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Imagine comforting and helping John change his behavior after the train incident.
Warnings: Angst, Sadness, Loss, Light Smut, Swearing.


The sound of metal crushing, flipping, churning against itself, glass exploding, rang in Johns ears. It was strange that on a day like this, this day of all days, he could only recall the sound of the train being destroyed. It all came back.

John took a puff from his cigar, the smoke burned his eyes as he bore a hole in the tree that had your initials and his freshly and neatly carved on its bark. He could feel your fingers lightly brush against his neck as you whispered sweet words in his ear. His eyes closed and felt tears roll off his cheeks.

He thought back to the days and weeks after he and Arthur blew up the train.


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27 with USUK please (〃▽〃)

27. “I’m pregnant.” USUK

so I know it’s supposed to be a drabble but I got carried away and god it ended up long i hope it’s okay askljdklasjdksaklj now here’s a one shot for you <3

It’s the third time that Arthur Kirkland approaches the cash register with four pregnancy tests at hand, and he’s well aware of the concerned stare that the cashier is giving him.

If it were any other day, Arthur would have tried to tell her that it’s for a friend, or that he’s working on a science project, or that he lost a bet and now has to waste money on a dozen pregnancy tests (because if you’re going to total everything Arthur has bought 12 kits so far).

But his mind is blank and he cannot bring himself to care for anything else as of the moment. It’s the third time he’s buying because the last eight tests he has tried seems to be defective, all showing the same positive results that aren’t really looking so positive for Arthur.

“That’ll be—” The girl behind the counter doesn’t get to finish her sentence as Arthur slams the exact amount of money down. He already knows how much it costs after hearing it from her twice and he really doesn’t need to hear it the third time. His trembling hands grab the boxes swiftly and then he leaves and repeats the same process over again until he uses all of the tests.

To his utter dread, they all produce the same positive results and Arthur finally begins to cry.

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Imagine if Arthur found out that Merlin has been the one making those huge, life-or-death, “the fate of Camelot is at stake” choices.

Forget being angry about Merlin keeping secrets and not trusting him. Arthur would be furious that Merlin—acting alone—took it upon himself to decide the fate of the people under Arthur’s protection, whom Arthur sees as his responsibility. Merlin wasn’t even born in Camelot, let alone raised to lead it. He doesn’t have any of the education or experience necessary to make those calls. Arthur does. 

He would be hurt not because Merlin doesn’t trust him as a friend, but because he’s seen as a king who can’t be trusted to make decisions for his own kingdom. Incompetent. Unworthy.  

He’d be frustrated because he wasn’t even given the chance to prove that he could make the right choices. All Merlin’s claims that he sees Arthur as a great king fall flat in the face of reality: He and Gaius pick and choose which kingdom-wide catastrophes Arthur even knows about, let alone which ones he gets to do anything to prevent.

And beneath all that, he’d be saddened and horrified at the burden Merlin has carried alone. He knows the toll such a weight takes on someone’s mind and heart, the terror of making the wrong choice. 

If he knew what Merlin had done, the impossible options he has been forced to weigh alone, Arthur would understand the cost to Merlin, just as well as he would understand the cost to his kingdom.

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do something for lewthur plz (⊙ω⊙✿)

Hoo boy, and so it begins, I doth have my first request, and…lewthur? oh god please tell that’s not what I think it is-*searches it* YUP YUP YUPYUPYUP IT’S ARTHUR X LEWIS.

Shhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooooot. Welp, I did say that ship requests were allowed….hmmmhmmm yes, I have walked right into this one. Mhmmm. Yup. 

For clarification, I don’t actually ship this but it’s kind of cute and I gave it a shot, but ugh this was hard to write: I just suck at anything romance-based and ugh I’m sorry this is so cliche and incoherent and stupid and long-winded because when I feel like I can’t write something well or I’m nervous or think I’m not doing something right I just dump a million words and aughhhhhhh…also, I consider this an AU because there is no way I can think of fitting this ship into the canon of the video currently. Bleh. 

