arthur's arms

(On mobile so I can’t add pictures but… I’m pretty sure when Arthur rolls out from under the van, you can see how much of his arm is left since his sleeves are up. Looks like when Mystery removed the arm he took the whole thing to the socket.)

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Cookie, draw Arthur and Iggy! It's their birthday today~

The birthday’s ours, but it’s us who will grant you a wish! Have faith in magic, and all your hopes and dreams will come true! 

                                                 H o a t a ~ ! ✩ 

(adm: Aaaahhhh I’m a bit late ;w; I’m sorryyyy, I tried my best to finish it in time but failed orzzz still!!! Happy Birthday to England!! :”DDDD [also cheesy line is cheesy but ssssshhhhhh let them be])

Okay guys you convinced me, here you guys goooo, finally finished and posted after 4 freakin days of labor of drawing this, I drew everything from the background to the flower, I nearly died..hhhhh ahhhhh I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE THIS!!!! (Please reblog if you want, it really helps me and my art go far qwq….) 

Also the back ground is made up of many things, the music from the video, Lewis’s flames, the green aura around Arthur’s arm, etc. also don’t mind the space background i drew…I had no idea where the heck to put him so how about space…. ;”D (ALSO DRAWING ARTHUR’S HAIR AND SHADING THIS THING KILLED ME! SO SORRY IF IT LOOKS TERRIBLE HHHHH)

Edited: Fixed the eyes and forehead a little…..why must I find mistakes right after finishing and posting it ah

Tick Tock

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“Clock is ticking, darling. I do have other engagements” Ketch said impatiently, though there was a challenge hidden in his gaze. His was posture was rigid as he studied you, back straight and shoulders squared, not shifting his weight from one foot to another the way most people did. It was the posture of a man who was constantly at the ready, as if just waiting for something to happen.

You eyed him, torn between your brain screaming at you to leave and the ache between your legs begging you to stay. Your thighs pressed together slightly as you tried to subtly grant yourself some friction, wishing that your body would listen to your silent pleas of how bad of an idea this was. The action didn’t go unnoticed by Ketch and he raised an eyebrow, pursing his lips with the barest hints of a smirk as he knew you’d already lost the war with reason.

Damn him.

Turning your back to him, you ran your fingers through your hair, struggling to come up with a plausible explanation to give Sam and Dean when you inevitably got back much later than you’d promised. You didn’t even hear Ketch come up behind you until his body forced yours up against the wall in front of you, pining you there as his lips came up beside your ear.

“Not to rush you of course, love, but as I said, I do have other engagements” he breathed into your ear, nimble fingers already having unfastened to your pants as he eased them over the curve of your ass. His remarkably smooth, but strong hands kneaded at the mounds of your backside as you huffed a laugh, trying to hide how flushed and excited you were getting.

“Isn’t telling a girl that you’re ‘in a rush’ just a lame way to cover that you can’t last very long?” you teased, forcing your breathing to remain steady, even as your heart thundered in your chest.

In a flash of movement, Arthur snatched your arm and spun you, clasping your biceps as he pinned you facing him against the wall, fixing you with a level glare. His eyes narrowed slightly as if he were trying to ascertain whether you were being serious to merely toying with him, though regardless of the reason, he was certain to prove you wrong.

And that was exactly what you were hoping for…

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  • *december 24th*
  • merlin fandom: i cannot believe it's already been 4 years that our show was taken from us. it'll forever feel like yesterday that arthur died in merlin's arms and our hearts were shattered into a million pieces and we never recovered and we cried forever and never really moved on because this show has our hearts for life and the pain will forever be there. this show should of ran forever. we should of had 80 more seasons of arthur and merlin's adorable banter and more than two seconds of arthur knowing about merlin's magic and we'll just forever miss this show it will not ever matter how much time has passed. we will forever miss it and feel the pain like it was yesterday.
  • everyone else: christmas eve

Michael x reader

Request: “Hey, me again asking 4 something, could u please write something where the reader is with the blinders(kills 4 them)she and Michael are an item, she sees him fuck Charlotte at the wedding and kill someone idk helping Arthur or gets involved in the fire”

Authors note: Changed it up a tiny bit hope it’s OK

Warning: Swearing, fluff, violence

You were pottering about the betting shop waiting for a family meeting the first time you met Michael. You were at the family meeting because Tommy is technically your legal guardian for another year before you turned 18. Thomas and your brother, Matt, had grown up together and when our parents died Matt was your only living family left. When the boys went off to war Polly looked after you, as you were only a year older than Finn you all became very close. Matt didn’t make it back from the war and Tommy refused to ship you off to a family you didn’t know so at the age of twelve Tommy took you into his family and signed himself up to be your legal guardian.

