Just a doodle imagining if Arthur was the one to patch up Merlin instead of the other way around :D Because you know Arthur would yell and bitch because he yells at Merlin enough about trying to stay out of trouble. And Merlin can’t yell back like he wants to about how much more danger Arthur was in - because that would involve a much more yelly conversation!

And Gaius? He gives them both the Eyebrow and leaves in an ‘I-told-you-so’ huff lol!

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Merlin: Sorry about this.
Queen Annis: You know him?
Arthur: He’s my servant, he must’ve followed me here. I–I knew nothing about it.
Queen Annis: Kill him.
Arthur: Wait. Please. Let him go. He’s just…a simpleminded fool.
Queen Annis: That is two favours you’ve asked of me this night, Arthur Pendragon
Arthur: Thank you, Your Highness.
Queen Annis: And take your fool with you.

  • Arthur: Merlin is the worst servant I have ever had. He barely keeps everything together, he can't fight to save his life, he's an absolute idiot, and he spends half his time in the tavern.
  • Knight, on the other side of the castle: You know Arthur's servant? He's a bit stupid, isn't he?
  • Arthur, kicking the door down: Heard someone talking shit about my boyfriend.
Merthur AU

“TRICK OR TREAT!” Merlin shouts as he approaches his boyfriend. Every year Merlin dresses up as a ghost of a medieval servant and, Arthur has to admit, he can be pretty terrifying when he wants to be. Last year, when Arthur tried to deny Merlin’s treat, Merlin jump scared him (Arthur would never admit he had squealed though, especially not to his witch of a sister).

“Treat…” says Arthur, looking frantically for something sweet to give away.

Merlin smiles. “Good. Well, it’s not candy what I came for.” 


Old pic that I want to redraw at some point. After they out smart the Bonnefoys  and arrive back in Spades. Yao questions who Arthur is where the queen replying that he is Amelia’s lover. Amelia starts laughing and  this scene happens.

Amelia dose not love Arthur she likes him as a friend and it’s not in till about a year after Arthur takes office. She made the whole love sick act up because Spades is broke and could never afford the buy Arthur if the Bonnefoys found out that he was the queen of spades or if she was interested in just him as a servant.Unfortunately for Arthur he did fall in love for Amelia during there time together in Diamonds and his heart is completely crush when she explains herself.


Title: You Looking at Me, Looking At You
Artist: ko_no_yo
Pairings/characters: Merlin/Arthur
Rating (if applicable): G
Warnings: None
Summary: After Merlin once again fails to show up for work, Arthur goes to Gaius and fires his servant, this time he swears for good. Later that day, however, he makes a startling discovery. Merlin has been enchanted into a reflection in his mirror, and only when Arthur is around can he be seen or heard. With no idea how it happened or how to get him out, Arthur must attempt to ferret out the sorcerer. But between Morgana, Agravaine, and his most recent noble guests, there are too many traitors to choose from. And as time goes on, however, Arthur starts to wonder if the biggest traitor is the one looking back at him.
Disclaimer: None of it is mine, I just took it to play.
Artist’s notes: With not a moment to spare. Art for argetsleeper’s coming fic, she will hopefully be posting during amnesty, so watch out for that. (:

“Who are you?” Olaf demanded.

“This is my manservant, Merlin,” Arthur replied. “He is without contest the worst servant in the region, but he has a knack for getting in trouble and an even better knack for getting out of it. He also works for Gaius, our court physician, who is one of my father’s oldest and most trusted friends. He has no sense whatsoever of social position, but if you can forgive his complete and utter lack of tact, I assure you that you can believe everything he says. He has never lied to me before.”

Merlin was startled into silence for a moment. He hadn’t thought Arthur actually noticed his loyalty, whether or not loyalty and honesty really coincided most of the time.

Augsut 2nd, 2014 - The Birth of the Waltz

AUTHOR: justa-fangirl

August 2nd, 2014 - The Birth of the Waltz

The Kirklands of England and the Edelsteins of Austria had been close for almost a hundred years, ever since a marriage between their families in 1711. The blood relation had dwindled by the time Arthur Kirkland and Roderich Edelstein were born, but the bond between the two families remained strong and, even as distant cousins, Arthur and Roderich were the best of friends.

