Libra Lightshow 

To be a perfect mannequin, oh that was the dream. As a Virgo she sewed threads until her lungs couldn’t exhale, 
But now she is the dreamer of dreams, the writer of romance novels, and the personification of art. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the 
most loved by all? Libra is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Beauty, sweet Aphrodite, rising from a watery clam into the airy clouds. This is where Libra dwells, painting the sky with her thoughts, dazzling like diamonds in the sun. With a pen feather in her hands she narrates the law of the land, reigning in on righteous justice and morality. Her body moves in harmonious symmetry, graceful, her expression warm and then glacial, for she is a woman born under the air swords, so intellect rules, beauty is in the eye of the beholder 
and the mind is the beholder, so sharpen your wit before you challenge her judgement, she may be vague when she enters the story she reads 
But she can be a woman scorned to those who threaten her allegiances or breed toxicity, the illusion and the glamor of a hall of mirrors, 
each face of a flower petal projecting through entrancing display. Daughter of the equinox, blessed with a cherubin face and allure, sorely misunderstood, she is not a flirter but a lover, a woman who finds parts of herself in everyone, parts of herself she longs to love, so she longs to love you, let her love you, it will be the most exquisite thing you ever do

Deported gay Afghans told to ‘pretend to be straight’
New Home Office rules would send gay asylum seekers back to Afghanistan, where homosexuality is illegal
By Emma Graham-Harrison

Gay Afghans can be deported to their home country, where homosexuality is illegal and “wholly taboo” and they must pretend to be straight, under new British government guidelines for handling asylum applications.

The new guidance for a country where not a single citizen lives an openly gay life has been denounced by human rights groups as a violation of international law, and criticised by the Home Office’s own Afghanistan unit.

“The Home Office’s approach seems to be to tell asylum seekers, ‘Pretend you’re straight, move to Kabul and best of luck,’” said Heather Barr, a senior researcher at Human Rights Watch. “Living a life where you are forced to lie every day about a key part of your identity, and live in constant fear of being found out and harassed, prosecuted or attacked, is exactly the kind of persecution asylum laws are supposed to prevent.”

The document, dated last month, clearly lays out the multiple risks to LGBT Afghans from their own families, from Afghan laws, and from Taliban insurgents who consider homosexuality a crime punishable by death.

A dapper Prince Harry looks glum as he visits a mental health charity in London

Harry looked uncharacteristically sombre as he stepped out in London

The online service is one of the CONTACT coalition - the military charity partner of the Heads Together Campaign, which is spearheaded by Harry, alongside the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  

The organisation helps serving military personnel, veterans and civilians cope with psychological problems and provides an online peer-to-peer support community for those who are anxious, down or not coping. 

The red-headed royal wasn’t looking as cheerful as usual during the outing

The rest of the article (more than 50%) is about Meghan

Blu-ray Review: Slaughterhouse

It’s unclear if Slaughterhouse (also known as Bacon Bits) is intended to be a horror-comedy or if the production merely got away from one-time writer-director Rick Roessler, but it certainly feels like one at times. There aren’t many outright comedic scenes, but a light atmosphere coupled with hammy acting makes for a fun viewing - giving the 1987 effort a slight advantage over the era’s glut of bland, redundant slashers.

Slaughterhouse’s primary influence seems to be The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Not only do they both embrace their southern-fried locales, but Slaughterhouse’s killer, Buddy, shares several personality traits with Leatherface. He’s like a big, simple-minded child who doesn’t speak; instead he communicates in pig-like grunts and sequels. He’s all brawn and no brains, with his father serving as his puppet master.

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Another SM artist falls victim to plagiarism by an Indian film OST?

Another SM Entertainment artist may have fallen victim to a case of song plagiarism by an Indian film, after EXO’s “Growl” and “Baby Don’t Cry” made headlines by being blatantly plagiarized just a week ago.

The group to possibly have been plagiarized this time is none other than Super Junior, whose song “Mamacita”, according to fans, was plagiarized by Indian film ‘Hela Mate Prema Jara’, for the film’s OST title, “Ai Ai Ai Yooo”.

This time, the music of the song does not seem as directly plagiarized as was the case with EXO’s music. But in addition to the supposedly similar melody of “Mamacita”, the main character in the OST MV seems to mimic Super Junior’s point choreography move, consisting of using a palm to hit the side of the head repeatedly.

You can compare the Indian film’s OST above with Super Junior’s “Mamacita” below.

Aura/Energy Color Meanings

This list is based off of resources I have found as well as my personal experiences.

As with all correspondences, this is a place to start from, not the end-all be-all of color meanings.

This list generally assumes that brighter colors are healthier and more positive, while duller colors are negative and less positive. Use your intuition to determine the true role a color plays.

Interpreting Colors

OVERLAYS If one color is covering another, this can indicate outer appearance, how others perceive them, or a blockage that is preventing the inner color from shining.

