT.  There needs to be a limit to how much drug companies, hospitals, and insurance companies can over charge.  That could be a flat %, I don’t know.  But it would definitely help limit the expenses and how much is paid in general (which makes it easier to switch to SPH.).  Drug companies especially.  

8. Doctors need to be educated about how the admin side works (thanks @md-admissions for that one.) so they can be better prescribers and be more aware of what it’s like on the other side of the fence.  Here’s the quick and dirty: Dr. dxs and codes for that.  –> treatments are added in the form of HCPCs –> After the appt, stay, etc. is over the billers charge the insurance company, after going through a whole host of corrections.  Mostly because of the next step, and because you can only use certain ICD codes with certain HCPC codes –> bill goes to a clearinghouse, whose only purpose is to check it for errors.  It’s an automated system that will reject for completely minor things.  Bill is either accepted and sent to the payer, or rejected and sent back to the provider for corrections –> Biller performs corrections and resubmits.  This part can literally go on for months, but it’s eventually sent to the payer, or the exasperated provider gives up –> once at the payer (insurance demon I mean company), they look it and either pay it or reject it.  Often they refuse to give you more reason for the rejection than an arcane code.  If it’s medicare you may or may not get a human-readable report.  It’s a crapshoot if you get a 277 or 999, as far as I can tell.  If the payer rejects it sometimes they won’t even discuss it with the provider, and insist you use the clearing house as a go-between.  They look for any reason to reject and providers lose *millions* to this BS. –> After all of this, the balance is either written off or forwarded on to the pt.  

9. Eliminate clearing houses and insurance companies.  This would happen as a by-product of switching to single payer, but none-the-less, it still addresses the problem of administrative waste that would still need to be watched out for under a SPH system.  Clearinghouses are useless.  People who do the job of checking the coding and whatnot tho (coding is important and necessary, because it allows for tracking of illness for stat reasons but also because that’s how they know what to pay.) could be transitioned to the same job in a SPH system.  

Ok this isn’t exhaustive, but I think it’s a good start.  

So please, SHP people, before you go beating that drum make sure you’re ready to address the complex mess that is American healthcare because I’m tired of listening to your smug assertion of “single payer would fix this” and I agree with you.  It’s lazy and uninformed.  

Three types of suits.

A modern day gentleman knows what to wear. But does he know what he wears? Here are the 3 types of suits: the Italian, the British, and the American suit.

Italian suit

The Italian suit is probably the most classic suit there is. Elegance is the keyword. It is a slim and very stylish suit, with a sleek silhouette, made of lighter material and containing higher gorge lines and less overall padding. Italian style can be further divided into Neapolitan, Milanese and Roman style, but we will tell you about those in a subsequent article.

The Italian jacket are shorter and fit more tight than common than British and American jackets. They have a clear V-shape. The pockets don’t have any flaps. The pants are tight and snug to the body. The back traditionally has no vents, but these days they sometimes have one or two.

Photos above show examples of the Italian suit 

British suit

The British suit is the most traditional suit. The jacket is cut close to the body and made of more heavy materials, the shoulders are narrower and suited with higher armholes. Also the jacket has more structure than Italian and American suits.

The pants have higher waist and have a tight shape, but not as tight as Italian trousers. The keyword to British suits is fitted. They are most suitable for average built men, for they fit from slim to heavy. The back has traditionally two vents.

Photos above show examples of the Italian suit

American suit

The American suit contains straight lines, and is more boxy than other suits. When tailors developed these popular suits in the 19th century, the suits were even way more boxy, but it became more and more cut to the body through time.

They are more comfortable, for they are single vent in the back, contain soft shoulder padding, high armholes and flap pockets. The coat has two or three buttons. The trousers aren’t slim. The keyword is cut loose.

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Reasons to Keep Writing Even When You Want to Give Up For Good

1) Sometimes you don’t really want to give up forever. You just need to take a break, step back, and do something else for a few months.

2) There are stories inside you that only you can tell. There are poems inside you that only you can write. Nobody else can write them for you. Nobody else can say exactly what you can say.

