B1A4’s Side “Determining title song for comeback, Leader Jinyoung’s self-written song” [ARTICLE TRANS]

It has been confirmed that the group B1A4 will be coming back after 1 year with a title song made by their leader Jinyoung.

On the 30th, officials from B1A4’s agency told TV Report, “They’re currently preparing for a comeback that is targeted for August. The members are currently participating in the final tasks” as well as saying, “The title song has been decided. It’s a song that Leader Jinyoung has written. Filming for the title song has yet to take place.”

Last year B1A4 announced their July comeback of ‘Solo Day.’ Once the promotions for the album were finished, B1A4, who stood on the stage throughout the summer with their bright concept, focused on their individual activities.

In particular Jinyoung has been filming for the MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Warm and Cozy’ while also working on the new song at the same time. Throughout this time B1A4 has chosen Jinyoung’s self-written song as the title song, receiving recognition for his ability and joining top ranked artists.  

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Q: Breaking Bad made a huge impact during its time on screens. What did you take away from it? 

Dean Norris: “It was such a great show to have been a part of and it’s still with me. It’s still hard to grasp the whole impact it made because people are still discovering the show. Two summers ago at its peak it was like being in The Rolling Stones. It was insane. It was like a cultural phenomenon around the world. I will take away getting to do really, really great work and working with really great people. Sometimes all you really want is to have that in your back pocket. So I got that one. We’ll see if another one comes along (laughs).”

Interview with Under the Dome star Dean Norris

Training for Inner Peace: How to Be at Peace With Anxiety, Sadness and Anger

There are a lot of people who constantly want to be happy. That’s kind of a way of life nowadays. Many people try to avoid discomfort like it’s the plague. There are many famous spiritual teachers working today who are like this as well.

But we are all human beings, we all get sad, anxious and angry sometimes - and there’s nothing wrong with that. Being mindful with your feelings is not the same as being happy all the time; there’s a huge difference.

Mindfulness is not the absence of discomfort - it’s our reaction towards this discomfort. We cannot avoid these emotions, and there is nothing wrong with them. What creates suffering is never a feeling, but our reaction towards it.

I suffered with anxiety for most of my life. It got so bad that I had to do something with myself. And I came across a blog post explaining the very thing I’m explaining right now. Without exaggeration, it changed my life. Not from one moment to another, but it was definitely the start of something.

It’s such a simple approach, but it is so against our natural reaction. When we are sad, the natural way for us to react is with another dose of sadness - we’re sad over our sadness. Anxiety is the same - we get more anxious because we feel anxious. These emotions seem to double themselves with our reactions. They snowball and get bigger and bigger.

So what if we decide to use our human abilities and stop this natural response - what if we react to these feelings with peace? Just like a bully who’s been given the cold shoulder, it leaves. Because there’s nothing feeding it anymore, it has no place.

I like to think of these feelings like old friends who visit me. They have their little place inside of me, and they come and stay with me once in a while. I accept their presence with love and peace. And when they’re done, they leave without putting up a fight.

Peace starts with me. And my body, with all of its emotions, is my island of peace. Every feeling is welcome, because the only thing that matters is my reactions to them. I am the ruler of this land, and if I’m at peace, there can be no war. And I do not want war inside of me, do you? Read more >>

(via Training for Inner Peace: How to Be at Peace With Anxiety, Sadness and Anger | The Miracle Forest: The Zen Smile of Mindfulness)

A Year of Sleepless Nights for Boy Who Survived Deadly Beach Attack
Um Atawf will never go to the beach again. "I will never, ever want to even see the sea again,” she says through tears, just a few blocks from crashing waves of the Mediterranean. She hasn’t set foot on the beach since July 16, 2014. Mohammad Ramiz Bakr, 11, Ahed Atef Bark and Zakariya Ahed...
By ABC News

“I will never, ever want to even see the sea again”

The Search for Knowledge is Over

An open-access protocols repository gives researchers the ability to share and discover knowledge quickly.

Learning from mistakes is a vital lesson in life, be it your own mistakes or someone else’s. We use this inherited knowledge every day to make important life decisions and shape the future.

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Top 10 Best Female Athletes in America
Sports are very popular in American society. Along with males, females also contribute here. We enlisted top 10 best female athletes in America. Check it out

4. Missy Franklin, Swimming

Melissa Jeanette Franklin is an American competition swimmer, who has won four Olympic gold medals so far in her career. Perhaps, Missy is the brightest among all the young stars in the list of top 10 best female athletes in America. She is currently the world record holder in the 200-meter backstroke and American record holder in both 100-meter and 200-meter backstroke. At just 17, in her debut summer Olympics in 2012, Missy Franklin bagged a total five medals, four of which were gold medals. She has earned the award of “World Swimmer of the Year” in 2011 and 2012 for her incredible swimming performance.

Franklin has won a total of 22 medals in different international swimming competitions. Although she holds the dual citizenship of America and Canada, she chose to compete for the United States. She holds her spot at No. 4 in top 10 best female athletes in America.

3. Allison Schmitt, Swimming

Like her teammate Melissa Franklin, Allison Schmitt is another young star in American swimming. She enormously helped United States to be glorious at the Olympic games and World Swimming Championships. Schmitt managed to win a bronze in her debut at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in the 4×200-meter freestyle relay. Four years later, after preparing herself more preciously, she rose, winning a total five medals in 2012 London Olympics, in which there were three gold medals she won in the 200-meter freestyle swimming, in 4×100-meter medley relay, and 4×200-meter freestyle relay.

Allison has won 14 medals in major international swimming competitions for America. She is a real performer at the international stage. She is a glittering star at American Swimming team. Allison has also earned the status to be one of the most popular female athletes in America.

Affordable Fashion: Lee Jong Suk's Birkenstock Sandals

By Elsa B. | June 30, 2015 08:18 AM EDT

Birkenstock is a popular German accessories brand known for its multi-strap clogs and wide designs. The brand has been gaining press lately because of its comfortable suede sandals. f(x)’s Sulli and Korea’s Next Top Modelrunner-up Lee Chul Woo showcased several pairs from the newest collection in High Cut Vol. 147. Then, Healeractor Lee Chang Wook sported a pair in the May issue of Marie Claire.

The sandals were most recently spotted in the July issue of @Star1, where Pinocchio leading man Lee Jong Suk coupled a pair with a SMALTO striped combination and a Mandarina Duck backpack. The specific sandals he modeled were the “Taupe” Suede Arizona sandals, which are gray and can easily be yours!

According to Urban Outfitters, the sandals are “fitted with a soft suede upper topped with adjustable buckle closure in antiqued, logo-engraved metal and [are] completed with the brand’s signature foot-bed in molded suede.”

You can shop for the trendy pair below!

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Dog’s Trust want you to know that #HotCarsKillDogs!

“Did you know that more than one in 10 people know of a dog that has come to harm left in a parked car in hot weather? What’s even more shocking is that almost half of us (48%) mistakenly believe it is ok to leave a dog in a car if counter-measures are taken (window open or parked in shade). Sadly over a quarter of UK dog owners admit to leaving their dog alone in parked cars, and AA call outs to rescue dogs locked in parked cars have increased by 50% in past six years!

So, here are the cold hard facts:

Under 20 minutes in a hot car can prove fatal to a dog should its body temperature exceed 41°C. As the temperature inside the car rises, in just a matter of minutes, the dog’s suffering will become evident through excessive panting, whimpering or barking. This will develop into a loss of muscle control and ultimately the kidneys will cease to function, the brain will become irreversibly damaged and the heart will stop.

Share this video. Make a difference…”

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