COMBINATIONS If one color is mixed with another in stripes, lines, or spots, the person presents both qualities in equal or similar measure.

MIXING If two or more colors appear to blend together, this can indicate strong balance and intermingling of personal energies.

SOLID If a person primarily presents only one color with no overlays, they are honestly projecting their inner energies.

The Colors

BRIGHT RED A healthy ego. Strong passion. Highly grounded. A survivalist’s spirit, highly realistic. Can indicate a powerful, competitive, energetic person. Indicates confidence. Strong personal power. Related to warriors, battle, and love. Someone who is used to being noticed.

DULL RED If you read the red energies in a negative light, it may indicate an obsession with the physical world, an obsession with the ego, anger, and a poor control of emotions and temperament.

ORANGE Confidence, good health, and vitality. An excited person highly connected with the physical world around them. Productive, sociable, courageous. Someone who makes a good friend. Joy, sunshine, enthusiasm. Happiness, creativity. Strong orange colors indicate good emotional expression.

DULL ORANGE Imbalance; pride, vanity, deceit, mistrust. Low level of ambition, potentially repressed emotion.

SHADES OF ORANGE Red-orange; combined with Red values such as passion and sexual desire. Yellow-orange; More joyful and exuberant. Can denote a scientific mind. Pale orange; Disconnected from physicality and the five senses.

YELLOW Awakening, optimism, easy-going. A sunny person, who is open and makes friends easily. Inspired and intelligent. Good levels of energy. Cheerfulness, mental activity. A person in positive spiritual development, developing wisdom, gaining new ideas, and mental clarity.

DULL YELLOW Over-thinking, highly critical of the self or others. Muddied energies. Fatigue from stress or trying to learn everything at once. Excessive caution.

SHADES OF YELLOW Light yellow: Strong spiritual growth, intellect, freshness, joy, and springtime qualities. Strong positive nature.

GREEN The color of nature. Represents growth and balance. Especially shows someone highly connected with nature. Shows strong Universal love. Compassion and a desire to be a help to others. A color of balance and harmony. A willingness to change and transform. Fertility, creativity, freshness. A restful, healing color.

DULL GREEN Negative ambition, greed, or jealousy. A negative connection with nature. Possessiveness, a fear of being unloved. Sensitive to criticism and lacking personal responsibility.

SHADES OF GREEN Yellow-green; Strong communication, heartfelt emotions, and improved creativity. Emerald green; Very strong connection with nature, good prosperity. May indicate a healer, especially an herbal or natural healer.

BLUE A color of relaxation, peace, and calmness. Indicates a steady and balanced nature. Someone who is deeply relaxed. Caring, loving, and sensitive energies. Easily able to speak the truth; confident authority. A strong sense of purpose, spiritually connected.

DULL BLUE Fear of speaking the truth, fear of the future, fear of expression. Disliking the unknown. Not preferring spiritual activity.

SHADES OF BLUE Light blue; Very strong healing energies, may indicate a healer or someone with natural healing talent. Speaks the truth easily and well. Confident. Tranquility, softness. Royal blue; Deep spiritual connection, understands the mysteries of life. Knowledge, power, integrity, seriousness. Indigo; Deep feeling, intuition, and sensitivity.

VIOLET Deep, two-way spiritual connection. Someone dedicated to their spirituality or the spirit world. Someone with great spiritual potential. Indicates psychic and magical power. A potential for, or an abundance of, strong psychic abilities. Ambition and mystery.

DULL VIOLET Neglecting the spiritual and spirit world. Spiritual greed.

SHADES OF VIOLET Lavender; softness, growing, spiritual immaturity. Seen in those with great spiritual potential. Vision, imagination, daydreaming. Deep violet; Possibly disconnected from reality due to major spiritual connections.

BROWN A rich, ruddy brown can indicate an honest and trustworthy nature. Someone well grounded. Someone who has what they need in life and is at peace with what they have. A good friend, giving and generous.

DULL BROWN Indicates a great deal of negativity, jealousy, greed, and insecurity.

SHADES OF BROWN Earthy tones;  Highly connected with nature.

WHITE Angelic or divine associations, indicating a source of good and pure energies that are manifest in this person’s life. Can reflect or hold other energies. Indicates a person pure and good of heart. A divinely protected person.

DULL WHITE Possible illness. Abusing the gifts the universe gives you. Misguided.

GRAY Can denote a spiritual awakening as the color may be ‘unset’.

DULL GRAY Blockages, unhealthy and negative energies. Unwellness.

BLACK Captures and transforms energy. May be related to psychic vampirism. Related to mystery and death. An unforgiving nature.

SILVER Spiritual and psychic abundance. A spiritual awakening. A gifted person. Nurturing and inventive with new ideas.

GOLD A divinely inspired person. May indicate a strong healing nature. Someone who is advancing and evolving spiritually. Very strong connections to enlightenment. Inner peace, divine guidance, spiritual thinking.

