Zayn Malik and Naughty Boy 'launching Zaughty brand' as singer files for new trademark

Zayn Malik and Naughty Boy look to be going into business after the singer applied to trademark the term ‘Zaughty’.

The former One Direction star and his producer friend are said to be planning to release their own clothing line, while the application does cover the name for potential music ventures.

A source told The Sun: “Zayn and Naughty Boy have seen the offers come flooding in from brands wanting to get them on board.

"They’ve been approached to design a clothing line several times but have always declined because they’d want to do it their way.

"They will start off with designing a range of streetwear clothes. But no doubt they will pair it up with a music project eventually.”

Source: Mirror 

[ARTICLE] BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and Taeyang Stump Almost Everyone With Masked Performance on “Infinity Challenge”

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon and Taeyang took part in “Infinity Challenge“‘s special tenth anniversary special which included some awesome masked performances by a variety of stars, which were inspired by the song competition show “King of Mask Singer.” The “Infinity Challenge” members are also joined by some celebrity advisers such as Park Jin Young and Yoo Hee Yeol to help them guess who each of the masked performers are.

Although fans of the show had heard about the identities of several of the guests before the episode aired, such as G-Dragon, Taeyang, and IU, it seems that the “Infinity Challenge” members were really in the dark about the performers’ identities when they filmed it, which makes for a great episode!

The last performers to take to the stage are G-Dragon and Taeyang, who perform a hip hop song by the 1990s duo Yook Kak Soo that’s inspired by Korean traditional music. They’re both wearing costumes and masks, with G-Dragon’s mask bearing a striking resemblance to “Infinity Challenge” member Park Myung Soo, and they try to disguise their voices as they sing. Those pink gloves they’re wearing might also be a nod to fellow BIGBANG member T.O.P’s rumored interest in rubber gloves.

After the performance, Haha says he’s sure that they’re hip hop artists. Many of the panelists are stumped because the two are such good singers. It’s even suggested at one point that they might just actually be Yook Kak Soo staging a comeback.

Yoo Hee Yeol guesses that they’re the comic rock duo Norazo, because of the accessories he can see under their costumes.

They then ask IU, who has correctly guessed all the other contestants so far. “I’m pretty sure it’s Taeyang,” she says confidently, to the shock of the other panelists. “It sounded like his voice. He was making his voice scratchy to hide it, but he was also dancing way too well.”

Haha goes further by saying that the duo seem to be either G-Dragon and T.O.P or G-Dragon and Taeyang.

MC Yoo Jae Suk then turns to the duo to ask them if they usually perform as a duet. “Yes, well, sometimes…” answers Taeyang in his mask. His voice has been distorted for him, but he tries to disguise it more himself, which cracks the panel up.

Watch July 4′s episode of “Infinity Challenge” to see everyone’s reaction when the duo takes off their masks!

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Hayley Moore Brings Strong Credentials to Boston Pride’s GM Position

One of the most prominent figures in New England women’s hockey, Hayley Moore, has made significant contributions as a player, coach and general manager. Heading into the autumn of 2015, Moore can add another remarkable achievement to her growing hockey legacy. Serving as the general manager of the NWHL’s Boston Pride, one of the league’s four charter franchises, she is part of a revolutionary, yet exciting chapter for professional women’s hockey.

Of note, this marks the second time in her career that Moore is on the ground floor for the launch of a new women’s ice hockey team in Boston. During the 2010-11 season, she was one of the charter members of the Boston Blades. Coincidentally, one of her teammates that season was Angela Ruggiero, who has served in a consulting capacity with the NWHL… (more)

Gui Gui is Entangled in a Dangerous Romance in “The Girl with Fringe Tree Blossom Earrings”

Article and photo via Sina Entertainment. Originally published on 2015.06.30.

The Republic era youth idol drama “The Girl with Fringe Tree Blossom Earrings” is currently being filmed at Hengdian. In the drama, Gui Gui Wu Ying Jie plays a girl who meets a domineering Shanghai business chairman through a series of misunderstandings. The two work together and grow through family conflicts and political unrest, becoming a couple in the end. This is Gui Gui’s first time acting in a Republic era project. She will be playing a girl who comes from a poor background, but has extremely sensitive hearing, and thus becomes skilled in radio. From the released drama stills, it can seen that the drama has a very elegant style. The Republic era clothing paired with Gui Gui’s liveliness gives off a fresh and moving feel.

This is Gui Gui’s first time acting in a period drama, and she will be acting as a female lead who becomes linked to the male lead due to her family heirloom, a pair of fringe tree blossom earrings. Although this drama follows the idol drama trope of a dangerous romance with a domineering chairman, Gui Gui’s character of Ruan Qing Tian, despite also being poor and nice, is not like other naive and sweet female leads who are dumb and adorable. Ruan Qing Tian’s talent not only allows her to grow with experience, but it also allows her to help the male lead to establish his first radio station in the Shanghai Bund, turning him from a domineering chairman to a bigshot in the nation’s media industry.

