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Beneath Me

Summary: Ever wanted to read the classic ‘giving head under the desk when someone walks in on you’ for our this handsome fella? Look no further.
Requested by: my thirsty ass. ( gif credit. )
Pairing: Merlin x female Reader
Warnings: This whole thing is basically porn without plot, so entirely NSFW.
Do not read if you’re under the age of 18.
Word Count: 2.4k. I need help.

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Rhaegar and Arthur Dayne: The Ancestral Burden

Ser Jorah snorted. “Along with a thousand others at some harvest feast. Next you’ll claim you squired for him.”

“I make no such claim, ser. Myles Mooton was Prince Rhaegar’s squire, and Richard Lonmouth after him. When they won their spurs, he knighted them himself, and they remained his close companions. Young Lord Connington was dear to the prince as well, but his oldest friend was Arthur Dayne.”

Perhaps by now he should have grown used to such things. The Red Keep had its secrets too. Even Rhaegar. The Prince of Dragonstone had never trusted him as he had trusted Arthur Dayne. Harrenhal was proof of that. The year of the false spring.

This is something I’ve mentioned in passing before, but I’ve never written full out: why I think Rhaegar felt so close to Arthur Dayne. He obviously did - Barristan, not only an eyewitness but a fellow Kingsguard knight, someone who would have seen Rhaegar and Arthur more than perhaps anyone else, comments as much - but the why is still unclear. In my mind, however, the why is in the backstories of the two. Rhaegar and Arthur each bore a burden of ancestral mythical legacy, and I think the prince’s recognition of that drew him to the Sword of the Morning.

To understand this, I think it’s important to understand what I believe is Arthur Dayne’s backstory. Ser Arthur was on the Kingsguard by 276 AC, but it’s my belief that he was appointed in or around 270 AC, when Aerys II visited the Unnamed Princess of Dorne. Arthur Dayne was, according to the WOIAF app, already the Sword of the Morning when he became a knight of the Kingsguard, and so I think the choice might have seemed an obvious one; Aerys’ sanity might have been slipping by that point (it was in 270 AC that he started suspecting Rhaella of infidelity, after all), but a knight of clearly rare and exceeding skill would be hard to pass over for a white cloak. My guess is that Arthur was in his early 20s when this happened (another very highly skilled knight, Barristan Selmy, was 23 when he became a Kingsguard knight), which would make him around a decade older than Rhaegar; perhaps the Princess of Dorne thought that a Dornishman Kingsguard, especially one of such sterling reputation already, would be a good influence on the crown prince, acting as a sort of big brother to him to encourage a more pro-Dornish outlook in the future king.

For Arthur, though, I think a white cloak would have been only an additional burden of duty on top of what he already had. The first and more important burden he bore was that of being the Sword of the Morning, and that I could imagine weighed heavily on him. To be the Sword of the Morning was no small matter; “the Swords of the Morning are all famous throughout the Seven Kingdoms”, as Yandel writes, and boys from virtually every corner of the realm dream of being born a Dayne so that they could possibly bear the title themselves. The Sword of the Morning is the only one who can bear Dawn - a sword thousands of years old, forged from the heart of a falling star, unique in appearance and ability in all the Seven Kingdoms, and probably Terros itself. Yet only a Dayne who is “worthy” is allowed to carry the title and the great sword - and, by consequence, any Dayne who is deemed so worthy will be judged against all his predecessors, his actions compared constantly to the famous deeds of this most famous single sect of knights and warriors in perhaps all of Westeros. 

How would this have weighed on Arthur? That he was tremendously skilled is not in doubt: every person who speaks of Arthur remembers him as a warrior virtually without peer, and Yandel refers to him as the deadliest of all the knights of Aerys II’s Kingsguard. Yet even for someone as skilled as Arthur Dayne certainly was, the burden of being Sword of the Morning had to have been considerable. It was his job, as a relatively young man, to be the champion of House Dayne, and beyond that House Dayne’s legacy going back to the dawn of days. If only the worthiest knights of House Dayne could bear Dawn, then he had to prove why he, of all the Daynes of his time, was the best candidate to be called Sword of the Morning. He had to be just as dashing as Ser Davos Dayne, and just as deadly as Ser Ulrick Dayne, and forge his own stellar reputation beyond those of the Daynes who came before him. On his shoulders would rest not simply a white cloak, but the burden of being the face of this most famous aspect of his famous House, representing a ten thousand year legacy from the day the first Dayne tracked a falling star to an island in the Torrentine.

