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Kara was too preoccupied with staring at her feet that were taking her back home to notice that person she was walking straight for. When she did notice, however, she realized it was too late since she had collided into them. Taking a few, dazed steps back, she looked at the person with an apologetic expression. 

“Ah…I-I-I’m sorry,” she said finally after stuttering the first few attempts at apologizing. “I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going. I, uh, sorry…”

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it was one of his busy days, he must go here and there to do something that Nostrade has ask him to. it’s really annoying, since the Nostrade always want to get everything so fast. No, he has no right way to judge since he’s the bodyguard but sometimes the Nostrade behavior to their only one daughter is annoyed him. when he just have anything else which more important than just do what their asked to,  he just can’t have it. Well, now he was in a hurry to go to his boss room somewhere in this apartment because the Father asked him to take care his daughter very well in this apartment. He walked as fast as he can but not running in the corridor of the apartment on the fifth floor. when he just gonna enter the room, he noticed someone stand up in front of the door. the blond decided to ask her, “Excuse me,”

“I don’t mean to offend but, what are you doing in front of this room?”