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Katie’s Fanfiction Recommendations! (UsUk)

   Hello! I know I don’t have many followers at the moment, 17 in fact, but for those who do follow or see this post in the tags, I have some fanfics for you! Really, it’s self-explanatory. (All of these are from my favorite stories list) If any links don’t work, tell me and I’ll fix them in a jiffy!

Anglo Cats!  -They say pets take after their owners, and so was the hero’s cat. This is a series of drabbles about England and America and their cat version. Ongoing. Nekotalia!UsUk Author:  Nymphh

Cages - AU Alfred has spent too long in his own personal a Hell and now he’s losing his mind, but maybe going crazy isn’t so bad when you have as active an imagination as Alfred, and who knows, if he tries hard enough, maybe he can imagine his way to a different reality. Ongoing Author: LafieTries 

Hey Hey Neighbor! - 2p!UsUk AU Allen has new neighbors, and he wants nothing to do with any of them, mostly the creepy ass teenager named Oliver. 2p usuk! Side ship: Red velvet pancakes :3 T for swearing and shit, also Al and his filthy mind, no sex or anything of the sort just Al lusting after Ollie-bolly-trolly. Ongoing (FYI I’m copy/pasting the summaries in…) Author:  Tweenta13

Liberty -Arthur had run off with Francis, and left him behind, crumpled and broken. At the announcement of their upcoming marriage, Alfred loses himself and commits suicide for all the world to see. Arthur, weighed down by guilt, attempts to perform an act of good will, and save Alfred from the place for the damned. Past UkUs, Present FrUk, Character death, Suicide, Snapped!America. Ongoing Author: Mochi Shutdown

Like it Or Not - AU. Eventual UKxUS. Unpopular, overweight, nerdy, and bullied, high school junior Alfred F. Jones is slowly reaching the end of his rope. Arthur Kirkland, a senior, has nearly everything his heart desires…except a love life. When the spark is lit, Arthur is determined to make Alfred his. After all, he always gets what he wants. Complete. (Personal Favorite. You’ll love it) Author: Celestial Clusters

Estranged - They were all brainwashed products of an unrealistic society, planning their lives around a dumb clock forever fused with their bodies; or it was until they found their “soul mate” anyway. Alfred knew better. Soulmate AU! Complete. Author:  S.E. Mellark

Of Alphas and Omegas Alfred and his friends are the epitome of what it means to be Alpha until they each find themselves having trouble winning over their choice of Omega. Will they be able to capture the heart of their respective loves and keep them? Or will it go unrequited? The path to love never did run smooth. Omegaverse. Usuk, Gerita, Rochu, Pruaus, Franada, Spamano Other minor pairings. Complete. Author: Fangirls Revenge

A Prelude to Independence - NSFW The Doctor tells Arthur of a disruption in the timeline of the past that must be corrected else the future will not be the same. Arthur is the only one who can do it, however not everything goes exactly as planned. Alfred was just suppose to confess to him, not screw his brains out! Time travel fic! :) :) Author: PixieDust291

Trapped in Darkness - Alfred has been living with a disability for nearly 200 years since that day. He is trapped in darkness. Will he be able to endure when the World finds out his closely guarded secret? USUK/UKUS with hinted PruCan. Complete. Author: 9foxgrl

Never According to Plan All Arthur Kirkland wanted to do was get through high school with straight A’s. All Alfred F. Jones wanted to do was teach a normal history class. But we all things never turn out like they should. Student!Arthur x teacher! Alfred. Rated T for language. Complete. Author: SweeneyOCD98

The Magic Stone - Thirteen-year-old Arthur hated going to the hospital. Its white and colourless, smells like antiseptic and the food sucks. Alfred, an eleven-year-old boy recently admitted in the same hospital, has a special way of making the place fun and wants to share it with his new friend. A tale of how a cheerful boy with a stone brought a little light to Arthur’s dark life. This fic made me cry. Complete. Author: IllusionaryMagician