Polly walked in proudly showing off her son. You were polite and happy for Polly but you don’t know what it was about Michael that you didn’t like you just really didn’t like him. About a week later he was standing munching on a tomato and reading some papers whilst standing in your way.

“Move.” He looked at you in shock. This was pretty much the first time you had spoken to him and he pinned you for the shy type.

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Arthur grabbed a handful of Merlin’s tunic and dragged him down the sidewalk to the storefront window. Beyond the glass stood a statue wearing long blue robes speckled with stars, and a pointed blue hat covered with crescent moons.

“Is that-?“ Arthur gasped, and his face was going to split with his grin, absolutely it was, he could feel it. “That’s- It’s a-“

“Merlin the Magician Costume, yes,” Merlin said impatiently, reading the sign at the base of the statue.

Arthur looked at him with wide delighted eyes, then burst out laughing.

Merlin gave a loud put-upon huff. “It’s not that funny.”

Arthur laughed so hard that he had to bend forward, hands on knees. He was barely able to speak because of it. “You simply must- get those- robes-”

“I already have them.“

Arthur’s head jerked up. “What?”

Merlin crossed his arms over his chest. Defiant and embarrassed in equal measure, judging by the pink in his cheeks. “I said, I have them.”

Arthur pictured Merlin actually wearing the catastrophe of a costume, and burst out laughing again, even harder than before.

“You are being such an arse,” Merlin said, pulling Arthur by the arm back to his horse and shoving him toward it.

“I remember!” Arthur said, as he climbed back into his saddle. “The night I came back from Avalon! When you were still an old man! You had them on then!”

“I wear them for the Solstice Festival,” Merlin informed him as he climbed on his own horse. “It’s tradition,” he added defiantly, before urging his mare down the narrow street between the rows of parked cars.

It took several minutes of chuckling before Arthur got control of himself again. He had to wipe tears from his face, and even rub at his cheeks, because they were actually aching from smiling. He couldn’t even remember the last time that had happened.

“Merlin?” he called.


“Do you have the hat too?”

"Never mind!”

“You do, don’t you!”

“Yes, all right? God you are such a-!”

“I think I shall command you to wear it,“ Arthur called, joyful at the mere thought of it, because oh my yes, Merlin in that hat-

“Not a chance,” Merlin said over his shoulder, though his own amusement was plain in his voice now.

“We’ll see about that, Merlin the Magician.”

“Yes we will, Once and Future Pain in my Arse.”


Barmaid - Arthur Shelby

Request: I saw you needed more Arthur requests. Maybe one where the reader is the new barmaid at the Garrison and she’s usually quiet and shy but if her buttons are pushed she explodes so Arthur sees her when it happens and he teases her about it constantly. @weirdnewbie

Request: A quick arthur fic where he falls in love with you when you work with the shelby’s and he sees you punch a drunk guy at the garrison out cold? Just cute arthur being a sweety

Barmaid - Arthur Shelby

Harry hired you at the Garrison right before the pub was bought out by Thomas Shelby for his brother. Arthur seemed more interested in getting drunk than up keep of the pub, so you kept your job without incident. You had lived in Small Heath your whole life and Harry had given you the job at the Garrison as a favour to your father. You were not the outgoing type that was required of a barmaid in a place like Birmingham. Sometimes Harry joked that he went whole shifts not realising you were even there because you said nothing, just smiled and handed out drinks. You had a memory good enough to know who drank what and because of that you always kept a bottle of Arthur’s favourite whiskey in the cabinet beneath his desk in the back office. Harry thought it was funny that you did because, he told you often, Arthur probably didn’t even realise you existed.  