When acting for the drama, Gui Gui uses her popularity amongst her fans as her inspiration. The drama’s male lead is Dai Xiang Yu who became popular from acting as the male lead in “Campus Belle in White and Mr. Long Legs 2”. As for this drama, many fans are excited to watch the romance between a talented girl and a domineering chairman.

Filming for the drama “The Girl with Fringe Tree Blossom Earrings” began in May, and currently over half of the filming has been completed. The drama is projected to air at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year.

#HarrysFriendIsMissing began to trend on social media this afternoon, leading us to worry that a pal of Harry Styles had been classified as missing.

But what you find when you click on the trend is a very different kind of search mission – and a much pervier one.

You see, Harry was snapped arriving at LAX in Los Angeles wearing a fetching combo of a patterned shirt and skintight white jeans.

So skintight were the jeans that you could see pretty much everything, but fans were shocked when they saw less than usual in the crotch area.

Yep, the “friend” in question that’s missing is apparently Mr Styles’ manhood.

Even Directioners were confused by the trend, with one writing: “Where did Harry’s d*** Go? More like, where did the fandom’s chill go?”

Another added: “What this trend all about?? coz all I can see while scrolling through the trend is d***?? WTF!!”, while others speculated about how Harry would feel upon seeing the posts (our guess: baffled).

25 Best Songs of 2015 So Far

4 | Taylor Swift, “Style”

I love how Tay blends every song on the first Pet Shop Boys record (especially “Love Comes Quickly” and “I Want a Lover,” but also “West End Girls,” plus OK, all of them) into an Eighties synth-pop fantasy about a girl dazzled by how cool and glam and mysterious she is, with a boy who’s just a dim reflection of her. Her voice is full of catch-your-breath drama, even when nothing that dramatic is happening. (“He’s taking off his coat” — that’s a big deal why? He just got home! Why would he keep his coat on?) But Taylor makes it a moment and a half. A great album track that made an even greater pop single — which should happen next to “New Romantics.”

Source: Rolling Stone

Tips for Shooting with Natural Light

{Sundown Tamalpais by Matthew Vincent, shot with natural light, on a Mamiya 6 with Fujicolor Pro 400h}

Natural light is nature’s gift to photographers. Beyond the beauty of the glorious golden hour, a solid knowledge of shooting with natural light allows you to use your surroundings to make your image as striking and beautiful as possible. It’s more flattering on skin, lets you play with shape and shadow and requires a significantly lower budget than studio photography, because unlike studio lights, natural light is free. Win.

Mastering your exposure triangle is key to successfully shooting in natural light. If you’re not super confident in your exposure skills, check out our Beginner’s Guide to Film Photography.

The ISO specifically plays a big role, since the higher the number the more ambient light will be present in your photograph. If you expose at f/8 with an ISO of 100 or an ISO of 400, the shadow areas will be significantly brighter with the higher ISO.

Use a Handheld Meter

Having a handheld light meter can literally save your photographs. It’s an amazing (and greatly under-appreciated in the digital age!) tool that will allow you to determine the exposure of any environment and obtain optimal results. There are two types of hand held light meter readings: incident and reflective. Incident measures the amount of light falling on the subject and reflective measures the intensity of light reflecting off the subject. Always take a reading from the most essential spot on your subject and the four corners of your image. If you don’t have a handheld light meter, you can use an in-camera meter or the Sunny 16 rule, however they are insanely useful and last a lifetime so definately a worthwhile purchase. Side note - Ive had my Sekonic light meter for 15 years and still use it today.

{Sekonic L-758D Handheld Light Meter}

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B1A4’s Side “Determining title song for comeback, Leader Jinyoung’s self-written song” [ARTICLE TRANS]

It has been confirmed that the group B1A4 will be coming back after 1 year with a title song made by their leader Jinyoung.

On the 30th, officials from B1A4’s agency told TV Report, “They’re currently preparing for a comeback that is targeted for August. The members are currently participating in the final tasks” as well as saying, “The title song has been decided. It’s a song that Leader Jinyoung has written. Filming for the title song has yet to take place.”

Last year B1A4 announced their July comeback of ‘Solo Day.’ Once the promotions for the album were finished, B1A4, who stood on the stage throughout the summer with their bright concept, focused on their individual activities.

In particular Jinyoung has been filming for the MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Warm and Cozy’ while also working on the new song at the same time. Throughout this time B1A4 has chosen Jinyoung’s self-written song as the title song, receiving recognition for his ability and joining top ranked artists.  

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