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No, I am a widow. On your honour, Sir, don’t call me Queen
Guinevere lived out the rest of her days in a convent, she didn’t speak to the sisters about her days as a young girl in love with a Knight or when she was  Queen of a collapsing Kingdom, and they didn’t ask. Her years after the downfall of Camelot was filled with sorrowed thoughts; of her first & true love, the life that was stolen from her by destiny, the children she never had, the King who breathed his final days with another she named brother and a kind Lady whose heart grew cold that she had once called sister. In her final years Guinevere found peace in faith and regained spirit, though by then the once timid carefree girl with bright eyes was long gone.


Percival, one of the Knights of the Round Table, is the original hero in the quest for the grail. He is pure enough to be worthy to achieve the grail at the side of Galahad.



I don’t like leaving

I don’t like leaving…

Merlin 3rd Anniversary Countdown
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The photographer George Steinmetz travelled to central England to photograph Stonehenge during the vernal equinox, one of four open-access days during which pilgrims can walk around the site:

In this week’s magazine, Laura Miller joins a group of Druids on a trip to Stonehenge to celebrate the Winter Solstice, another open-access day (subscription required):

Top: Pagans, druids, and other self-styled mystics gather at the site for this year’s vernal equinox, on March 20th, an occasion that drew thousands of visitors. The woman pictured here is a member of a group called the Loyal Arthurian Warband.
Bottom: The day after the equinox, Salisbury Plain’s often inclement weather gave way to sun.