arthurian knight


It is New Year’s Day at King Arthur’s court, and a mysterious knight in green arrives at the holiday feast with a peculiar demand. He challenges anyone present to strike a blow against him with his fearsome great axe - but on the condition that, in one year’s time, he may deliver the same blow in return. 

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The print edition of Gawain and the Green Knight will be a 64-page, 8 x 8” hardcover book with 64 full-color interior pages, with a clothbound cover inspired by vintage storybooks (and stamped in green foil!) A digital PDF of the complete story is available to all pledge tiers, and I’m also offering other rewards like stickers, a gold foil print, and a mini comic of another story starring Gawain.

Your support is greatly appreciated! If you’ve read the web version of the comic or you’re a fan of Arthurian stories, check out the project or spread the word if you can! I have 30 days to reach a goal of $7000 to produce these books - this has been a passion project over a year in the making and I’m super excited to see it go to print. Thank you!!

Coats of Arms of (some) Knights of the Round Table from a 16th century French manuscript, including most of our favourite Merlin knights.

From left to right:

Galahad, Percival, Lancelot du Lac, Bors

King Arthur, Gawain, Tristan, Lionel

(H)elyan the White, King Bagdemagus, King Edern, King Rience, 

King Carados, King Clariance, Duke Chaliens of Clarence and (H)ector de Maris.

“For I have promised to do the battle to the uttermost, by faith of my body, while me lasteth the life, and therefore I had liefer to die with honour than to live with shame; and if it were possible for me to die an hundred times, I had liefer to die oft than yield.”
― Thomas Malory

star trek asks

jim: are you a leader or a follower?

bones: your favourite feature of karl’s face?

scotty: on a scale of 1 - 10 how much do you want to make sweet love to the uss enterprise?

uhura: what languages do you know/ would learn if you could?

chapel: chuhura for life, yea or nay?

sulu: your favourite arthurian knight?

chekov: what’s your catch-phrase?

spock: what’s your opinion on bowl cuts?

keenser: favourite side character in star trek?

jaylah: at any time, how ready are you to Fight™?

enterprise: your favourite fictional spaceship?

voyager: what planet (real or fictional) would you most like to visit?

janeway: what do you see as being your strength(s)?

seven of nine: what annoys you the most?

san francisco: a place you’d like to visit?

georgia: your favourite home-cooked meal?

iowa: would you ever want to live on a farm?

space: what’s your aesthetic?

sun: which person in your life lights up a room when they smile?

moon: is there anyone that you’re 100% loyal to?

stars: what was one of your childhood wishes?

vulcan: what’s your favourite fact?

delta vega: your opinion on winter?

galaxy: do you really believe that there’s other life out there?

yorktown: your go-to place for quiet time?

hypospray: what medical procedure scares you the most?

warp: are you good with deadlines or a procrastinator?

mirror mirror: what scares you most about yourself?

beyond: what are your hopes for the future?

tribbles: your favourite small and fluffy animal?

what are little girls made of: your favourite star trek lady?

His peers dub him the Bloody Knight.
Not for the heads he takes,
as he takes none.
Nor for the battles he fights,
as he shows only mercy.
Instead, it is for
the holes
in his palms.

Priests call the wounds “Christ-marks.”
Perfect circles, perfectly centered,
showing no bone or gristle
when sunlight shines through.
His aged father claims
they were there all his life.
Whenever he prays,
they bleed.

On feast days, he eats alone.
The other knights stay far away,
and whisper rumors to their wives.
He is too righteous, for some men,
the others sore because
he bested them,
and spared their lives
in hateful clemency.

His king pays it no mind.
Where others fear to touch,
he freely gives affection,
laying clean, smooth hands
on stained gloves.
“Jealous bastards,” he says,
leaning close,
“forget them.”

Each night, they lay together.
Faces close, and sharing breath.
One of the king’s hands
held firmly in his,
he thanks God for this man:
the love of his life.
As he communes with his Lord,
the knight’s palms trickle blood,
staining their sleeves.

—  Stigmata; kristyn n.k. [x]

“So it is you, Mordred. I never more than half believed that you had turned against me till now when I see it with my own eyes.

What have I done?

Why have you become my enemy?

Why, my son?

“The Mists of Avalon” M.Z. Bradley