artic squad shenanigans

“The flower that blooms into a peaceful serenity! Cure Cotton!”

Finally some art! It’s been a while, and of course I return with magical girls, pffft.  This lovely lady is for overshadowedprojects who works way too hard but we all know she is trying her best. uvu

Ooooh, it looks like we only have one member left, I wonder who it could  be~

Cure Cotton belongs to overshadowedprojects

Dirty Grilled Cheese is a Serious Business
  • Artic Blue: god bless erin and her food
  • Artic Blue: she's like that one goddess with the cornucopia overflowing with the fruits and stuff and it just directly goes into your mouth
  • Artic Blue: I haven't eaten any of it, but it's probably very good from what I can tell
  • Mae-Mae: yeeeee
  • Mae-Mae: she makes lots of yummy things
  • Mae-Mae: you should try her dirty grilled cheeses one day OvO
  • Artic Blue: dirty grilled cheeses?
  • Mae-Mae: grilled cheeses with stuffed mixed in
  • Mae-Mae: so far i've tried the one with onion and tomato uvu
  • *Later*
  • Mae-Mae: so apparently i've invented the term 'dirty grilled cheese' cause Erin says she never called it that
  • Mae-Mae: QHQ
  • "Overshadowed: I never once, called it dirty grilled cheese
  • Artic Blue: it's what they call it on the street
  • Artic Blue: thugs dealing dirty grilled cheeses in back alleys
  • Overshadowed (M. Palom): do I look like I'm from the hood to you
  • Artic Blue: "yo man, you got some dirty cheese?"
  • Artic Blue: "Yeah man, fresh from Erin's"
  • Overshadowed (M. Palom): WHAT THE HECK EVEN
  • Artic Blue: XDD"
  • Mae-Mae: OMFG
  • Artic Blue: erin's grilled cheese is a hot commodity in detroit
  • Artic Blue: smuggled all the way across the border
  • Artic Blue: dirty cheese cartel wars
  • Artic Blue: dirty cheese crime ring
  • Artic Blue: dirty cheese smuggling
  • Mae-Mae: omfg i cant even
  • Mae-Mae: you know what
  • Mae-Mae: it makes sense
  • Mae-Mae: people've probably been killed over them
  • Mae-Mae: they're that good
  • Mae-Mae: :u
2am Bedtime Story Text. Yeah
  • Mae: .... now'm bored again
  • Mae: tell me a bedtime story
  • Christy: Once upon a time there was a penguin princess, who lived in a tall tower, hidden away by her stepmother, the Cat Queen. The Bunny Knight, and Mousie the sidekick (who was there for comedic relief) set out to save the princess.
  • Christy: The Bunny Knight bested the queen's best minions, hoards of cats, easily (after Mousie had accidentally woke them up). They reached the throne room and after setting down a bowl of milk, snuck past the Cat Queen.
  • Christy: Up and up and up the stairs they ran until finally Mousie got tired and made the Bunny Knight carry her up. They reached the door of the Penguin Princess and Mousie quickly used her totally-not-thief-like skills to pick the lock.
  • Christy: Much to their surprise.... the princess was fast asleep and was not too happy about being woken up. Overcome by her ultimate, dokidoki kawaii-ness, the Bunny Knight swore to get the Penguin Princess out if the tower.
  • Christy: Mousie began to complain about the stairs, so the Penguin Princess had them hop on her back and slid down the banister like a boss. They grabbed the Cat Queen on their way out (who had only been mean because they had run out of milk that morning) and they all lived happily ever after.
  • Christy: The End.