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♛ Morgan le Fay +  books  {6/ ∞}

the road to avalon  (joan wolf)    

“ She had to clench her hands to keep herself from reaching for him. What was there to say? That she would always love him? But he knew that already. ‘Be the king you were born to be’, she said at last. He stood for a moment, poised and taut as an arrow, then turned and left her room as silently as he had come.”

The pageantry and passionate intrigues of King Arthur’s court are expertly re-created in this historical novel—the only Arthurian novel in which all of the central characters are portrayed as intrinsically good people. This realistic retelling of the legend shows Arthur severing the bonds of bastardy, vanquishing the Saxons, and loving one woman. As the daring teenage warrior prepares for the throne, he discovers true love with Morgan of Avalon, the youngest of Merlin’s daughters, but fate cruelly thwarts their hopes for a future together. Never before has a telling of the Arthur story made the breathtaking drama of this charismatic king more real or moving.  (x).

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