“Freya,” he whispered, slowly taking in the incredible sight before him, the face he had thought was just a distant memory.

“I’ve missed you.” She smiled her own special smile, the one he loved, the one just for him. She stood in front of him, knee-deep in the lake, a long sword resting in her hands. 

He wanted to speak, say how much he had missed her too, but he could find no words. 

“I swore one day I would repay you,” Freya continued, “and now that time has come. This sword was forged in the dragon’s breath. Only it has the power to slay Morgana’s army. It was made for you, Arthur." 

He reached out his hands, taking the sword with one, feeling its perfect balance. She was right, it was made for him.

He then grasped her hand with his other and held tight, for hers was a hand he had wished for so long to hold once more.

I decided to do something based on my Why I ship Arthur/Freya post, where I presented an AU in which Arthur was the one who fell in love with Freya. This is the result.