3) Writing is an act of creation. No matter how good or bad you think your work is, you have created something that didn’t exist before. This is important. This is good. 

4) You do not write for anybody else. The only person you write for is you. Nobody else’s opinion should hinder your ability to write for yourself. 

5) Everybody fails. Really. Even the most accomplished writers mess up. This is okay. From every misstep, you learn and you grow. I’ve always found this article very soothing: Falling Short: Seven Writers Reflecting On Failure (my personal favourite section is Anne Enright’s section.)

6) Writer’s block is an opportunity to try new things. Have new life experiences. Experiment with new styles. Writer’s block is that pause you need to reflect on your thoughts and ideas, see which ones work and which ones don’t. Writer’s block isn’t the end of your writing capabilities. It’s downtime that allows you to attempt new techniques. Which leads me to (because I think both are connected):

7) In my experience, much of writer’s block comes from fear or boredom. Why are you afraid of writing? Why does it bore you? Is there a disconnect between your idea and your passion to write? Why? There are reasons for everything. Try to figure out the reason behind this too.

8) You know those vain articles and comments accomplished writers make about “bad” or “amateur” writers? That’s all it is: vanity. It is a reflection on them. Do not let their words get to you. They are giants looking down on us. They’ve forgotten the struggle they themselves have been through. Writing is hard and deeply personal. ‘Making it’ is viciously difficult. That doesn’t mean you do not try

9) You will regret it if you throw in the towel now. Write because the future you deserves to know that when things were hard, you kept going! The future you deserves to be proud of the present you. The future you is counting on you to continue. Don’t let them down.

10) Write because you wouldn’t have read through this entire post unless you were looking for a reason to write, even in your darkest and most hopeless hours. Write because this shows you’re passionate about it, shows that no matter how hard it seems, you want to keep writing. That’s really the big secret: you just keep writing

anonymous asked:

I really liked your opinion on Louis's article. The comments in the beginning about personal problems didn't phase me because timing wise we learned had to do with his mum.The mention about fanatical fans really had to do with the shit show @ the airport. But the article has spread & the general public knows more about him. The fandom & industry execs know how incredible he is. It is rather odd he stayed at Syco and a bid deal hasn't been made about it. So that's really what I'm curious about.

As far as I can see Syco is only using Louis Tomlinson to promote their human trash panda James Arthur. Trash Panda is actually way too nice a description so just take the “panda” part out. 

I’m really glad that Louis did a project with Steve Aoki, but sometimes given Steve’s relationship with Simon Cowell (they were both meant to work on a DJ talent contest together back in 2015) it doesn’t always seem as organic as it was made out to be. Kind of like when Simon tweeted this

And then a couple months later Zayn, having recently gone solo, was in the studio with him. 

The result of “Just Hold On” was fantastic and genuinely the most stunt and drama free I’ve ever seen Louis Tomlinson™, and I’m definitely not doubting their friendship, I’m just saying that Louis Tomlinson™ is a business. Just like Harry Styles™, Liam Payne™, Zayn Malik™ and Noll™. 

Speaking of Niall, may I once again point out how aggressively Niall is the perfect example of “one of these things is not like the other”? 

I cannot name one girl that Niall has dated in the past two to three years besides Selena Gomez and even that is just because someone I know saw them making out in Shoreditch House with their own two eyes. Selena Gomez was in London with Niall Horan and there were ZERO articles about it, but Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend wears clothes and it’s Daily Mail worthy? Niall is the only member of One Direction who has been able to release music without being publicly attached to a woman. Why? 

Niall can hang out and be all over other women’s snapchats without being rumoured to be dating them and yet some rando buys the same shirt as Harry Styles and suddenly she’s “The One”…but only until his album has dropped and his tour has sold out and then he dumped her or she dumped him depending on which tabloid you’re reading. 

