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Arthur sat in his royal thrown with his legs crossed. He took a quick gaze at the window seeing how nice it was out. he quickly decided to go out in his garden since it had bee awhile he had a glimpse of his beautiful flowers. uncrossing his legs to stand up he heard the door open.“Your majesty, King Alfred has returned”Arther smiled with happiness for that he missed his king very much. “tell him to see me out in the garden” he walked towards the glass door as the other nodded.

Alfred walked through the entrance of the castle, tired as can be. Traveling through the country was worth it, even if it did have it’s twists and turns. He sent a servant to tell Arthur that he was home and nodded at the servant’s response. He quickly went into his room to change into more comfortable, yet apropriate, clothing and headed down ti the garden, calling him out, “Arthur!”

okay but the thing that the merlin fandom misses i think

is that we’re all stuck on how merlin loves arthur, how he’s waiting for arthur, and it becomes this thing where merlin is the one in love, and i think that stems from the fact that of the two of them, merlin is the LESS emotionally constipated of the two. but like. merlin HAS to love arthur. merlin arrives in camelot, and is thrown in the path of this prince, and all he wants is to be someone special. so this dragon is like, “you ARE someone special, now go look after him.” and merlin does, no question. but arthur?

arthur CHOOSES his servant. he chooses merlin, time and time again, from season one onwards. he chooses merlin because merlin chooses destiny, standing with arthur, no armor, no skill. he chooses merlin because merlin would die for him, but he won’t take lip from him. he chooses merlin, and then eventually, merlin chooses arthur right back.

like I don’t know which show you’re all watching, but we all know who fell first and hardest, seriously.

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Hi! I l love Merthur and especially Arthur, so anything with that would be so amazing. Maybe a knight Arthur set? Or a Arthur with crown set? Or a set with knight Arthur and not-servant Merlin? (Like the few times he wore smth other than his servant costume. He wore a knight's cape once and when they were undercover or his official court servant costume? Sorry if that is confusing! Any Arthur would be brilliant :)

Thank you for all these sweet ideas, anon! They are all pretty, and of cause I make some Arthur for you!

Never Stop Smiling....For Iggy

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by TheAwesomeNyoPrussian

Ah, Prince Arthur. He was a nice prince in a bad situation. He Loved is Servant…

Words: 2027, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Camelot would often care for royal guests visiting from far-off kingdoms, but none like this. Merlin had never met the Lady De Vil, but Arthur had sent him to make sure that she was comfortable. He tapped lightly on the door to announce himself before entering.

“Pardon me L—,” he stopped. He had never seen anything like her kind in Camelot. She had hair of two different colors, a glittering black dress and a large fur coat made from what looked to be a mighty beast.

“L…ady De Vil,” he continued. “I’m Prince Arthur’s servant, I was just sent to make sure that you were comfortable.”