You are more than the son of your father, you are the son of the earth, the sea, the sky. Magic is the fabric of this world, and you were born of that magic, you are magic itself, you cannot lose what you are.

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Very late holiday art! Happy New Year! Inspired by Hana’s Merthur aesthetic, for which i have no chill. ILU bb! uvu *hold hands* <333

All the families together on the stickers…and then Arthur just has Lance. Maybe there’s a reason Arthur’s so hellbent on finding Lewis; maybe it has to do with losing people who mean a lot to him before this. ;v;


just decided to share with you the music I’m currently listening to when i’m on the bus (✿◠‿◠)

i. sunset lover - petit biscuit
ii. silence - marshmello ft khalid
iii. how long - charlie puth
iv. can i be him - james arthur
v. monaco - mkto
vi. wake up - petit biscuit
vii. too much to ask - niall horan
viii. dommage - bigflo & oli
ix. break up - petit biscuit
x. suicide saturday - hippo campus
xi. roses - shawn mendes
xii. invicible - ruelle
xiii. pizza - martin garrix
xiv. more than you know - maxwell / ingrosso
xv. one more light - linkin park
xvi. too good at goodbyes - sam smith
xvii. waterfall - petit biscuit
xviii. wolves - marshmello ft selena gomez


Keith ‘I’ll try pot’ Kogane and Takashi ‘I’ve never done drugs’ Shirogane. 

Sorry this is so sketchy but that’s all i had time for lol. I want to color this but by the time i get around to it, Halloween will probably already be over. I might still color it later anyway. 

Shiro is Clark Kent/Superman. Keith is Where’s Waldo. And Lance is the Arthur meme. It’s v hard to tell w/o color lol 

I saw coartl and I knew I wanted this crossover, please make this happen.

Coartl belongs to @arthur-tristan-kingsmen, and demon!arthur belongs to @ecto-rp and @providentially-demonic (I’m crediting them both cause why not) 

Someone save the demon noodle from the noodle demon


your mind games dont work when there’s a second arthur around, coartl :v

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+ The Walking Dead | The Walking Dead | Negan | Talking Dead
+ The Good Wife  | The Good Wife  | Jason Crouse

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+ Guns For Hire | The Adventures of Beatle  | Guns For Hire | Bruce
+ Heist | HeistVaughn | Bus 657
+ Desierto | Desierto | Sam
+ Extant | Extant | JD Richter
+ Solace | Solace | Joe Merriweather
+ Texas Rising | Texas Rising ‘Deaf’ Smith
+ The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe | The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe | Joe DiMaggio

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+ The Salvation | The Salvation | Henry Delarue | Delarue
+ Shameless | Shameless | Charlie Peters
+ They Came Together | They Came Together | Frank

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+ Magic City | Magic City | Ike Evans

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+ Magic City | Magic City | Ike Evans
+ Red Dawn | Red Dawn | Andy Tanner 
+ The Possession | The Possession | Clyde
+ The Courier |  The Courier

# 2011

+ Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding | Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding | Jude
+ Texas Killing Fields | Texas Killing Fields | Brian Heigh
+ The Resident | The Resident | Max

# 2010

+ Jonah Hex | Jonah Hex Jeb Turnbull
+ Shanghai | Shanghai | Conner
+ The Losers | The Losers | Clay

# 2009

+ Taking Woodstock | Taking Woodstock | Dan
+ Grey’s Anatomy | Grey’s Anatomy | Denny Duquette
+ Watchmen | Watchmen | Under the Hood | Edward Blake | The Comedian | Comedian

# 2008

+ Days of Wrath | Days of Wrath | Bryan Gordon
+ Sobrenatural | Sobrenatural John Winchester | Azazel | Young John Winchester | Mary Winchester | Sam WInchester | Dean Winchester | I support John Winchester 
+ The Accidental Husband | The Accidental Husband | Patrick

# 2007

+ P.S. I Love You | P.S. I Love You | William
+ Fred Claus |  Fred Claus  
+ Kabluey | Kabluey | Brad
+ Live! | Live! | Rick
+ Grey’s Anatomy | Grey’s Anatomy | Denny Duquette

# 2006

+ Jam | Jam Dale
+Sobrenatural | Sobrenatural John Winchester | Azazel | Young John Winchester | Mary Winchester | Sam WInchester | Dean Winchester | I support John Winchester 

# 2005

+ Chasing Ghosts | Chasing Ghosts | Detective Cole Davies
+ Weeds | Weeds | Judah Botwin
The O.C. | The O.C. | Joe Zukowski | The O.C

# 2004

+ Monk | Monk | Steven Leight
+ Six: The Mark Unleashed | Six: The Mark Unleashed | Tom Newman
+ Tru Calling | Tru Calling | Geoffrey Pine
+ Dead & Breakfast | Dead & Breakfast | The Sheriff
+ The Handler | The Handler | Mike