Louis Tomlinson, despite being in LA numerous times over the past 285 days, didn’t post one thing about that baby on Instagram, and yet three weeks before his single is coming out he’s teaching the baby to play guitar and is suddenly father of the year? He was rumoured to have cheated on his ex-girlfriend, which resulted in said baby, then proceeded to be rumoured to be thinking about marrying the baby mama, then dropped her like Netflix drops diversity for another woman who a year later he’s rumoured to be thinking about marriage with, then dumps her, gets back with the original gf and now they’re goals and also rumoured to be engaged? I’ve never met a twenty-five year old man who wants to get married as badly to any woman as Louis Tomlinson apparently wants to marry every woman he dates.

The general public knows everything there is to possibly know about Louis Tomlinson™ except for the way his music sounds. I really, genuinely hope that this shit show pays off in terms of converting public interest in his soap opera of a life into music sales, but once again the only promotion I’m seeing for Louis’ music is from fans. Bebe Rexa is the only person connected to Louis’ career IN MUSIC that I can see talking about his music. Does his team genuinely think there’s going to be a “No Control Project” for every single thing they fuck up? 

I’m just sick and fucking tired of Louis Tomlinson being used to promote everybody’s career but his own. 

Every time I see someone say, “Who cares?” about either my own posts or those of other tumblrs on the subject of female representation in comics, I want to point out to them the over 5000 people who’ve subscribed to lesstitsnass (holy crap over 5000?!), the other thousands and thousands of people who follow eschergirls, all the other blogs that do redlines, The Hawkeye Initiative’s slew of participants, the multitudes of articles and comments on all the online magazines that discuss the subject, and say, “Them. They care. There’s a whole lot of them. So get your head out of your butt and try to see what they see.”
—  Karine at lesstitsnass

anonymous asked:

Emma in your opinion is Harry's image to the general public more straight or more sexually ambiguous? I feel like it should be sexually ambiguous and I know people argue there was no extreme het push but there was? Maybe not as strong but even the slightest of it would only reinforce people on the preconceived idea they already had which was harry is a womanizer, or well straight. They don't need to see him making out with a women, the slightest of HET and they'll run with it?

I definitely think his image is more straight. I know some people disagree, but I think they’re too far into the fandom bubble. Yeah, he’s had moments where the media speculated about his sexuality due to comments he’s made, but the general public has the attention span of a fruit fly, and when you then immediately go back to linking him with every woman under the sun or bearding him up for a couple of months, which is what they’ve done every single time, well. I think if you asked most random members of the general public who don’t keep up with Harry Styles aside from the occasional article they see in a magazine or online, they would say that he only likes women. Honestly, I think even those assholes who make homophobic comments based on the fact that he was in a boyband or because of his outfits, if pressed, would say that he fucks and dates women and that they only say that stuff to try to degrade him.

During his month or so long promo for his album, he was linked to Taylor because of Two Ghosts, he was linked to Kendall because he made a joke about her sex life on a late night talk show, he was linked to Townes because he talked about her repeatedly, and he was linked to Tess through articles and her desperate Instagram posts. There are also het lyrics on the album, and I don’t care if you want to claim that there are songs with gender neutral pronouns or that you think the het lyrics are metaphors or whatever else - the general public is not analyzing the lyrics for non-het explanations of metaphors and the general public is likely to assume that even the gender neutral songs are about women. So overall, I would say that all looked pretty damn het to me even if they didn’t do anything super extreme. Like you said, they don’t HAVE to do anything extreme because the media and fans run with it anyway. And yes, he made the comment about not defining his sexuality, but when you’ve got that comment versus hundreds of articles and comments pushing het Harry, I think it’s pretty obvious which has a greater impact on a general public that we know has a short attention span and a heteronormative perspective on the world.

anonymous asked:

I know some ppl are trying to question Jen's timing of the announcement but from Matt Mitovich in his article in comments he tells someone who said, Jen should of waited till next week, but Matt replies the news was going to be announced anyhow in the media. So it seems to be Jen took it on and did it first then just media letting everyone know beforehand.

Thanks for the heads up

This is why I adore Jen so much. She made sure that she was the first one her fans heard from about this.