As stupid as it was, for he was used to deal with big crowds and overly excited people, he was dreadfully worried, scared even, that morning. His sisters weren’t home, which he thanked for now, noticing that he was sweating way too much for the clothes he’d chosen. He wasn’t even sure if the damn toy was appropriate to such a small child, let alone what to wear. It wasn’t supposed to be this hard; the breakup, being apart, the aftermath of his own decision. Things were supposed to be better, and it was gradually worse.

Arthur shook his head for a moment, grabbing his car keys and heading to the car, the giant bear held close with one arm. He had to try, whatever could happen. He’d done the mistake of letting go without a fight before, and for once, he wasn’t sure to try again. With a nervous expression, the blonde boy drove over to the Archibald’s, knocking on the door.