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Surprise Visit, Part 2

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Last Update: April 10, 2017

Some say the Tudors transcend this history, bloody and demonic as it is: that they descend from Brutus through the line of Constantine, son of St Helena, who was a Briton. Arthur, High King of Britain, was Constantine’s grandson. He married up to three women, all called Guinevere, and his tomb is at Glastonbury, but you must understand that he is not really dead, only waiting his time to come again.

His blessed descendant, Prince Arthur of England, was born in the year 1486, eldest son of Henry, the first Tudor king. This Arthur married Katharine the princess of Aragon, died at fifteen and was buried in Worcester Cathedral. If he were alive now, he would be King of England. His younger brother Henry would likely be Archbishop of Canterbury, and would not (at least, we devoutly hope not) be in pursuit of a woman of whom the cardinal hears nothing good: a woman to whom, several years before the dukes walk in to despoil him, he will need to turn his attention; whose history, before ruin seizes him, he will need to comprehend.

Beneath every history, another history.

—  Wolf Hall, Hilary Mantel


Peaky Blinders:

You’re a dancer and Tommy falls for you

You’re a party girl but when you meet Finn, he tries to get you to see how bad it really is

Raised by Maids (Tommy x Reader)
 - Part 1
 - Part 2

You’re dating Michael Gray and end up pregnant

You fell in love with Finn, but you have a secret

“I can’t do this without you” (Finn x Reader)

Bittersweet (Michael Gray x Reader)

Beautiful Disasters (Finn x Reader / John x Reader)

     -Part 2

Cuddles (Alfie x Reader)

Control (Arthur x Reader)

Visiting the Past (Finn x Reader)

New to Small Heath (Michael Gray x Reader)

Jealousy (John x Reader)

Where were you? (John x Reader)

Attention and Comfort Zones (Tommy x Reader)

Visits (Alfie x Reader)

Teen Wolf:

You were childhood friends with Derek


My OTPs always put their hands on each other..just in the wrong way

Brummie - Finn Shelby

Request: from anonymous: Can you please do a Finn imagine where your a shelbys brother childhood friend ( your Finns age ) and your also in a gang which are friends with the Peaky blinders and work together sometimes. Finn has a crush on you so his brothers and polly tease him also help him to find out if you like him back . Thank you if you do it , love your writing ❤️😃💜

Brummie - Finn Shelby

Finn was down early in the morning, before his brothers were even around. He was dressed and ready to leave, eating the breakfast Polly had cooked as quickly as possible. The door to the betting shop opened, Tommy walked in with Arthur and John. He eyed Finn at the kitchen table but didn’t say anything to him.  

“What’s with him?” Tommy asked when he’d gone into the back room with Polly.  

“He’s eager to get to Bordesley. Think he likes the Fowles’ girl.” Polly whispered so she didn’t catch his attention. 

“We’re going up for business. I’m not taking him along if he’s going to be distracted.” Tommy looked back into the kitchen where Arthur and John were sat at the table with Finn.  

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