arthur wolf

  • me, after watching 4 to 6 episodes of a new tv show / reading a new book: well fuck
  • me, after realising that i've discovered yet another fucking ship to dedicate my life to: ahh fuckity fuck

Teen Wolf

Derek Hale

Nursery News


A Very Merry Hale Christmas Morning

Family Dinner

Mystery Baby

Park Paranoia

My Favorite Puppy

Stay-at-Home Dad

Surprise Visit, Part 2


Mommy in Training

You Don’t Have to be Alone Anymore

Witches & Wolves Series

Isaac Lahey

The Bookworm and the Beast

Too Hot for a Scarf

Jackson Whittemore

Reassurance*, Part 2*, Part 3

Sorry, but No, Part 2

Scott McCall

Date Night Disaster

Stiles Stilinski

Fall from Grace


Shadowhunters/ Mortal Instrument

Institutionalized AU Series

Magnus Base

Warlock’s Charm

Apprentice to the Rescue

The Originals

Klaus Mikaelson

Forever and Ever*

The History of a Muse

Hello, Old Friend

Elijah Mikaelson

Small Bump in the Road

Hello, Old Friend

Kol Mikaelson

B(l)ind Date


Sam Winchester

Surprise Visit, Part 2

Dean Winchester

Surprise Visit, Part 2

Peaky Blinders

Tommy Shelby

Girl Worth Fighting For

My Husband’s Brother

Off to the Races*

Memory of a Dead Boy

Million Dollar Man

Women Like You

My Brothers’ Keeper

A Family Divided

The Older Man*

Michael Shelby

Girl Worth Fighting For

Stay Away from Her

You Don’t Own Me*

John Shelby

My Husbands Brother

I’ll Always Save You

Anything But Nice

My Brothers’ Keeper

You are Mine*

Finn Shelby

Skinny Love

I’ll Be Your Last*

Arthur Shelby

Fix Me

I’ll Be Your Last*

Alfie Solomons

Breaking of the Bread

Last Update: August 7, 2017


Today’s Livestream doodles! I said everything and anything, from Bendy to meerkats! I’m also in love with drawing Percedal… so I got carried away with his sketches… I’ve been waiting to draw him for months.

Buff Bendy made me cry a few days ago. Anything that makes me laugh that hard deserves a high-five.

true fear.

I live 90% of my life in fear that nsfw things will pop up on my dash when in public. Like, I’m just walkin’ into school and scrolling through Tumblr and then there’s just a dude getting rammed on the screen and the person next to me is terrified and I’m sat there blubbering.

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Holby City + Nicknames



Peaky Blinders:

You’re a dancer and Tommy falls for you

You’re a party girl but when you meet Finn, he tries to get you to see how bad it really is

Raised by Maids (Tommy x Reader)
 - Part 1
 - Part 2

You’re dating Michael Gray and end up pregnant

You fell in love with Finn, but you have a secret

“I can’t do this without you” (Finn x Reader)

Bittersweet (Michael Gray x Reader)

Beautiful Disasters (Finn x Reader / John x Reader)

     -Part 2

Cuddles (Alfie x Reader)

Control (Arthur x Reader)

Visiting the Past (Finn x Reader)

New to Small Heath (Michael Gray x Reader)

Jealousy (John x Reader)

Where were you? (John x Reader)

Attention and Comfort Zones (Tommy x Reader)

Visits (Alfie x Reader)

Teen Wolf:

You were childhood friends with Derek