We don’t know much of anything of Arthur’s personality, but given his stoic words on duty to Jaime, I can guess that he accepted this position (and the subsequent, albeit far less ancestral, responsibility of being a knight of the Kingsguard, one of the seven greatest knights in the realm) with a strong sense of duty. More to the point, I think that Arthur’s bearing of this burden made a deep impression on young Prince Rhaegar. If I’m right and Arthur was appointed in around 270 AC or 271 AC, the Rhaegar would have been around 12 when Arthur began his term as a Kingsguard knight. I wouldn’t be surprised if this were just around the age that Rhaegar made his famous comment to Willem Darry, of “it seems I must be a warrior”; even if Rhaegar had begun his martial education before Arthur Dayne coming to court, he would presumably have been still early in his training, and still close to when he had (probably) decided that he was the prince that was promised.

So I could see where young Rhaegar would have taken to Arthur Dayne upon the latter’s coming to court. As I’ve said before, I think Rhaegar felt a tremendous sense of prophetic weight on him from a pretty young age. He had been conceived expressly to produce the prince that was promised, yet at his birth dozens of family members and close courtiers had perished in the hellish flames of Summerhall. If he truly was that prince, then it was his responsibility to save humanity when its greatest crisis came; at the war for the dawn he would be the leader, the champion of life, and if he failed then the world would fail with him. That’s a terribly grim reality for a child to accept, a huge responsibility, and the main reason why I think Rhaegar was so withdrawn and melancholic. Who could he look to, though, than Arthur Dayne - another man with a great ancestral responsibility, who came from another ancient and mystical line (indeed, was kin, albeit somewhat distant, through Rhaegar’s great-great-grandmother Dyanna Dayne), who by virtue of his older age could be a sort of guide for Rhaegar, a model of his own acceptance of his fate? 

This, I think, is the heart of Rhaegar’s deep and unique friendship with Arthur Dayne. In a world where Rhaegar felt so alone, the one singled out by prophecy and fate to be the savior of the human cause at the moment of its greater peril, Ser Arthur could, at least in part, understand him. He knew what it was to shoulder a burden of thousands of years, to represent all the hopes and expectations of a line going back millennia, and he did it with calm acceptance and an able sense of duty. Arthur could be trusted, in a way few if any others could, because he too bore a great, even mystical responsibility. As Rhaegar grew older and the age gap between him and Ser Arthur probably seemed less dividing - from an already accomplished knight and a prince young enough to be his squire to a still-deadly white cloak and a very physically able prince - I think Rhaegar really came to rely on Arthur Dayne as a friend and ally, the one person who could hear about Rhaegar’s prophetic visions and plans and advise him without mockery or fear that the prince was growing as mad as his father. Their lives were linked in this way, in the acceptance of this ancestral burden, and that drew Rhaegar closer to Arthur than anyone else in his gloomy world.

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concept: amaya wearing oversized sweatshirts that is all

incidentally they’re probably other people’s sweatshirts- like she’s a very tactile touch/feel and scent person. not to say that she’s taking dirty laundry she takes clean laundry but she is taking everyone’s laundry.

 so her favorite sweatshirt is probably nate’s old college one that’s like falling apart but also, he’s really really turned on every time he sees her in it but she’s like no this is for SLEEPING don’t talk to me i’m in sweatertown

mick doesn’t wear sweatshirts and also i think his henleys get kind of unwearable but I could absolutely see her taking his coat and being like “im cold” and he’s like “so use the polar bear spirit” and she’s like i don’t want to. his jacket smells like burnt wood and kind of like cloves and he does let her lay down on it a lot. he’s a sucker

from ray she takes his tee shirts to sleep in and from sara she borrows hoodies and flannels, sara lance voice if you wear my flannel that essentially means we’re married and amaya is like well you pre-softened it for me. by wearing it. so thank you. and sara is like no really this is Peak Gay for us

Rip has a lot of just regular wool jumpers and he knows Amaya likes him when she starts wearing them over collared shirts and such, saying they remind her of how Rex used to dress and also, Maisie and Arthur both I think weigh 3 pounds so it’s not really like his clothes are gonna be terribly big on her

from jax she takes his boxers to wear as sleep shorts and he’s like i keep running out of underwear faster bc of you now thanks. and she’s like well, just make more. I’m using these now

stein gives her all of the horrible slogan tee shirts his colleagues have gotten him as joke gifts over the years that he’s never worn so sometimes amaya is wandering around the ship in a tee shirt that reads “foxy grandpa” and sara is like THAT IS SO UNFAIR IF ANYONE DESERVES THAT SHIRT IT’S ME

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27 with USUK please (〃▽〃)

27. “I’m pregnant.” USUK

so I know it’s supposed to be a drabble but I got carried away and god it ended up long i hope it’s okay askljdklasjdksaklj now here’s a one shot for you <3

It’s the third time that Arthur Kirkland approaches the cash register with four pregnancy tests at hand, and he’s well aware of the concerned stare that the cashier is giving him.

