arthur's halloween


Doodles from tonight’s stream. The top image was a sketch I did before requests started popping up. Those were the outfits Mickey and Minnie were wearing in an image that was outside of the World of Disney shop in Downtown Disney. After that, the rest were sketches based off of a Halloween Art meme. Thank again to everyone who participated. this was fun!


I love that the Harry Potter family don’t have a specific day they celebrate. There’s the battle of Hogwarts, September 1st, Halloween, Harry and Jo’s birthday and all of the other characters birthdays. It’s basically every canon date we know and I think it’s wonderful. 

anonymous asked:

with all your tim burton merthur art and now a halloween drawing i can't stop thinking about a merthur x corpse bride crossover (not a drawing prompt or anything, just an idea, though you're obviously more than welcome to draw it id you want to lmao)

Corpse Groom
Corpse Bride is actually my basis of Tim Burton’s Merlin. But anyway, have an Arthur who accidentally but a ring on a corpse’s finger ♥