Daniel: Oh, hi-um, Molly? I was wondering, if you’re not doing anything, would you like to accompany me to Hogsmeade this weekend?

Molly: I, uh…I was

*glances at Arthur out of the corner of her eyes*

Molly: …I’m sorry but no…

Dylan: Alright. Well, I guess I’ll see ya around?

*Arthur moves forward, his hands tucked in the pockets of his trousers*

Arthur: You could-you should go, you know. I was, er, planning on-nothing…Molly? I suppose it doesn’t matter. Have you heard about Nargle Knot? I hear they might break up finally. This time it seems serious but it did last time as well-

Molly: Arthur? Go with me to Hogsmeade, will you?