Spirits - NSFW Alfred Jones is a typical high school jock. He just wants to fit in and be popular. But his priorities begin to change when he befriends Arthur Kirkland, a lonely boy whose life has always been plagued by spirits. Complete. Author: briaranise

For His Queen -Madness touches Spades. Cardverse; Gore Oneshot Author: Zo One

Foxfire - NSFW In folklore, foxes are said to be powerful trickster spirits who use their magic for all manner of things. Alfred has been having some rather strange dreams ever since the accident in the woods when he was just a child. An accident he doesn’t remember. His dreams all seem to revolve around one thing, a man with emerald eyes seducing him late at night in the darkness of a forest. Personal Favorite. Complete. Author: PixieDust291 

Beauty of Unseeing - Arthur Kirkland is a man content in life, a man who can see beauty, even if his eyesight was never there. Alfred Jones doesn’t understand Arthur’s sense of beauty whatsoever, but he’s willing to learn. Oneshot Personal Favorite. Author:  Cygrus

Tailspin - After a rather harsh fight, Alfred storms off and Arthur starts to worry. Alfred doesn’t return to the flat, or even answer his roommate’s calls, and to top everything off, a stray cat has appeared at Arthur’s doorstep. One-shot Author:  Iggycat (One of my favorite fanfic authors.)

Once Upon A Dream - NSFW Two souls are trapped in a true love separated by hundreds of years. Written for Day 13 of the USUK Summer Camp 2012. USUK, Crazy dreams!AU Oneshot! (I absolutely love this fic) Author: Bukkunkun

The Art of Giving Hope - America travels back in time to just after the last battle of the revolution. There he finds a certain British blonde, still curled up in the rain. Oneshot Author: animeloveramy

My Soulmate - Twelve-year-old Arthur decides to try a spell to find out the identity of his soulmate. Hints at USUK in the future but they’re just kids at the moment. Oneshot. It’s adorable. Author:  Teenage Mouse

Today Is Also Raining - England’s relationship with the rain and an overbearing idiot through the centuries. Very Light UsUk. Oneshot Author: LovelyToMeetYou

An Honorable Mention of a Non-Hetalia Fanfiction, But Still Very Good. (AKA An Attack on Titan EreRi/Riren Fic that makes you tear up in the end.) 

Electroshock - 1950’s Asylum fic: Eren wasn’t supposed to be there. He wasn’t supposed to be locked up with his life in shreds, and he certainly wasn’t supposed to fall in love. Not when he should have been more focused on how to get over that stupid fence… “Welcome to Sina Asylum.” Sixteen Chapters of Completed EreRi Beauty. My all-time favorite SnK fic Author: ValorTheory

  I sincerely hope you enjoy these. Like I said, if a link doesn’t work, please tell me and I’ll fix it right away.!

Arthur Recap Season 9 Episode 3 Arthur Weighs In

Hello everyone! I finally finished that 10 page research paper that had been kicking my ass for this whole time and now I am back to our regular scheduled Mon-Weds-Fri posting. I still have 2 Season 4 episodes to finish but someone requested this one so I thought I’d jump in.

At a carnival, a ring master encourages a crowd to step right up and see the giant, supersized exhibits. One of them is the Poughkeepsie Pumpkin, which weighs more than a car. Jeez, those genetically modified foods are getting out of control. And on another note, wouldn’t that punpkin rot eventually? I bet these carnie folks just made a paper mache pumpkin.

There’s also a magnetic meteorite that can take people’s watches and spare change. I bet the carnie people refuse to give that stuff back.

And finally, there’s Elwood City’s Big Lump of Lumpiness which actually turns out to be a very obese Arthur.

I knew these genetically modified foods are out of control!

Arthur is rehearsing his lines for the school play and D.W. can’t resist eavesdropping. She tells Arthur to ham up his “G-G-G-Ghost!” line and he is all, “I am an ACT-TOR. I am subtle. I am Meryl Streep, not Gary Busey for God’s sake!”

