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“A thousand dreams within me softly burn” -Arthur Rimbaud

  • Peter: *loses Wade in a crowd*
  • Peter: Fuck it
  • Wade: *running through smoke, rolling away from incoming grenade, leaping across two helicarriers* wHAT DID YOU SAY
Caffeine Challenge

Prompt: “No one tell you how big empty is.” and “Can’t Go On Without You” by Kaleo


Riding through the prairie. Long grass blows in endless wind.

Jazz in a New York bar. Smoke curls from the end of a cigarette. A woman with elbow-length gloves and lips as red as blood.

Heat rising from cracked tarmac. Endless blue sea and deserted streets. The yellow sign of the post office is the only end in sight.

An Emerald City rising from desert, but it is smoke and mirrors. It is illusion, and you are afraid.

The last mashtryoshka doll.

Unreal hands, and eyes that no longer belong to you.

Dramatic music in the background to strolling down a hill. Hair gusts in an unseen wind. An explosion behind, and you don’t look back. You never look back.

“Can’t go on without you.” Yet the world keeps turning, and children keep playing, and one day new children will be born to replace the ones who have grown.

Lancelot crept in through Guinevere’s window. Blood on the sheets from his bandaged hand, and golden hair falling around milk-soft skin. The sigh of lovers in the dark and a kiss that tasted of coffee and regret.

Arthur would have burned her for less.

A kingdom fell. At Camlann, in flames, the horn sounded its last call. A man shed his son’s blood for love of a woman, and the men who loved him in turn wept and followed to the brink of oblivion.

Better to hope that no one tells you how big empty is.

His side of the wardrobe.

A photo album full of your friends, and not a single image of you.

The fog that fills your head.

Ships that float through a hundred burning stars. The stars are falling.

We don’t want this, but we suffer anyway.

Hair as black as a raven’s wing, and the tower after the princess ran away to freedom – to a prison of a different sort.

At least the villains are honest.

We wanted pirates and magic. We found changelings and fairy rings, and decks slippery with blood. It is never as romantic as the stories make it sound. Why else do we need storytellers, if not to rewrite the stories we cannot bear to remember?

Empty is too far, and big is too abstract, for our brains to comprehend. Know only that stars burn, and kings die, for far less than you.

You are the most important thing in the galaxy.

You are the smallest speck of stardust.

A sequel to this imagine.

The maid set your breakfast on the table and you gave her a smile of thanks.  Life had changed dramatically, ever since Tommy had forced the confrontation between you and Arthur at his wedding.  Arthur had been determined to win you back regardless of the circumstances, and learning the truth of the child you lost had only made him more driven then ever.  He’d woo’d you with singleminded determination, and it hadn’t taken long for you to give in.  There’d been another wedding only two months after Tommy’s own, and for all that the Shelby patriarch had been incredibly smug, you’d been too grateful to do anything but kiss him on the cheek at your reception.​

Arthur was still Arthur.  That much was undeniable.  But being a Shelby meant something different now than it had before.  You would have been more than happy to live with Arthur in a small house on Watery lane, the way you’d always thought you would.  To have Arthur would have been more than enough.  Still, you couldn’t deny that there were benefits that came with the status the family now wielded.  

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anonymous asked:

how did you feel when you found out mystery was alive? and also how did you feel when you found out arthur burned his family?

I was trully happy! and sad…that he lived like that…
About Arthur ugh! don’t talk about it please!!!