WWE Superstars Wedding Crashers (TMZ Sports)


Forget groomsmen …. A Syracuse couple got what they were after Saturday night when 3 huge wrestlers from the WWE barreled into their wedding reception.

Roman Reigns, R-Truth and Jimmy Uso (none the groom) were at a bar in the hotel when they heard the reception and made their way in.  What they didn’t know – the bride, Beth Samuels and her freshly-minted hubby Matt were huge WWE fans.  

Beth knew the WWE was having a show in Syracuse so she sent an email to the wrestling org inviting any of the wrestlers who might be looking for something to do.

Turns out the 3 guys didn’t have a clue about the email … they just dropped by and stayed 45 minutes.

Only thing more awesome … if one of the guys face-planted someone in the cake.


Zedd shares his ultimate Memorial Day Weekend playlist

Oddly, the print version has a different description:

Zedd loves the deep percussion on this moody track from the Australian actor. (You may know him from 2009′s X-Men Origins: Woverine.) In fact, after hearing it, Zedd reached out to collaborate:  “His voice is so silky and smooth.”

ADVICE: 18 Things I Learned by the Time I Turned 18

Growing up as a girl is difficult, in fact growing up is difficult full stop. In my 18 years I believe I have experienced and learned a lot. 

1.  It is okay to spent time alone. Go to the library, go shopping, treat yourself to a dinner out. Doing things alone helps you grow and discover yourself and there’s no need to be self-conscious.

2. Make art, even if it’s bad art.  Being creative is good for the soul. 

3. Smile and talk to people as you pass them in the street. You have the power to brighten someone’s day and learn something.

4. Meditate. this is a big thing for me. Meditation helps clear the mind from distractions, helps you focus and it brightens your mood. 

5. Be as active as possible. Get up off the sofa and move.

6. Explore. whether it’s a new country, new city, or that hiking trail down the road you’ve been meaning to check out.

7. Laugh it off. Sometimes you need to just let it go. 

8. Wear makeup if you want to and don’t if you don’t, it really doesn’t matter. 

9. Read often. Scraps of paper, old journals, books, magazine scraps. Anything and everything.

10. Try your best at everything you do. In school, at your job, being a good person. 

11. Pick one thing each day that you want to accomplish, whether it’s a big thing or a small one, and do it.

12. Your parents are not always right. Know when to take their advice and when to do your own thing.

13. Keep a journal. This way you can remember the good and the not so good.

14. You are loved. Always.

15. Respect is earned. Earn it.

16. Be open minded, you never know what you might learn. 

17. Take photographs of everything, looking back on good times is wonderful. 

18. Be positive and supportive to everyone around you. People will be there for you if you’re there for them.

Written by Nicole, photography by chvnvlle on Instagram

[D-7 Till New Tracks] Only BIGBANG Can Rival BIGBANG

[OSEN=손남원 기자] If the following prediction becomes true, this will surely be a groundbreaking incident in the music world. An artist occupy the top slot like a relay every month with their own songs…

BIGBANG announced to take on a challenge of releasing albums consecutively. On May 1 the quintet came back as a whole for the first time in 3 years. And with just one week to go before another new album comes out, they climbed back the ranking and became #1. The competition will become BIGBANG vs BIGBANG. With their track “LOSER,” they have now become WINNER, like their fellow YG group name.

“LOSER” unveiled on May 1 is doing a reverse-ranking thing. On May 24 the track climbed back to become #1 on South Korea’s largest music site Melon. As soon as the track was unveiled, “LOSER,” with the other title track “BAE BAE,” occupied the top two slots for nearly 20 days in a row. For a few days it yielded its position to other artists, but it soon retrieved its original position.

“LOSER” did a perfect all-kill on 10 major music charts, and on Melon it is doing so with flying colors. The two tracks doing so well simultaneously itself is quite unprecedented in the music world.

Apart from this, “LOSER” took over all 3 terrestrial channels and also Mnet’s M Countdown and MBC Music’s “Show! Champion. It took 9 trophies in total. On MBC’s Show! Music Center, they took two trophies in a row without even making an appearance. As if that had upset the show staff members, the trophy was handed to someone else this week.

BIGBANG’s “LOSER” is about a lonely person. With the soft beat and the medium tempo, the song expresses BIGBANG’s colors clearly. It is tranquil but rhythmical, carrying an addictive hook that attracts any listeners. T.O.P and GD wrote the song while TAEYANG composed, and TEDDY was in charge of the overall production.