However, as Arthur lectures D.W. on the importance of getting into character, his pants button pops off, nearly smacking D.W. in the face. That’s a shame. D.W. wasn’t being annoying in this episode but I still want retribution for her actions in Arthur’s Big Hit.

Arthur asks Jane to fix his pants but they are too tight. She thinks he’s had a growth spurt and he whines that he HAS to have dress pants since he’s playing a rich guy. Jane agrees to take him to the mall.

At Mill Creek Mall, Arthur can’t find anything that fits him so they ask the salesman for helps. He measures Arthur and points them in the direction of the “Huskee” corner which is basically the place for fat kids.

Arthur pulls out a tacky green and yellow checkered suit, disgusted. I don’t blame him. I get that the focus of this episode is that childhood obesity is bad but I’m annoyed that regardless, there aren’t decent clothing options for big kids. I don’t know what the line of thinking is here–What, fat kids don’t deserve to have cool clothes? Will expanded Huskee corners somehow encourage fat kids to stay fat? Everyone deserves to have nice things, dammit!

Anyway, Arthur imagines himself in the tacky suit taking his bow in the play and because he’s so “Huskee”, he knocks everything down.

Jane tells him that he looks nice but D.W. laughs at him.

Arthur plays soccer with Buster and Brain and the three are rehearsing their lines but Arthur gets out of breath easily. They take a break and Arthur asks his friends if they think he’s fat. “Of course not!” says Buster. “But…there has been a lot more of you lately.”

“THE MORE FOR YOU TO LOVE, BITCH!” yells Arthur but he admits that he’s been getting a little husky lately and doesn’t like it. Buster offers to tell him about the crazy diets his mom has been on but Brain points out that diets aren’t for kids, unless prescribed by a doctor. He suggests that Arthur just eat more healthy foods and exercise more.

D.W. promises to be his trainer and keep an eye on him. She follows him around to make sure he’s not eating junk food and even puts a baby monitor in the pantry so she can hear if he eats chips.

So Arthur’s eating healthy now–great! Except he hasn’t lost the weight in time for the dress rehearsal and he’s not wearing the Huskee suit. He decides to show up in his normal clothes and Muffy teases him for that. Ratburn talks to him after rehearsal and suggests that Arthur start exercising, or if he would like–sexercising!!

Either way, he better work bitch if he wants to fit into his pants! He tells Arthur how playing ping pong helped him get in shape and assigns the whole class to track their steps using a pedometer.

Arthur thinks he does pretty good with his 7,000 steps or whatever he got but realizes that he is a lazy ass since everyone is way more active.

Ratburn tells him to just keep trying and Arthur vows to do better.

Arthur gets sidetracked when he and Buster watch Bionic Bunny but D.W. makes fun of him and tells him that he can play the fat bank robber Bionic Bunny chases some day, which pisses Arthur off. That was a shitty thing to say but apparently, it’s enough to make Arthur kick start his exercise routine.

He walks Pal, jumps rope as he watches TV, etc. Finally, it’s the moment of truth: time to try on the pants again.

And they fit! All his hard work paid off!

Arthur appears in the school play in his normal dress suit and even takes D.W.’s suggestion on how to act scared.

Arthur doesn’t have to weigh in anymore.

Grade: B-(This was a pretty good educational episode although I had an issue with the fat shaming language sometimes used. Don’t get me wrong–childhood obesity is an important issue but the lessons we should be teaching our kids are to eat healthy and exercise often. We shouldn’t teach our kids that fatness is something to be ashamed or afraid of and as a cause to tease others. Fatness does not always equal unhealthy. You can be thin and still have health problems. If this episode was done again, I’d throw out the Huskee bullshit and more things about Arthur being out of shape–he can’t keep up in soccer like he used to, he spends more time watching TV than playing, and he’s not eating well. That’s an important message for kids across the board–regardless of how much they weigh.)