If it were any other day, Arthur would have tried to tell her that it’s for a friend, or that he’s working on a science project, or that he lost a bet and now has to waste money on a dozen pregnancy tests (because if you’re going to total everything Arthur has bought 12 kits so far).

But his mind is blank and he cannot bring himself to care for anything else as of the moment. It’s the third time he’s buying because the last eight tests he has tried seems to be defective, all showing the same positive results that aren’t really looking so positive for Arthur.

“That’ll be—” The girl behind the counter doesn’t get to finish her sentence as Arthur slams the exact amount of money down. He already knows how much it costs after hearing it from her twice and he really doesn’t need to hear it the third time. His trembling hands grab the boxes swiftly and then he leaves and repeats the same process over again until he uses all of the tests.

To his utter dread, they all produce the same positive results and Arthur finally begins to cry.

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Imagine if Arthur found out that Merlin has been the one making those huge, life-or-death, “the fate of Camelot is at stake” choices.

Forget being angry about Merlin keeping secrets and not trusting him. Arthur would be furious that Merlin—acting alone—took it upon himself to decide the fate of the people under Arthur’s protection, whom Arthur sees as his responsibility. Merlin wasn’t even born in Camelot, let alone raised to lead it. He doesn’t have any of the education or experience necessary to make those calls. Arthur does. 

He would be hurt not because Merlin doesn’t trust him as a friend, but because he’s seen as a king who can’t be trusted to make decisions for his own kingdom. Incompetent. Unworthy.  

He’d be frustrated because he wasn’t even given the chance to prove that he could make the right choices. All Merlin’s claims that he sees Arthur as a great king fall flat in the face of reality: He and Gaius pick and choose which kingdom-wide catastrophes Arthur even knows about, let alone which ones he gets to do anything to prevent.

And beneath all that, he’d be saddened and horrified at the burden Merlin has carried alone. He knows the toll such a weight takes on someone’s mind and heart, the terror of making the wrong choice. 

If he knew what Merlin had done, the impossible options he has been forced to weigh alone, Arthur would understand the cost to Merlin, just as well as he would understand the cost to his kingdom.

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do something for lewthur plz (⊙ω⊙✿)

Hoo boy, and so it begins, I doth have my first request, and…lewthur? oh god please tell that’s not what I think it is-*searches it* YUP YUP YUPYUPYUP IT’S ARTHUR X LEWIS.

Shhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooooot. Welp, I did say that ship requests were allowed….hmmmhmmm yes, I have walked right into this one. Mhmmm. Yup. 

For clarification, I don’t actually ship this but it’s kind of cute and I gave it a shot, but ugh this was hard to write: I just suck at anything romance-based and ugh I’m sorry this is so cliche and incoherent and stupid and long-winded because when I feel like I can’t write something well or I’m nervous or think I’m not doing something right I just dump a million words and aughhhhhhh…also, I consider this an AU because there is no way I can think of fitting this ship into the canon of the video currently. Bleh. 

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Ghost Fanfic - Best Served Cold - 18


Note: Thanks for the patience, weekends I tend to be around my laptop less lately. Better rested and ready to write now. So the characters belong to MysteryBen and Artsy. Click Here to read Chapter 17.


            “Squire!” The cave was falling in on him, everything was cracking apart and crumbling, and somewhere Mystery was howling. “Squire!” He couldn’t move his own body. Someone was holding his arms and the cave kept crumbling.


            The cave vanished as his eyes shot open. There was no cave-in, just Vivi shaking him as hard as she could.


            “Vivi I just got him a little calmer last night!” Lewis complained from Arthur’s mouth.

            “It’s an emergency!” Vivi dropped him and ran over to Arthur’s clothes pile on the floor, grabbing a few things. “I woke up to four missed calls from the vet.” She chucked her phone and a handful of froot-of-the-looms in various stages of cleanliness at his head.

            “Arthur!” Lewis practically shrieked, clawing the underwear away. “You STILL don’t wash them right away?”

            After his right arm finished swatting away the pungent undergarments, he yanked it around to scoop up the phone, clicking straight to the voicemails and putting it on speaker. Doctor Noble’s harried voice came on loud and clear.