# 2003

+ Something More | Something More | Daniel
+ Star Trek: Enterprise | Star Trek: Enterprise | Star Trek | Xindi-Reptilian 
+ CSI |CSI | Bill Nolan |  Undercover Agent 1

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+ JAG | JAG Wally | Weapons Officer
+ V.I.P. | V.I.P.Randall Waring
+ The Division | The Division Father William Natali
+ Angel | Angel | Sam Ryan
+ The Practice | The Practice |  Daniel Glenn

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+ ER | ER | Firefighter Larkin

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+ Walker, Texas Ranger | Walker, Texas Ranger | Jake Horbart

# 1999

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+ Legal Deceit | Legal DeceitTodd Hunter

# 1996

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+ Sliders | SlidersSid | El Sid
+ In the Blink of an Eye | In the Blink of an Eye | Jessie

# 1995

+ Mystery Dance | Mystery Dance | Shay Astor
+ Dillinger and Capone | Dillinger and Capone | Jack Bennett
+ Undercover Heat | Undercover Heat | Ramone
+ Extreme | Extreme | Jack Hawkins

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+ Black Sheep |Black Sheep | Bobby Debeneke

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+ To Cross the Rubicon | To Cross the Rubicon | Rod
+ Uncaged | Uncaged Sharkey


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leftski  asked:

Danse and Maxson?

You are a sin encourager, you best buddy, you! <3

  • Wakes up first.

They both wake up strictly at 5:30 am, although Arthur likes to spoil Danse sometimes by letting him sleep in until 6. 

(they’re both shocked and personally offended to learn that some people *cough* Hancock, MacCready* will sleep in until past noon!)

  • Sings in the shower.

Danse will only sing when he’s absolutely certain he’s alone, and Arthur lives for sneaking up and listening outside. Danse also hums when Arthur washes his hair (he has to kneel to make this happen, and Danse kneeling when they’re both naked often results in ~other things~ happening too)

  • Makes breakfast every morning.

They eat breakfast separately. Danse eats in the dining area of the Prydwen with the other soldiers, and Arthur grabs an apple or something he can eat on the go because he is up and running things the moment dawn breaks. 

Danse is bad at skipping lunch, but Arthur takes care of his fav soldier and often calls him into his room during lunchtime. He has Danse kneel beside him and feeds him part of his own lunch while he does paperwork.

Arthur is bad at staying up late at night doing even more paperwork, because it never fucking ends, and Danse is the one who insists he take a break, at least long enough to eat. When even that doesn’t happen, he’ll set food on Arthur’s desk, nudging it closer and closer until Arthur slowly eats the sandwich, never taking his eyes off the terminal. Danse is unsure if the other man is aware he’s eating at all, but the important thing is he’s being fed.

  • Is the first to think about adopting/having a child.

Arthur has had this shoved down his throat his whole life, that he’s the last of the Maxson line, that it’s his duty to continue it, why hasn’t he chosen a woman and had a child already?? Frankly, he’s sick of it and refuses to think about it at all, especially once he falls for Danse. He silently decides on adoption, he’ll lie and say he knocked a woman up if he has to, he wouldn’t ever cheat on Danse or ask the other man to be all right with him taking another lover, even just once.

  • Gets sick the easiest.

Arthur, from all the stress of being in charge. When he’s sick is one of the very few times he lets Danse take control, and he wouldn’t admit it under literal torture, but it’s so fucking nice to lay back and let someone else take care of him. Sometimes he blows colds out of proportion and gets real fucking melodramatic about the sniffles just so Danse will take care of him ;-;

  • Loves to cuddle.

Danse, who is actually the big spoon, which is another thing Arthur would never admit to anyone, ever. It’s nice to just be held sometimes, and there’s no one else Arthur trusts enough to let down his aura of authority and leadership long enough to allow that sort of vulnerability around. After a particularly rough scene, Danse will spoon Arthur and reassure him that he wasn’t too rough and he’ll always love him and he isn’t just following orders out of fear bc Arthur is the Elder. Danse wraps an arm around Arthur’s chest, squeezing tight on that left man boob, and Arthur will reach up to hold his hand.

  • Falls asleep on the couch while they’re watching a movie.

Arthur, again from stress and exhaustion. Danse rubs his head, and he falls asleep with his head in the other man’s lap, finally looking his (super young) age when he sleeps <3

  • Is super clingy.

Not necessarily clingy, but Arthur is v overprotective and possessive. He doesn’t let his need to protect Danse interfere with any missions and still sends him out into the front lines just as often, but as soon as Danse gets back, he is all over that, checking for injuries, grilling him about what happened, if the rest of his squad conducted themselves properly, etc. Gets jealous super easily and everyone knows not to flirt with Danse, not to touch Danse, some of the new recruits are scared to even look at him when he’s out of his Power Armor, walking around in that skintight orange suit. When he drops something and bends down to pick it up, everyone in the room pivots around and faces the wall.