Rating: 45% intense. Huskee suits are intense

((I’ve said this before I think but I can’t find the post so I’ll say it again:

I’m of the firm belief that Uncle Lance got the full story of what happened in the cave from Arthur. Probably when his nephew was out of the hospital, under his uncle’s care and most likely in the aftermath of a violent nightmare.

That much guilt and trauma had to weigh on Arthur something fierce, and I find it hard to believe he kept it all to himself all the time. Admitting it to Mystery (who already knows) and Galahad (whose intelligence is still a bit up-in-the-air, from what I can tell) is all well and good, but….Mystery already knows, and Galahad can’t talk back.

I’ve seen Arthur characterized a lot as someone who wanted to be blamed; he believed that he was at fault, and on some level, he wanted someone besides himself to know that….or maybe he just wanted someone to understand what had gone so horribly wrong, and reassure him that it wasn’t his fault. Depends on your characterization, I guess.

But, Mystery already knows the truth, and Galahad can’t judge, so neither of them would be good candidates for that self-depreciating need for judgement. Lance has known Arthur his whole life, and very well might judge him (or so Arthur thinks). Since he couldn’t bring himself to confess to Vivi, when he was fresh out of the hospital and still riddled with crippling guilt, Arthur might have seen his uncle as his best chance to confess (for better or worse), and gone for it.

Plus, when you’re on strong medication, you’re not exactly thinking clearly, and Arthur had to be on some strong stuff for the violent loss of a limb like that. In the wake of a hard-hitting nightmare, his thoughts would be about as clear as pea soup fog.

Whether Lance believed Arthur or not is up to your personal headcanon, but I like to think that he did. In-the-loop-Lance/‘Denmother’ Lance is my favorite headcanon and I will fight you on it.))

Ghost Fanfic - Best Served Cold - 18


Note: Thanks for the patience, weekends I tend to be around my laptop less lately. Better rested and ready to write now. So the characters belong to MysteryBen and Artsy. Click Here to read Chapter 17.


            “Squire!” The cave was falling in on him, everything was cracking apart and crumbling, and somewhere Mystery was howling. “Squire!” He couldn’t move his own body. Someone was holding his arms and the cave kept crumbling.


            The cave vanished as his eyes shot open. There was no cave-in, just Vivi shaking him as hard as she could.


            “Vivi I just got him a little calmer last night!” Lewis complained from Arthur’s mouth.

            “It’s an emergency!” Vivi dropped him and ran over to Arthur’s clothes pile on the floor, grabbing a few things. “I woke up to four missed calls from the vet.” She chucked her phone and a handful of froot-of-the-looms in various stages of cleanliness at his head.

            “Arthur!” Lewis practically shrieked, clawing the underwear away. “You STILL don’t wash them right away?”

            After his right arm finished swatting away the pungent undergarments, he yanked it around to scoop up the phone, clicking straight to the voicemails and putting it on speaker. Doctor Noble’s harried voice came on loud and clear.

            You have four new messages. First new message: Hello, Vivi? Doctor Noble here, we need you and your friend, ah what’s on the paperwork… Lewis, to come back quickly. Mystery is starting to wake up, and he’s showing signs of severe anxiety. Please call back. End of first message. Second new message. Hello Vivi? Doctor Noble again. We’ve had to sedate Mystery, he’s not ready to be moving like he is and he’s made three escape attempts, please call me soon. It might help him calm down to see you. End of second message. Third new message. Vivi? Vivi, what breed is this dog? Our normal sedatives aren’t working! I don’t want to have to pull out the larger tranquilizers but Mystery is beginning to display threatening behavior and he needs to be contained so no harm comes to our other patients. Call me now! End of third message. Fourth new message. VIVI YOU AND LEWIS NEED TO GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU LEFT HERE BUT YOU NEED TO COME GET IT! End of fourth message. There are no new messages in your mailbox.

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