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hc that connor has a stuffed animal from since he was 3

- probs something super sweet like an old fashioned teddy bear

- probs named arthur

- maybe it was larry’s when larry was a baby so its been in the family for a while

- whenever he has a bad day, he buries his face in the bear (im just gonna call him arthur)

- he just takes a super deep inhale and is super calm

- gets embarrassed when anyone in his family mentions it

- freaks tf if arthur starts to smell like weed bc of the smell in his room

- will hold him tight during his late night wonderings

- gets embarrassed when he invites people over

- shoves arthur in his closet when people go in his room

- takes arthur out that same night, when everyone is gone

- “omg im so sorry buddy”

- knows that arthur cant talk back

- but sometimes it just feels like he listens

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The allies's reaction to finding out their s/o can't sleep without a teddy bear (=゚ω゚)ノ

America/Alfred F. Jones-

He’s actually pretty mellow about it. Considering he has ‘Mr. Pillow’ it isn’t so strange that you find comfort in the object. He may occasionally tease that if you ditch the bear he’ll ditch the pillow. Leaving you with only each other.

Canada/Matthew Williams-

With the faintest blush he tries to tell you how cute you are, but falls flat. But he actually loves it, that you have so much sentimental value. He’ll always find room on the bed for the two of you.

China/Yao Wang-

While he finds it just a teensy bit childish, it’s not something he’ll tease you about. Mostly he does try to wean you off the animal, in favor of himself as the replacement.

England/Arthur Kirkland-

Try no tot take it too hard when he directly calls you childish. He just finds it odd you take comfort in an object meant for small ones. But if you call him out on it, or ask him to stop, he’ll oblige. After all, everyone has there own things to help them sleep…also might be a tad jealous of the bear.  

France/Francis Bonnefoy-

After a short fit of laughter he’ll pat your head. It’s adorable you clutch the small animal as you sleep, and he doesn’t mind…so long as none of the affection is taken away from him.

Russia/Ivan Braginski-

Jealous. Purely jealous. Isn’t he enough to cuddle with? Is he not? You may catch him glaring at the object before pulling you into tighter hugs and cuddles. He wants to be your point of comfort as you sleep, but won’t harm your little friend.

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How about some England boyfriend headcanons?

•Arthur generally isn’t very jealous around many of the other nations only because he knows you’re loyal, but he fumes around Francis and Alfred. In fact, Francis often teasingly flirts with you just to see the Englishman fume with anger.

•Rainy days with this Brit are absolutely the best. In the morning time, he’ll take you to a cafe where the two of you cuddle up in a small booth and watch the rain steadily drip outside, talking about life and small topics. After that, you somehow manage to drag Arthur outside with you to play in the rain. He doesn’t seem very playful, but he’ll occasionally just stomp his foot in a puddle to soak you in revenge.

•Arthur isn’t out of the norm when it comes to PDA and whatnot. But, in sleeping terms, this man becomes overly affectionate. In the mornings you can never wake up until Arthur is awake, since he treats you often like his teddy bear. You’ll wake up in the morning with the other attached to you, his arms and legs wrapped around you securely, his head resting on your shoulder.

•Arthur has a knack for making sweaters for you. Any moment he can, Arthur will make you a new sweater, one of which is actually quite comfortable. Whenever the two of you are home alone, you’ll often wear one of these sweaters just for Arthur. When Arthur sees you wearing one of his homemade sweaters, he’ll light up and break into a wide smile, his eyes twinkling.

•Arthur won’t hesitate to get something done for you when you want it. For instance, are you mad at Alfred for stealing your food? Arthur can handle that. He’ll hex or jinx Alfred. (Though it works most of the time.)

•On nice days, Arthur will take you out during the evening while the sun is still setting to a private garden of his. He’ll bring a tray of tea along with him, so the two of you can privately and quite cutely discuss your hopes for the future.

•Drunk Arthur is a thing to see. He often is sobbing for no reason and will cling to your arm, pleading that you’ll never ever leave him. He’ll ramble on and on about how much he needs someone as wonderful as you in his life, and never wants you to leave.

•Arthur’s absolute favorite spots to kiss you are on the cheek and the nose. He thinks they’re your cutest features!

•Arthur admires to watch you do anything. He’ll always be smiling softly around you. He even smiles thinking about you. Once, Francis asked what in the world had made Arthur so happy one day at a world meeting, and Arthur simply chuckled and responded with a soft, “Y/N.”



