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(well more than a sketch but ‘Ketch rendered painting’ doesn’t have the same ring to it, y’know?) 

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what happen if the boneheads had to help fight off the walking dead to save rick grimes and his group?

“I don’t know who this Rick-guy is, but I can only imagine the kind of trouble he gets in if he has to deal with the kind of crap we had to put up with that night. Artie was mad at Vivi for the longest time after this. Even after he forgave her, he was usually making sure Mystery inspected any suspicious-looking objects before Vivi could get a hold of them first.“

So, I had no idea who this person was talking about until I looked it up. Just for future reference, I haven’t seen a single episode of The Walking Dead, nor do I have any interest to watch it. XD; So I do apologize if it kind of seems like I’m dodging the question.

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so i was reading your tags on this post - post/152985738704 and i was wondering if you could post your headcanons on where each weasley stood on the issue?

THIS IS MY MOMENT!! I’m so glad you asked <3 

After Percy’s betrayal during the war, the Weasleys were very divided in whether to forgive him and let him back into the family or not. He had, indisputably, stopped talking to them in favor of furthering his career, abandoned their fight for survival as well as all of their values, and made three separate Christmasses too miserable for words. 

It nearly tore them apart, when they were all together again after Fred’s funeral and the issue was still hanging in the air. The family fought it out that night - Percy did not speak up to defend himself even a little, and everyone was in tears or very near them. Molly, Charlie and George nearly split into a separate faction from Arthur, Bill, Ron and Ginny. 

Molly, of course, is willing to forgive everything. She lost one son in the war - why on earth does half of her family want to lose two? Mistakes happen. When it comes down to it, he’s family. 

Arthur’s political convictions are too strong to just let something like that have happened. He saw the breaking away of his middle-most son as a statement of something far beyond familial values. He couldn’t imagine how Molly could let a Pureblood Supremacist back into their home. After the things he’d done - the people he’d worked with, the backs he’d stepped on. No. Not after Arthur had spent twenty seven-odd years raising a family to do the right thing rather than the easy one. It was a personal and political slap in the face. 

Bill is an older brother to the core. He’s spent his whole life giving everything to his family, especially his siblings. He believes that love is time spent, and can’t imagine how Percy could profess to love them still and yet have broken away entirely. Bill was there to help - he could have…he could have stepped in, he could have been there if Percy had called on him. But he hadn’t. It’s unforgivable. 

Charlie’s opinion was haunted by the fact that they hadn’t heard the whole story. Arthur hadn’t let Percy speak. He believes that things are so much more grey than Percy is bad and should never come back or Percy is a saint because he’s related to us. He seeks his brother out one on one to try and draw out the whole story. When Percy is reluctant to even say it, it breaks Charlie’s heart more than it’s already broken. 

George couldn’t convict Percy, of course he couldn’t. Fred had loved him so much - and besides, how could George grieve without the other person who had watched the light behind his twin’s eyes extinguish? How could George grieve alone? 

Ron’s sense of morality is very black and white. He’s loyal to a fault and cannot imagine, under any circumstances, having abandoned his family in a similar way. What Percy did was disgusting. He’s the only one who’s as angry about it as Arthur is, although it’s very very personal to him. 

Ginny’s whole experience during the war felt scattered and wrong. She had people she loved everywhere and it hurt to imagine anything happening on any corner of the world. She hated Percy throughout the years he wasn’t speaking to them, hated him for making her feel so conflicted. She had a constant nagging feeling that if she could just get everyone she loved contained and on the same side and not running off to be an errand boy for the Ministry, or taking on secret missions, or leaving Hogwarts before absolutely having to leave her - if she could get everyone contained, she would have been fine. Instead, she was fourteen kinds of scared for three years. 

She’s A Shelby - Shelby!reader

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Request: Hi could I request and imagine where you’re the youngest sibling of the shelbys and get badly beaten up by your boyfriend and the boys go after him please??? You can pick whatever ending you like!

She’s a Shelby - Shelby!reader

Finn was the first to know about your new boyfriend. You confided in him because you and he were the closest in age, being only eleven months apart. Finn promised not to tell anyone else. And he kept that promise for almost two months until the night you came home from the pictures looking like someone had taken a paddle to you. There was bruising on your face, under your eye and around your neck. Cuts on your lower lip, your forehead, and chin.  

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Can you please draw Alfred, Arthur and Francis as the Heather's? Thank you so much!!

I imagine if Arthur is H. Chandler then Francis is definitely H. Duke


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oh man, rereading that last drabble, I hope that that happened before Vivi finds them. Or else Arthurs clothes would be all bloodstained and thats no doubt upsetting to Vivi. (and mystery, but hes trying to be tough about everything)

I actually think it did, even though I was joking about her tickling him with his pants that low. But if you want the angst…?

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Well, I guess we have to do icebreakers. I’m your uncle Arthur, and I fear bears. Why do I fear bears? Because bears can run at 30 miles per hour and the Los Angeles Zoo is 30 miles away. That means a bear can be outside this door in an hour. Why would a bear be here? Because they can smell fear and I fear them.
—  Arthur Blackthorn, meeting his nieces and nephews for the first time

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What mischief has Bendy caused with or without Vivi to Lewis and Arthur

If the other three aren’t around, Bendy’s mostly messing with Mystery. Regardless if anyone else is home, if Bendy is by himself, he’s usually finding ways to entertain himself. Listening to music, dancing (which has the potential of knocking something over), going through Vivi’s books, looking through Arthur’s work area. Stuff like that.

Unexpected - Tommy Shelby

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Request: Having tommy shelby’s baby could be something to write about, instead of him meeting grace.

Unexpected - Tommy Shelby || Squeal to Brave Soldier 

You looked up from pouring a beer for someone when you heard the doors to the Garrison open. Not many people were in today. It was hardly afternoon so the only people around were the drunks. Tommy walked in with Arthur and John, heading for the private room. Arthur had told you a few days ago that they were planning an expansion and would be holding interviews for men to join the Blinders in the coming days.  

“We’re taking London.” Had been Arthur’s explanation when he’d told you about it. You had been balancing the books for the Garrison and Arthur had been gossiping about the business with you while you worked.  

“Good luck with that.” You were unenthused by the information. You had been putting off talking to Tommy for the past few weeks and with the news of London it seemed like finding a good time to talk would be pointless.  

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