arctickayla said: That’s the next nostalgia anime I’m going to watch. Good to know that’s it’s still fun!

i never had any interest in YGO until i was 16 so i missed out on a lot of the nostalgia factor it had, however i think it’s a good thing to go in Blind and Unbiased because it makes the experience more fun.

piglii said: god just wait until the battle city arc though. duels that last literally like 7 episodes long, it really drags on. also nothing in the first season follows literally any kind of rules, everything is just kind of made up arbitrarily.

i can’t like a series unless i feel like i’m being mentally tortured continuously by it.


I know it’s wicked late but I finally finished your birthday present. Yesterday afternoon I discovered the flat brush and I’ve been going a little overboard with it…. but the style kind of reminds me of your gorgeous artwork. (Sorry it’s a little NSFW) 

whoa omfg this is so frickin gorgeous thank you so much!!!! *u* ahah yeah it actually reminds me of one of the brushes i have its super fun to work like that