“The crown was wedged tightly upon his head - and Arthur fell silently screaming into darkness.”

The Keys to the Kingdom FancastBertie Gilbert as Arthur Penhaligon

Keys to the Kingdom Challenge : Complete

From Mister Monday…

To Lord Sunday…

I have completed all the Keys to the Kingdom in order on their appropriate days. All I can say is that I highly recommend every single one of these books. Arthur Penhaligon is one of my favorite protagonists and he, along with his quirky friends, will endear himself to you immediately.

I present this challenge to you, dear readers. Do you accept?

Finishing KTTK,

Finished reading Lord Sunday. Was rather unsurprised by the ending. Because through the book, Dame had been behaving in a rather weird-secretive manner. And all the Days were protesting against the 7 pieces of the Will getting back together. You kinda know that there’s something wrong with the Will when the Trustees were complaining and trying to tell Arthur to wake up and don’t believe in Dame.

I feel kinda sad for Arthur cause through the series, all he wanted to do was fight through each Day and remain human but now he is no longer a human anymore. He won the Days, but loses what he wanted the most - to be human again.

And Suzy as Lady Sunday? Now, I would like to see that! She will be gorgeous! I mean New Architect made her pretty and if he made her Sunday, damn, Suzy you’re going to be a goddess! I wish Art will bring back all the Dawns, Noons and Dusks. Oh, and former Lieutant Keeper of Front Door, Mariner and Dr. Scamandros.

I also wishes Art to remake Sunday’s Incomparable Gardens cause it is beautiful! Ugh, I was a little sad when Sunday died. He was such a sassy trustee! He shouldn’t have died. He has no care for anything but his Garden. Basically, he was being as neutral as in the fight. He just doesn’t want to be destroyed. Sunday, you poor man.

In short, the Keys of The Kingdom gave me so much feels! I have to reread it soon! :3

AU where Arthur is the reincarnation of the Piper?

I’ve been thinking that Arthur and the Piper could’ve been friends and bonded over their shared passion for music if, y’know, the Piper hadn’t been thrown into Nothing and come back all bitter and incorporeal.

And then I remembered that the Inspector from Mister Monday mentioned something about being reborn as a mortal in the Secondary Realms. So what if the Piper was reborn as a human after he was thrown into Nothing?

What if the Piper was reborn as Arthur?

I have too many KttK ideas kicking around in my head…