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You likely already have a message similar from me in your little mailbox, but I must relay it to you again, and again, and again, your eyes sparkle like a beautiful pond on a warm summers day, your hair is as smooth as cloth woven by gods themselves.. Your voice chimes in my ears like a sweet morning song, and when you are absent, my heart longs for when I may see you again.. In short, you're sort of cool,, ~ask-prince-arthur~

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The Songs of Distant Earth

Guess who just watched every episode of Voltron in three days for the first time??? Title is blatantly borrowed from a sci-fi book that I LOVE by Arthur C. Clarke. (Pls read it if you like serious sci-fi.) P.S. The two songs mentioned here are “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo-ole, and “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane, if you want to listen to them as you read. Which I would strongly advise, lol. 

Spoiler alert if you haven’t caught up yet.


Keith is staring at nothing when the knock comes at the door. For a minute he stays right where he is: arms strewn idly at his sides, boots discarded at the foot of the bed, day clothes only half-exchanged for nightwear before he gave up and laid down a couple hundred tics ago. A couple more pass.


The knocker knocks again, no more or less insistently.

On the other side of the door, Lance is frowning. None of them are doing very well without Shiro. It’s been a full Terran month now since his disappearance, and the ship is slowly falling prey to the most dreaded of all fates: a return to normalcy. No one wants normalcy. They want their leader back. Their friend. Without his leadership each new partially drawn-up plan feels hollow and pointless. Without Shiro, Voltron is nothing more than a chicken running around with its head cut off. Ha, ha. Good one, Lance… Fighting the endless crushing void of depression with dark humor is a dubious coping mechanism, but hey, it’s all he’s got. It’s better than just waltzing straight into the void, y’know?

Speaking of which.

Lance gathers his resolve and knocks on the door in front of him for a third time. The alien metal is ice on his bare knuckles. None of them are doing well, but if you were to ask Lance, Keith is doing the worst.

He’s about to knock a fourth time when the door abruptly slides open. “H-hey buddy,” Lance says dumbly. He knows his grin must look like it’s scribbled on in crayon, but he can’t help grinning anyway. It’s all he knows. A childhood of lying through his teeth to younger siblings about the darker aspects of life, the universe, and everything (and a subsequent year in space lying through his helmet about the odds of survival to civilians midrescue) has trained him too thoroughly. Happy Face Mode is automatic.

“What?” Keith knows that everyone is probably concerned about his refusal to participate in anything beyond training and war meetings but he doesn’t really care. Most everyone has gathered that Keith wants to be alone. Most. Lance, however. Suffice it to say that Lance appearing in the middle of the night to try and goad Keith into god knows what is no new thing. The familiar cadence of this visit doesn’t make it any less annoying, though. “Alright,” he deadpans when a few more tics have passed without Lance moving or saying anything at all, “good talk,” and moves to close his door.

“Wait!” he blurts, and his arm is shoved through the door into Keith’s room, keeping him from touching the closing mechanism. “You weren’t sleeping, were you? No? Okay cool. I have something I wanna show you.”

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Dear Melodie-

Dear Melodie, 

 I’m not the best letter writer, even if I sent Lewis a bunch of letters from the UK during summer vacations. 

What I told you that one time was true. You are the light in my life. You’ve… really made me a better person. Sure, I’ve only known you for a short time, but that can happen, right? 

Missions have gotten more interesting with you. It’s almost fun. You’re learning fast and settling in just fine. Don’t fret over it too much, okay? We will help you out. By we, I mean Vivi.

Love  FROM, 


You seemed a lot better after that night. We can do it again if you want.

me: my favorite asoiaf/game of thrones character is robb stark!!!! :)

asoiaf: *kills off robb*

me: alright…. my favorite telltale’s game of thrones character is ethan forrester!

ttgot: *kills off ethan forrester*

me: are u fucking kidding me

me: alright my NEW favorite ttgot character is arthur glenmore!

ttgot: *kills off arthur glenmore*

me: …… bye