arthur x cobb


a very long AU memeInception + infidelity (part two : Eames/Arthur/Cobb) : tout sera stratagème ; in which Eames decides to take revenge upon Cobb and seduce his best friend, almost his brother, Arthur.  

« I know exactly what fits me. I want nothing but what’s already mine.
The entire world could like me. I can surrender and keep everything.
The entire world could like me but whoever surrender needs to distrust it.
Everything will be stratagem if he resist. Everything will be strategy if he loves me.


The proof is the body, not in words: you lie on your stomach,

slowly rocking your self to sleep as if the bed is another body

you can ease yourself into. I lie next to you, my thighs slightly open

like a window, or a door, anyone can look in, even you. But we have

stopped our movements already. In this early morning, words are

bodies heaped up high, each body imprinted with past, they are remembrance.

But we have already turned our eyes inward, we do not hear

(Histories of Bodies, Mariko Nagai)