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Me and @msa-fluffylewis have been brain storming a little on how his arm might work and how he can either have no arm or a stump.

There’s literally a bunch of possibilities on what he has done to his body and what he used to make his arm work at all. To clarify, you can’t just strap a metal arm to yourself and expect it to work on its own, there has to be some kind of neural interfacing involved or some kind of other mechanical bits that are basically in the body of the host to make it happen.

The ideology of him having a stump is a possibility, it might just be covered by a metal casing that is connected to the rest of his arm and body. Him having no arm will be more complicated due to him losing a bunch of arm muscle, tissue, and nerves, it’ll be a more difficult process since he has no arm memory to work with. Idk, I think I’m being too nerdy on this topic :B

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"Well that's tragic."

“Oh come on.” Vivi rolled her eyes and moved her flashlight to face Arthur. “You can’t tell me you aren’t just the tiniest bit curious as to how this thing works.”

“…” Arthur crossed his arms. “I admit nothing.”

“And that just proves to me that you wanna turn this thing on as much as I do~”

“I don’t want to turn it on, Vivi.” Arthur groaned and walked around to the giant device. It looked incredibly old fashioned, even cartoonish in a way, especially the giant tank labeled “INK” on the side of it. “Okay yeah, maybe I wanna know how it works, but you know the second I get this thing up and running, all hell’s gonna break loose, right?”

“He has a point.” Lewis chuckled as Vivi pouted at him. “That’s how things usually go, anyway.”

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Requested by Anon
Reader storms off after a fight with Tommy and is found & brought back by a brotherly Arthur to a very worried/angry Tommy; Makeup smut ensues.
Warnings: Fluff, Smut, Swearing.  


“You should have thought about that before you said you would marry me.” Tommy snapped angrily at you, his words stinging.

You had been arguing about Tommy coming home at all hours of the night, or the constant worrying, and the fact that lately he had been purposefully excluding you from family meetings, which you usually attended. Esme was allowed to be there, but you weren’t. You had been very close to the Shelby family since the men came back from war. They were all good friends with your brother, who died in battle. When he died, they took you in. You felted slighted as Esme had only just married into the family recently.

You and Tommy had been engaged for a year, waiting for the right time. Lately, you weren’t sure there would ever be a right time, especially now with Tommy being so secretive and distant. Your emotions were high, Tommy completely shutting you out, dismissing your thoughts and pleas.

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Open The Door

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Arthur Shelby x Reader

Request: Hey I love your stuff!! Would you please do an Arthur x reader where the reader is helping take care of him after he gets hurt and she accidentally confesses she loves him? Thanks love!!

“You can’t keep doing this, Arthur,” Y/N sighed heavily as she dabbed at the cuts lining his face.

“It’s p-“

“Part of the job. Yeah, I’ve heard it a million times, but you can’t keep coming to me like this. You’re not invincible.” Arthur stopped your hand’s movement at the wrist and looked you in the eye, the look in his eyes hardening.

“I’ll find someplace else to go, then.”

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Forbidden Flame

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A/N: OK so I’m thinking one or two more parts!

Isaiah had helped you get dressed and ready like you asked him to. He was cautious of you, you had almost immediately stopped crying and had become calm.

“Where are you going (Y/N)?” Isaiah asked increasingly worried, as you hadn’t said a word since you came back home crying and now you were heading for the door.

“The Garrison.”

“It’s 1 PM, why are you going there?” He was confused quickly rushing to get his coat on to follow you out the door.

“I need some time Isaiah,” You turned to face him staring right into his eyes. “Give me some time, I’ll come find you tonight.”

“(Y/N) wait,” he called after you but you didn’t answer you kept walking leaving him standing at your door alone. Your mind had become numb, you loved Isaiah you really did. But you loved your family too. Rage filled your lungs thinking about Tommy and his sick twisted ways, what he was trying to do was not fair on you. But what if this deal made your brothers safer again, protected your family. Your mind was scrambled as you headed down the road to the garrison. You swung open the door even though the place was closed.

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