PASTELS A bright, young soul. Many aspects are still in development. Great future potential. A strong sensitivity. A need for serenity and protection.

RAINBOW Can indicate a healer, someone with evolved spiritual gifts, or a spiritually gifted person.

Queer kids are not allowed to be kids.

They aren’t allowed to get angry when people bully them because by reacting people believe they justify the abuse. They are forced to deal with adult situations often without support from any of the actual adults around them. When they look for leaders in their community they often find no one who is like them and are left with only scraps of representation in media to look to. And they don’t have the support system they deserve, the support system heterosexual/romantic cisgender kids are given without question. They are forced to hide parts of themselves from their family members and we pretend that it is normal. And if they decide to discuss that particular part of their identity it is picked apart and examined often before the kid even knows how to process it themselves. Their own identities is branded as “too adult” for them when it is not their identities that is too adult, but how we treat them once we are informed of these parts of their identities.

Queer kids deserve so much better than they are given. 


No secret can be kept from a Scorpio. And they have brilliant, hypnotic talents for drawing the concealed truth from other people. Scorpio’s innate reflex is to defend themselves from perceived rejection or trauma. Their survival instinct is reactive and programmed to scrutinise anyone who crosses their path. And this scrutiny generates from tremendous perception, a sixth sense unmatched by any other. Scorpio are acute observers. In every moment, they are secretly, consciously, or unconsciously surveilling everything. The individual typically remains intensely private. Trust is difficult to gain, and it’s not so much given but earned. Inherent fears of betrayal and deception create natural suspicious. There is an inborn fear of betrayal and treachery in Scorpio. Visions of past and present life trauma re-enact themselves in everyday life, the shadows that dwell in the mind and body are projected and worn of the faces of those they pass. 

Scorpios are fond of anything that involves penetrating mental depths and delusion. Their x-ray eyes have lenses that read the language of soul and spirit. A deep lulling stare into the Scorpio eyes could make one mesmerised. Their natural love of legal and criminal justice, psychoanalysis, investigation, forensics, and secret agent work reflects the cryptic and subliminal Scorpio expression. Their natural psychoanalytic gaze draws the truth from people like potent truth serum. And they spend copious time analyzing their own - and other people’s psychological behaviour. All is revealed to Scorpio. Actions speak the loudest words.


Polishing Up a Reading

This is how I personally do readings when I’m being fancy. I’m not saying your way is wrong.

INTRODUCE yourself. “Hi, nice to meet you! Thank you for letting me read for you today!”

DISCLAIM if you need to do this in order to feel comfortable. “Just as a reminder, this reading, as with all readings, should be taken in context of your personal experiences and with a grain of salt.”

RESTATE their question, especially if you had to slightly alter the wording to fit your method of divination. “I am reading for the question, ‘what will my love life be like next month?'”

INTRODUCE your reading. “Today I drew for you three cards…” “Today I cast these fives stones…” etc.

NARRATE your interpretations. “The Lovers card means you will have a healthy and fruitful romantic life in the upcoming month!”

DESCRIBE what about your tools helped draw you to this interpretation. This adds an extra layer of depth to any reading. “I was especially drawn to how the Lovers are holding hands, with a dove over them.” “I noted the close proximity of the Fehu rune to the Isa rune, which…”

SUPPORT your reading with the holy trinity: Intuition, Appearance, and Book Knowledge. Allow your intuition to flow forth and unite your spread in to a coherent narrative. Read the spread as it lies before you. Research extra textbook meanings to ensure nothing is missed.

SUMMARIZE your entire spread in to a paragraph. Hit your main points, reiterate the important messages, and give your querent a bite-sized takeaway of the entire reading. I believe summarizing is important even for one card, one rune, etc., spreads.

List of Possible excuses for NHL players hoping to go to on vacation instead of to the all star game
  • wife is having a kid (only works if you have a wife, admittedly heteronormative)
  • injury (not ideal because you have to miss a regular season game)
  • pale canadian boy cannot take the LA sun
  • Canadian tire is having a sale that weekend
  • got turned into a vampire last minute, need about a weekend to get used to new lifestyle
  • your tim horton’s franchise is opening that weekend
  • you’ve run away from home to join the circus
  • mom said you couldn’t go
  • the sun is setting too early and it confuses you and you have to go to bed at 6 pm now
  • someone ate all your cats food and you need a whole weekend to replace it
  • your dog is sick from eating all of your cats food
  • you have an ongoing war with your neighbors and leaving for the all star game would mean forfeit
  • montreal tried to bury you in the minors so hopefully people would forget about you (doesn’t work, people just remember you more)
  • Jerseys do not go with your new hairdo
  • you’re not actually a hockey player just two 5 year olds in a trenchcoat.
  • You need to catch up on Pitch™. A new fox series about the first women in major league sports, on every thursday at 9pm