Stuffed Artichokes Recipe

By Tabitha Alterman

When stuffing artichokes, choose whatever is in season and whatever you love — feel free to experiment. Here are the basic steps, along with some flavor combinations to get you drooling. [Get the recipe!]

How to Cook an Artichoke and Many Ways to Eat ’Em

Don’t let the artichoke’s tough exterior intimidate you. Learn how to cook an artichoke, and check out our array of artichoke recipes.

By Tabitha Alterman


All About Growing Artichokes

Growing artichokes as annuals that bear edible buds their first season requires an early start, but properly handled artichoke plants will prosper in a wide range of climates. This guide includes descriptions of the types of globe artichokes and tips for growing them in your backyard garden. [Find out how!]

By Barbara Pleasant

Illustration by Keith Ward