ooc: arthur + mary

omg what an actual disaster this is <33333 

Okay, so I don’t think Arthur is stupid and he I think he knows that Mary doesn’t love him or anything and he knows that his money is a huge appeal, but I think that he feels that, if they did get married, that she’d grow to love him and they’d be happy … meanwhile, she’d legit be plotting his murder ~skull/fire emojis~

Phillip Seymour Hoffman Guest Starred on "Arthur"

It has been a hard week dealing with the news of Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s death.  Lets take a Pop Obsessed look back at a role of his that many don’t remember. 


On season 13, episode 5 of the four time Daytime Emmy Award winning Animated Series “Arthur” titled “No Acting Please”, Phillip voice acted the character of William Toffman. Toffman’s character is a famous director casting his new stage play in Elmwood City. It is a good watch, teaching kids about how to follow their instincts and believe in themselves. It can be viewed instantly on Netflix.

ooc: arthur + elias

So, if we go with the idea that Arthur lived near the Grants/was a childhood friend, I’m sure these two would know each other! And I feel like, if they grew up together, that they could be pretty close friends?? Especially since they both have bros, but they aren’t especially w/ them, haha. Thoughts??

ooc: arthur + charlotte

Okay, so Arthur is really close friends with Beatrice and I was thinking that maybe they grew up together? (Perhaps the Reids lived on the other side of the Grants, haha) Anyway, I feel like Arthur didn’t have a good relationship with his bro and was kinda on his own and maybe he was the Laurie to their March girls??? 

Arthur Reid, 29 | TAKEN BY LIZZY
human | paul dano
relationships: Mary Ellis (interest), Beatrice Grant (friend) 
bio: The sudden and tragic death of Arthur’s elder brother, has made him the heir to his grandfather’s vast fortune. Arthur’s life has changed course and he’s now looking for a wife. He’s never been especially charming or confident, but now that he’s an heir, these things are being overlooked. He’s always harbored romantic feelings towards Mary Ellis, but never considered courting her as he’d have nothing to give her except the modest life of a clergyman. Now that he has wealth, however, he’s eager to pursue her and he’s pleasantly surprised to find that she’s receptive to his advances.