Jemma Kidd and Arthur Wellesley, Earl of Mornington, 2005

The bride wore: Christian Lacroix Couture

About the dress: It arrived in a six-foot-long custom-made wooden box in order to fly from London to Barbados in a first-class seat.

Photographed by Robert Fairer, Vogue, September 2005

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This picture shows the Duke of Wellington offering a gift to Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and Prince Arthur, in a scene resembling the Adoration of the Magi. The painting was commissioned by Queen Victoria to commemorate the 1st of May 1851, which held a threefold significance: it was the first birthday of Prince Arthur, the eighty-second birthday of prince’s godfather the Duke of Wellington, and the opening day of the Great Exhibition. Prince Arthur holds Lily-of-the-valley, a traditional 1st of May gift said to bring good luck. The Crystal Palace can be seen in the background.


Wellington and the Crying Schoolboy

The Duke once met a little boy, crying by the road. “Come now, that’s no way for a young gentleman to behave. What’s the matter?” he asked.
“I have to go away to school tomorrow,” sobbed the child, “and I’m worried about my pet toad. There’s no-one else to care for it and I shan’t know how it is.”
Keen to ease the little chap’s discomfort, the Duke promised to attend to the matter personally.
After the boy had been at school for just over a week, he received a note: “Field Marshall the Duke of Wellington presents his compliments to Master —- and has the pleasure to inform him that his toad is well.”

Arthur Wellesley (1769-1852)

Mariscal de campo del Imperio Británico y Duque de Wellington
Marescalcus Imperii Britannici et Dux de Wellington
Feldmarschall des Britisches Weltreich und Herzog von Wellington
Field marshal of the British Empire and Duke of Wellington
Maréchal de camp de l'Empire Britannique et Duc de Wellington

George Dawe (1781-1829), 1829.


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