Music video is attracting at least a million viewers everyday. “LOSER” hit 23.3 million in just 23 days. Through its official blog, YG Entertainment consecutively unveiled solo clips of DAESUNG, TAEYANG, GD, SEUNGRI and T.O.P, presenting another source of entertainment to the fans.

The videos created in celebration of hitting 20 million views feature T.O.P in white gloves appearing from a room covered in white cloth. He faces a woman. After a brief contact with the woman he stops her when she tries to touch a sculpture of his shape. He is cold. But soon he is covered in blood, roaming the streets, crying out loud. His completely different but impactful acting leave a powerful impression on the fans.

Fans who viewed the video commented, “T.O.P looks so sorrowful,” “I was completely drawn into it,” “T.O.P is too cool,” and “I became really emotional, too.”

2015. 5. 24.

source: yg-life

Catching Up With Karlie Kloss in Cannes

Catching up with Karlie Kloss in Cannes this year was as challenging as getting a ticket to the screening of a movie competing for the Palme d’Or. The Chicago-born model had appointments scheduled in ten-minute intervals, much like a Hollywood starlet.

“This is my first official year as a L’Oréal spokesperson [she signed the deal last fall], so it’s been a busy week with shooting commercials, walking red carpets, going to fabulous parties,” she laughs, towering 6 feet 4 inches tall in her Manolo Blahnik sandals and a navy knitted dress by Miu Miu.

At only 22, Kloss also co-chaired amfAR’s annual Cinema Against AIDS gala this week, alongside Harvey Weinstein, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sharon Stone and other Hollywood heavyweights, putting her transformation skills as a model to a good cause, as she helped sell a photo shoot with Mario Testino for 350,000 euros.

Kloss is a real entrepreneur. Although she refers to her gluten-free cookie business as “more of a passion project,” Karlie’s Kookies has donated over 650,000 school lunches, since it launched in 2012. “Yes, I want to grow it bigger. We are in the works of figuring out how to make it into a proper business. My sister has celiac [disease] – that’s the reason why I started baking gluten-free [and vegan]. Because it’s tough to find a good-tasting cookie without gluten. They are all very dry, but it’s actually more fun to cook without butter and sugar, it’s like a science experiment, and I am a closeted nerd at heart,” she said.

Having completed a two-week course at Harvard, which consisted of “reading a bunch of case studies about the business of sports, media and entertainment,” Kloss is gearing up to start at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study this fall. “Eventually I would like to make it to Harvard Business School. I’m a very disciplined student. When I’m in that environment, I’m totally focused,” she said.

Does this mean that her days as a model are numbered? “Nooo. I’m 22, I’m just getting started,” she insisted. “Role models of mine like Christie Turlington or Cindy Crawford, they work even today after incredible careers — and kids. I want to do this job for a very long time, but I see education as a way to invest in myself, and diversify and be able to think about how to go much further.”

For now, she’s venturing into film. “Zoolander 2″ is up next. She could probably teach Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson a cat move or two, but her hunch is it will probably be the other way around. “I watched that movie so many times. It’s a classic. I don’t know how much of a film debut it will be, but it’s a fun project. It will be a mutual give and take,” she said with a laugh.

Kloss admitted she still gets nervous before making public appearances that come with her multiple roles, but said her secret weapon is a good makeup artist. “As a model when you walk on that red carpet and everybody is shouting your name it’s incredibly overwhelming, you wanna know that when you step out there you feel like the most confident beautiful version of yourself possible. I’m human, I definitely don’t feel like that every day.”

According to L’Oréal’s new ambassador, it all comes down to technique. “It’s a very intimate relationship between a makeup artist and his subject. I’m all about the brow. I have my mom’s brow, very arched, and there is one product that I’m obsessed with — it’s the Brow Artist Genius Kit. It’s great because it has wax and powder, which sounds kind of crazy, but if you wanna fill in the shape a little bit more or extend it you can use this — it has little tweezers, a little brush, everything you need in this travel-size kit,” she said, demonstrating the effect on the back of her hand.

Still, her top beauty philosophy remains sleep. “It’s my favorite indulgence. I like to spoil myself by taking a day off and sleep in, it’s the best and most generous thing you can do for yourself. Sleep is such a big part of one’s beauty. Also, when you eat healthy, balanced food, it comes through in your skin and your nails,” noted Kloss.

When it comes to product, the model swears on her BB cream. “Even if I’m just running out the door to grab a coffee, I always love to have a little bit of coverage, and L’Oreal’s has lot of SPF and is also moisturizing. It’s easy and quick and I like to be fast out the door. I spend lots of time in the makeup chair, so when I have a day off I like to keep it simple.” (x)

SHINee Shares What They Will Do If They Win 1st on a Music Show

The members of SHINee (or member Minho in particular) shared what they will do if they end up winning first place on a music show.

