Norilsk (Норильск) is an industrial city in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, located above the Arctic Circle. It has a permanent population of 175,000. With temporary inhabitants included, its population reaches 220,000.

It is the world’s northernmost city with more than 100,000 inhabitants and the second largest city (after Murmansk) inside the Arctic Circle.

Chambre avec vue #26

Lingen, Above arctic circle, Norway.

Dream catcher :
Mattias Larsson

How did you arrive here ?
We were driving with my friends car from sweden.

Who is with you ?
Two friends, one from sweden and one from switzerland.

What did you bring with you ?
All the camp stuffs. Snow touring gears and climbing gears. and some food for 2 weeks..

Next place you will get lost ?
It will be in switzerland in the alps there.