They knew everything about each other – from their passions and ambitions to their shared secret of their preference for men. By the time they were sixteen, they were so close that it was only natural for Roderich to write straight to Arthur to tell him he’d become involved with one of the servants at his parents’ estate. And he wasn’t at all surprised when Arthur wrote back in his typical style: encouraging Roderich’s sudden rebellious streak and asking for all the lusty details of the scandalous love affair.

(Come to think of it, it was a wonder they got along so well, considering that they’d never been very similar people.)

Arthur visited his Austrian family that very summer, and the Edelsteins held a grand party on his first Saturday in Austria. Naturally, Arthur wasn’t there for long, for as soon as the party was underway and the drinks were flowing, the two young cousins wasted no time in slipping away to the servants’ floor downstairs.

Arthur didn’t know what he’d been expecting. He’d known Roderich his whole life, and even finding out his pretentious cousin was smitten with a servant was not such a surprise. He rather thought he was prepared for anything tonight. But when Roderich pushed open the door to a small, shabby parlour room and revealed a crowd of servants whirling around in circles to the steps of some erotic dance, Arthur would freely admit that he was stunned.

Almost more surprising than the dance, however, was the man who suddenly called out Roderich’s name and greeted them at the door.

He had unusually pale skin, white hair even though he was a teenager, and bright red eyes. He almost looked alarming, but the smile on his face was warm and infectious, and Arthur found himself at ease.

“You’re here early tonight, Roderich! Just can’t get enough of me, am I right!” the boy chattered happily.

Roderich scoffed, but let himself be drawn into the parlour without much fuss. “Gilbert, this is my cousin, Arthur. Arthur, this is Gilbert. He’s originally from Prussia, but is living and working here at the moment.”

Gilbert offered out a hand, and Arthur shook it distractedly, not knowing whether to stare more at the strange albino teen or the sordid dance going on around them.

He finally tore his eyes away from the whirling couples on the makeshift dance floor, only to find Gilbert grinning at him.

“Never seen a waltz before, I’m guessing?”

“A ’waltz?’” Arthur questioned.

“This dance here!” Gilbert exclaimed proudly, gesturing to the weaving couples. “A real dance, not the boring stuff you do upstairs. Want to give it a try? I’ve been teaching Roderich and he’s getting pretty good.”

“It’s a little…indecent, isn’t it?” Arthur asked.

He watched in amazement as the dancers twirled around him, pressed close together as if in embrace, and the girls holding their skirts high above their ankles. He’d never seen such a scandalous dance and he was surprised it was allowed in Austria at all, even among the servants.

“Sure, it’s great!” Gilbert chattered away. “Here, let me find you a partner. Someone your type, of course.” Arthur snapped his head up to ask just what Gilbert had meant by that, but the servant didn’t give him a chance. “Hey! Alfred! Over here, I want you to meet someone!”

Arthur looked over to where Gilbert was waving, and all his complaints to the Prussian were wiped clear from his tongue.

The servant boy walking towards them was gorgeous, all tanned skin and muscle from working outside, and eyes that looked like they’d captured a piece of the sky to bring with them.

Alfred stopped before him, smiling brightly and expectantly, and Arthur realised that Gilbert and Roderich had been swept up into the flurry of dancers, leaving the two of them alone.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you!” the servant boy said finally. “I’m Alfred. And you must be Arthur? We’ve heard all about you from Roderich.”

“The pleasure’s all mine,” Arthur replied politely. “Ah…So, would you care to show me this dance then?”

Suddenly the indecent body contact of the waltz and the close hold between the partners didn’t seem so vulgar after all, and Arthur was raring to get whisked away in the waltz.

With Alfred leading him, Arthur felt the passion expressed by the quick steps and whirling turns. The way they held each other was so intimate, almost a lover’s embrace, and Arthur had never felt anything like it before. He knew it must look obscene but it was so exhilarating that he never wanted it to end.

“Alfred isn’t a very Austrian name,” Arthur remarked over the music, after a lull in their conversation.

“No, my parents were from Ireland, but I’ve lived all over. I was actually thinking about leaving here soon to try somewhere new.”

Arthur studied Alfred’s eyes, wondering if that was meant to be a hint. Sure enough, he spotted a blush warming Alfred’s cheeks, and knew the servant was wondering if he’d been too bold.

“Isn’t that lucky. It just so happens that my family’s estate is in need of another pair of hands,” Arthur lied. “I don’t suppose you’d like to return to England with me at the end of the summer?”

