Arthurian characters as signs
  • Aries:Morgause
  • Taurus:Galahad
  • Gemini:Merlin
  • Cancer:Gawain
  • Leo:Arthur
  • Virgo:Morgana
  • Libra:Guinevere
  • Scorpio:Lancelot
  • Sagittarius:Ragnelle
  • Capricorn:Bors
  • Aquarius:Mordred
  • Pisces:Elaine of Corbenic

imagine eggsy finding an injured bby crow in his first month @ kingsman and he can’t leave the poor thing there, she’ll be killed, so he wraps her up in his jacket and takes her home with him, stroking her breast with careful fingers as medical bandages her broken wing 

fast forward, he’s never far from her and he lets merlin look at her but eventually when her injured wing is finally healed, he goes and sets her free and she flies off and yh, eggsy is maybe crying a lil bit but when he gets home he finds her sitting on the lil perch he made for her just to the right of his front door

and that, kiddies, is how eggsy gets a crow that gets trained as a scout and loves to go on missions with him

sometimes I like to look at my life and remind myself that I have two cats named Merlin and Mordred, and three chickens called Lancelot, Percival and Gwaine. We’re still waiting for an Arthur.


‘  Y/N: Why is it so cold here? Should have brought more blankets.

  Y/N said as she snuggled to her green blanket. She sighed and put his bowl down to the floor. The sound of the knights and Arthur’s bickering was cut off and Merlin was clearly failing at keeping himself from bursting into a laughter. She looked up to see them looking directly at her.

  Y/N: What? Did I said something wrong?

  Arthur: No, no you didn’t. But if you’d like to you can get my blanket.

  Y/N: Oh no, sire, I can’t.

  Elyan: Y/N is right, your highness. We can’t risk you getting cold. But perhaps she would accept my offer?

  Y/N: I am not going to take anyone’s blanket and that’s final. What if one of you catches a cold.

  Percival: Honestly Y/N, it’s not even that cold.

  Gwaine: I can give you mine if you’ll take care of me when I catch a cold. That’s a fair deal isn’t it? *winks*

  Y/N: Gwai-

  Leon: Obviously one of us have to keep Y/N warm at night. I can if you’d like?

  Mordred: Well you are only one person maybe I can also help you out?

  Arthur: If someone’s going to accompany Y/N at night that should be me. I could protect her better than you two.

  Y/N: I-I *desperately looks at Merlin who is enjoying himself a little more than he should*

  Lancelot: You said no blankets right? But no one said anything about cloaks.

  He said as he wrapped his cloak around you.

  Merlin: Good thinking Lancelot.

  Suddenly you were drowning in cloaks. Seven cloaks layered on top of you. You started to get warmer by second.

  Y/N: Thank you guys…

  Merlin: Problem solved.          ‘

Arthur: Merlin.
Merlin: (About Mordred) Yes, okay? I followed him out here. What do you want me to say that I’m a stalker, huh? That I’m crazy? Totally paranoid. None of this is new information.
Arthur: Now are you gonna try and at least give him the benefit of the doubt?
Merlin: I give people the benefit of the doubt. I’ve given a lot of benefit to a lot of people.
Arthur: Like Percival? Elyan? Gwaine?
Merlin: I was right about Agravaine. You know, I bet you still think that there’s something about him that can be saved.
Arthur: Maybe. Why can’t you trust anyone?
Merlin: Because you trust everyone!

She held out her hands for battle and Mordred followed. Her army drew their swords.

Merlin had no fear in him when he smiled over at Arthur. “Let’s do this together,” he said.

Then, together, the two of them went into one last, final battle for Albion. And, in any parts of the woods, any distance away, no matter where you were in the world, you could hear the voices ringing aloud saying; “for the love of Camelot!”

In honor of today being author appreciation day, here are some fics I’ve read recently that I particularly loved: 

Sticky Notes Come in More Than Yellow by Pendragons Dragonlord

“I’m thirty-one,” Merlin repeats as if it will change the outcome. “I’m only thirty-one…”

Arthur wants to scream…

In which: Arthur wonders why Mordred stares. He reconnects with his father. He comes to hate sticky notes. And he loves and loses Merlin.

This one was so sad I had to stop reading halfway through and wait until the next day to continue. It is beautifully written and even though it will make you cry, I highly recommend reading this. 

The Authoritative Guide on Being the Bloke by writeinclara

In the four years he and Merlin had been together, Merlin never so much hinted that he had a blog.

Well, at least not to Arthur. Everyone and their dog knew about it, except Arthur.

Arthur sighed and clicked Previous 10 Entries. It was a little like reading a biography about all of the things you would never, ever want to share with anyone.


Sort of like that.

OR: Merlin has a blog. Arthur finds out about it.

This fic is just a lot of fun to read! It goes by quick, so if you’re looking for something nice to read this is definitely a good one. 

Our Money’s Worth by Val_Creative

Undergoing a recent hormonal and medical procedure, Merlin and Arthur try for a baby. It’s not quite what was planned.

“Gaius, you know what’s happening…”

He nods, gravely. “I believe our Mr. Pendragon may have taken the shot intended for the person who wished to carry. Further blood-work will say how long, but you both were eligible and strong candidates for it.”

Merlin’s mouth slackens, eyebrows lifting.

“… Arthur’s pregnant?” he asks, mouth feeling timber-dry.

I might have a secret thing for pregnant!Arthur, there really should be more of that out there, in my humble opinion. 

The Tulip Thief by Polomonkey 

‘Sometimes I steal flowers from your garden on my way to the cemetery, but today you’ve caught me and have demanded to come with me to make sure the “girl is pretty enough to warrant flower theft” and I’m trying to figure out how to break it to you that we’re on our way to a graveyard’

This fic is so absolutely sweet, it will make you smile and it might pull your heartstrings at the same time. 

To be a Monster by redyucca 

Arthur struggles with his Father’s disappointment, Gwen’s heavy wisdom, Gwaine’s immature self-righteousness, Morgana’s absence, Gaius’s territorial control-complex, Kilgarrah’s manipulative meanness, and Merlin’s lack of trust.

But mostly he struggles with the face in the mirror.

Very sad, very interesting insight into Arthur’s character. 

Truce? by Tamasha

Merlin and Arthur moved in together three weeks ago, and they have been fighting ever since. As the two carefully learn how to live together, they will also learn how deep their feelings for each other go.

A nice fix-it fic. It’s very nice to see Arthur and Merlin working through arguments and reminding themselves that they still love each other. 

#weddingweekend by sweetiejelly

Being with Arthur has never been a chore. Being with Arthur is a breeze, a real breeze, especially in the convertible with the top down.

(Or, Arthur pretends to be Merlin’s boyfriend for a wedding weekend. Kilgharrah 'Killy’ possibly ships Merlin with Arthur or possibly just wants some chicken.)

Very sweet pretend relationship! I personally enjoyed this one thoroughly. 

Pre-first Date by Supercalvin 

Arthur Pendragon had never been stood up. He was handsome, charming, and if that wasn’t good enough, he was also bloody rich. So being stood up was just exceptionally rude.

This is such a sweet, funny story about their first time meeting. Quick read and so, so fluffy! 

Finally Inevitable by alafaye 

It had been too much to hope for.

This one is super short, only 674 words, but the conversation between Merlin and Arthur and the story told is absolutely touching. 


Merlin :: See you Again