On the May 23 broadcast of KBS’ “Entertainment Weekly,” the SHINee members sat down for an interview with the entertainment news program.

During the interview, the reporter asked the group to make a promise to fans if they are to win the number one spot with their latest comeback title song “View.” Minho responded, “If we win first on a music broadcast, I will reveal my abs,” before adding on, “But please let me know about two months in advance,” causing laughter.

Member Onew explained, “The four of us really can’t build up abs, but Minho is really good at making them.”

Shawol, let’s do it for the team (AKA everyone that wants to see Minho’s beautiful abs)!

credit: soompi


It is extremely difficult to get tickets to the hottest K-Pop concerts, and some have taken this opportunity to scam unknowing fans.

With BIG BANG making a tour stop in Hong Kong next month, fans have been looking all over for tickets, as good seats were sold out in a record time despite there being three shows in the city. Knowing this, some have taken to social media websites such as Instagram to offer tickets at a slightly higher-than-normal price, but have simply vanished after receiving payment from fans.

In one instance, a scammer hired an unknowing 14-year-old fan to gather buyers. After rounding up 10 friends and eight netizens for the purchase, the fan transferred over $30,000 HKD (approximately $3,870 USD) to the scammer’s bank account.

When the fan followed up with the scammer, the scammer used excuses such as “I’m getting the tickets soon” and “I’m pregnant so it’s a bit inconvenient right now” to avoid actually sending the tickets.

At this time, there are three known cases reported to police, involving fans aged 14 to 25, 39 tickets, and over $50,000 HKD (approximately $6,450 USD).
This is not the first time fans have been scammed as they desperately try to get a ticket to see their favourite star. Back in March, a similar fraud scheme involving CNBLUE’s Yonghwa also made the headlines.

Source: Yahoo! Hong Kong via Koreaboo

The Basic Tie Wardrobe

by Niels Holdorf

If one had to, one could get through life with just a handful of ties. Fortunately, we don’t have to, but it’s fun to think about it nonetheless.

With a navy and chocolate grenadine tie you already have 90% of everything you could ever wear covered. Navy tie for grey and brown suits, brown tie for grey and blue suits. Add two classic repps, one in burgundy and one in green and you have a lot of tweed jackets, blue blazers, informal suits covered. Now add a black grenadine for funerals and serious business and either a grey grenadine or glencheck tie for festive activities and you’re good to go.

But if you’re reading this, chances are that you wouldn’t be very happy with this at all. Of course, all these ties are worth having, are trusted pieces you can reach for anytime; but the real fun lies in seasonal ties. Stay tuned for our next essay on the not-so-basic tie wardrobe.


Seventeen to become the first group ever to debut through a 1-hour live broadcast

Seventeen will become the first group ever to debut through a 1-hour live broadcast!

The boys finished all their missions on their reality show ‘Debut Big Plan’, managing to hold a showcase with 1,000 fans. Because they finished all their missions successfully, the boys will debut live through MBC Music at 6PM KST on the 26th.

After their broadcast debut, the boys will be releasing their debut mini album '17 CARAT’ on the 29th with title song “I Cherish You”.

Are you looking forward to their debut?


anonymous asked:

Hiiiiii! Doesn't the article "18 Things That Happen When You Feel Older Than You Are" by Brianna Wiest scream INFJ to you? I recommend it, I felt identified with most of it (you don't have to answer this or read it if you don't want to though) Thank you for your time!

Yeah, a lot of those points were very very INFJ, I agree. Thanks for the read! :)


Yorkshire Animal Shelter needs your help! 

They are applying for funding from Aviva to build a new cat block to save more cats from death row. And you can help! It’s really simple and easy, all you need to do is CLICK HERE and sign up, it only takes a minute, and then use your ten votes to vote for them! They currently have 3,240 votes but could really do with some more so please vote and share!

Follow Animal Charities UK for more ways to help animals!

Ben Whishaw, ultra-Brit

a translation; original translation by whishawnews

The meeting took place at 17 o'clock, he ordered a peppermint tea. He drinks it in English style (yes, sometimes clichés are true), calmly and with elegance, in the middle of the shoots, interviews and cloud of press attachés and other assistants who gravitate on this overcrowded terrace. Ben Whishaw is in Cannes to defend the dystopian satire The Lobster, and he remembers the shooting, as bizarre as the film, in the depths of Ireland: “We were isolated in this hotel in the middle of nowhere, in this countryside so sorry and so beautiful … which helped to reinforce this sense of desperation that we perceive in the film.”

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