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Deer Dear arthur,

will yuo be my boyfrend?

circle YES or NO!!

Alfred bit his lip, paper crinkling beneath his hands as he smoothed it onto the flat of his desk. Ms. Hayes had taught them how to fold hot-dog and hamburger style earlier that day! Alfred’s favorite was hamburger, of course. He was practically an expert on it. No other alpha could fold paper with a crease right along the blue line.

He surveyed his writing- it was way neater than the alpha’s that was sitting next to him. Though Alfred could barely see it, he knew it to be true because he was six! Months older than the other kids in his neighborhood, making him the expert on all things adult. He was practically a grown up already, what with the fact that his mom let him drink soda, he could score two touchdowns against his dad and-

And… if this went right, he’d be the first in his school to have a boyfriend.

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This book has absolutely horrible artwork in it. I bought my copy through the school system, and on the cover, they had a picture of Arthur like he looks on the TV show. However, inside the book, Arthur and his family look like rats, not like teddy bears. My kid couldn’t even recognize the characters. He kept saying that this wasn’t Arthur. I hope all the Arthur books aren’t this shoddy, but I hestitate to buy another without flipping through it at a store. It literally looks like a child drew the pictures.

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How would the allies/Spain/Romano cuddle with their s/o?

America/Alfred F. Jones: He likes to hold them close like a teddy bear. 

Britain/Arthur Kirkland: He lightly clings to them and rests his head on their chest. 

China/Yao Wang: He likes to hold them tight from behind as if they were one of his pandas.

Russia/Ivan Braginski: He likes to lay very close to them so they can hold onto him. He doesn’t want to cling to them too tightly so they can get up when they need to.

Canada/Matthew Williams: He loves for his s/o to hold him and bury their face in his chest.

France/Francis Bonnefoy: He loves being the big spoon,he loves holding his s/o really close.

Romano/Lovino Vargas: He loves for his s/o to be the big spoon, it makes him feel safe and comfortable.

Spain/Antonio Fernández Carriedo: Honestly he likes just about any kind of cuddles tbh, he loves being the big spoon or curling up with you the best.

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I wish I knew of somewhere to find the show with audio descriptions, but if you find it, I think it's important to note few things: 1st it's a kids show/cartoon, considerably more enjoyable for older people to watch than a lot, but it's still targeted to 7-12 year olds. and 2nd: Marina doesn't show up until somewhere in season 7 and only appears a couple more times after that.

Oh holy cow, hold on a second. Are you talking about Arthur, the cartoon from like 2001 where all the characters are animals? Arthur and his family are like teddy bears? And he has glasses?

You're Cute When You're Sleepy

Summary: Arthur gets a little dippy when he’s sleep deprived and Alfred has to deal with it.

Rating: G; Fluff!!
“Have I ever told you that you’re simply radiant when you smile?” Arthur asked slowly.
He was on the verge of sleep, slightly delirious, and a total sap. Alfred looked down adoringly at him, chuckling as the Brit laid his head on Alfred’s lap while he stretched his legs over the rest of the couch.

“You’re cute when you’re sleepy.” Alfred giggled.
“Noo… You are…” Arthur argued weakly, “You’re gorgeous.”
“That’s what you think, huh?” Alfred asked with a grin.
“Artie, you’re adorable.” Alfred gushed.
“Mm… I love you, Alfie…”
“I love you too, Artie.”
“Hehe you’re a big teddy bear,” Arthur giggled, poking Alfred’s face, “Soft and warm.”

Alfred looked down with a warm smile.
“Go to sleep, silly.”
“You’re silly.”
“Am not.”
“Are too.”
“Hehehe yeah you are, Alfie.”
Alfred sighed.
“Ok, off to bed with you. C'mon, Artie.”
Rolling his eyes, Alfred scooped his boyfriend up in his arms. Arthur only giggled.
“Let me goooo.”
“Nope. Bedtime.”
“I’m not three.”
“You’re acting like it.”
“Hehehehe I love you!”
“Love you too.”

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uhhhh my fevorite stuffies r my weighted stimmy monkie named glorfindel , mmy brown soft teddy bear named arthur, nd my winny thhe pooh an tigger stuffjes from disney world hongg kong. i m sorrie for spelling's mistakes ....

Don’t be sorry sweetheart! That’s great!

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