Alfred’s eyes almost seemed to burn as he looked back at Arthur.

“As long as we can practice the waltz some more when we get there?” he asked, daringly.

Arthur smiled, victorious.

He was very much counting on that.

A month had passed since Merlin and Arthur’s eventful trip to the tavern. To say the month had been pleasant would be a lie. The first week was awkward, Arthur avoided Merlin at all costs which was rather difficult considering Merlin was his manservant. This resulted in Arthur looking like an idiot in the mornings since he couldn’t quite dress himself. The second week was a little easier, Arthur could look at Merlin and he could boss him around as he used to. The third week was like those two weeks hadn’t happened. Arthur would sneak a kiss here and there and the fourth week was like they were a couple; exchanging looks whenever they crossed each other in the hallway. Their relationship, or lack thereof since nothing was set in stone, was a forbidden one and they did what they could.

Arthur felt comfortable around Merlin now, perhaps too comfortable because if he was open with him before, he was more open now. Merlin had become Arthur’s everything, his servant, his friend, his lover, his mentor, his counselor. Merlin knew more about the Pendragons and Camelot than any other courtier because Arthur kept no secrets from him.

The prince was about to meet with his father and one of the elegible bachelorettes that Arthur could possibly marry and as he was walking down the hall out of his chambers, he heard Merlin headed his way. He stood behind a pilar in the hall and when Merlin walked by, he grabbed him by the waist and pulled him against him; a hand immediately coming to Merlin’s mouth to keep him from screaming like a girl. “It’s just me.” He said as he slowly lowered his hand. “Have you seen her yet?” The girl his father was desperated trying to set him up with. “Is she more like Mithian or Elena? Is there any way I can get out of this?”


Summary: Arthur is married to his job and he doesn’t need to be set up, thank you very much. Besides, when Gwen attempts to introduce him to the badly-dressed painter, Arthur only ends up insulting his life’s work, so he figures there’s not much point in trying to make things right until, that is, he sees Merlin smile. If only he could stop messing things up and get it right.

Just Have To Save The World (Back In A Minute)

Summary: In which Merlin is convinced that Arthur is the worst flat mate ever and also an - unfortunately gorgeous but promiscuous - accountant. Until he’s abducted by weird Russian guys with guns; then he starts having his doubts.

My Son, Please Speak

Summary: Uther is relieved when a curse misses Arthur and kills a servant instead. He’s ready to put the incident behind him, but something about the loss of the servant has an effect on Arthur that Uther never expected.

Reason v Passion

Summary: When Manhattan based lawyer Arthur Pendragon left England five years ago, he had every intention of never returning; yet his father’s death changed everything. So with a stipulation hanging over his inheritance, Arthur finds himself sharing an office with the most unlikeliest of people, his barristers clerk Merlin. Unfortunately just when Arthur and Merlin’s work relationship begins to turn into something more, Arthur’s new client, teenage drug dealer Mordred, causes a rift to form between them after Merlin discovers the teenager’s connection to his best friend Will’s murder. 

The House On Castleview Road

Summary: Arthur is a handsome and eligible bachelor with a well paid job in the City and a luxury penthouse flat in Canary Wharf. His life is the stuff of dreams … Just not his. After his sister gets a lodger it seems that Arthur’s life has taken an even bigger turn for the worse. Until, of course, he falls in love.

Book cover by Wil1969

The Invisible Servant by jaqtkd

When Arthur goes looking for his absent servant he overhears a conversation which hints at a rift between Morgana and Guinevere. As he attempts to get to the bottom of this mystery, numerous uncomfortable secrets are revealed. Starts after 3x10.

A General, Reveal Fic focusing mostly on the relationship between Arthur and Merlin and written whilst the show was still airing.

One of my first ‘Merlin’ fanfictions written in 2010.  I have been planning an edit for some time and the recent gift of this wonderful book cover by Wil1969 has inspired me to get on with it and correct some of my horrible, basic errors.

I was tempted to make some other changes as I went, but mostly left the story as it was.  I did make one name change in chapter 12, however, which I just couldn’t resist but mostly it was about correcting grammar, punctuation and paragraphs

Protect and Serve

read it on the AO3 at

by kayura_sanada

Merlin would love to be Arthur’s servant, ‘til the day he died.

Words: 2036, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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