            You have four new messages. First new message: Hello, Vivi? Doctor Noble here, we need you and your friend, ah what’s on the paperwork… Lewis, to come back quickly. Mystery is starting to wake up, and he’s showing signs of severe anxiety. Please call back. End of first message. Second new message. Hello Vivi? Doctor Noble again. We’ve had to sedate Mystery, he’s not ready to be moving like he is and he’s made three escape attempts, please call me soon. It might help him calm down to see you. End of second message. Third new message. Vivi? Vivi, what breed is this dog? Our normal sedatives aren’t working! I don’t want to have to pull out the larger tranquilizers but Mystery is beginning to display threatening behavior and he needs to be contained so no harm comes to our other patients. Call me now! End of third message. Fourth new message. VIVI YOU AND LEWIS NEED TO GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU LEFT HERE BUT YOU NEED TO COME GET IT! End of fourth message. There are no new messages in your mailbox.

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Arthur Recap Season 9 Episode 3 Arthur Weighs In

Hello everyone! I finally finished that 10 page research paper that had been kicking my ass for this whole time and now I am back to our regular scheduled Mon-Weds-Fri posting. I still have 2 Season 4 episodes to finish but someone requested this one so I thought I’d jump in.

At a carnival, a ring master encourages a crowd to step right up and see the giant, supersized exhibits. One of them is the Poughkeepsie Pumpkin, which weighs more than a car. Jeez, those genetically modified foods are getting out of control. And on another note, wouldn’t that punpkin rot eventually? I bet these carnie folks just made a paper mache pumpkin.

There’s also a magnetic meteorite that can take people’s watches and spare change. I bet the carnie people refuse to give that stuff back.

And finally, there’s Elwood City’s Big Lump of Lumpiness which actually turns out to be a very obese Arthur.

I knew these genetically modified foods are out of control!

Arthur is rehearsing his lines for the school play and D.W. can’t resist eavesdropping. She tells Arthur to ham up his “G-G-G-Ghost!” line and he is all, “I am an ACT-TOR. I am subtle. I am Meryl Streep, not Gary Busey for God’s sake!”

However, as Arthur lectures D.W. on the importance of getting into character, his pants button pops off, nearly smacking D.W. in the face. That’s a shame. D.W. wasn’t being annoying in this episode but I still want retribution for her actions in Arthur’s Big Hit.

Arthur asks Jane to fix his pants but they are too tight. She thinks he’s had a growth spurt and he whines that he HAS to have dress pants since he’s playing a rich guy. Jane agrees to take him to the mall.

At Mill Creek Mall, Arthur can’t find anything that fits him so they ask the salesman for helps. He measures Arthur and points them in the direction of the “Huskee” corner which is basically the place for fat kids.

Arthur pulls out a tacky green and yellow checkered suit, disgusted. I don’t blame him. I get that the focus of this episode is that childhood obesity is bad but I’m annoyed that regardless, there aren’t decent clothing options for big kids. I don’t know what the line of thinking is here–What, fat kids don’t deserve to have cool clothes? Will expanded Huskee corners somehow encourage fat kids to stay fat? Everyone deserves to have nice things, dammit!

Anyway, Arthur imagines himself in the tacky suit taking his bow in the play and because he’s so “Huskee”, he knocks everything down.

Jane tells him that he looks nice but D.W. laughs at him.

Arthur plays soccer with Buster and Brain and the three are rehearsing their lines but Arthur gets out of breath easily. They take a break and Arthur asks his friends if they think he’s fat. “Of course not!” says Buster. “But…there has been a lot more of you lately.”

“THE MORE FOR YOU TO LOVE, BITCH!” yells Arthur but he admits that he’s been getting a little husky lately and doesn’t like it. Buster offers to tell him about the crazy diets his mom has been on but Brain points out that diets aren’t for kids, unless prescribed by a doctor. He suggests that Arthur just eat more healthy foods and exercise more.

D.W. promises to be his trainer and keep an eye on him. She follows him around to make sure he’s not eating junk food and even puts a baby monitor in the pantry so she can hear if he eats chips.

So Arthur’s eating healthy now–great! Except he hasn’t lost the weight in time for the dress rehearsal and he’s not wearing the Huskee suit. He decides to show up in his normal clothes and Muffy teases him for that. Ratburn talks to him after rehearsal and suggests that Arthur start exercising, or if he would like–sexercising!!

Either way, he better work bitch if he wants to fit into his pants! He tells Arthur how playing ping pong helped him get in shape and assigns the whole class to track their steps using a pedometer.

Arthur thinks he does pretty good with his 7,000 steps or whatever he got but realizes that he is a lazy ass since everyone is way more active.

Ratburn tells him to just keep trying and Arthur vows to do better.

Arthur gets sidetracked when he and Buster watch Bionic Bunny but D.W. makes fun of him and tells him that he can play the fat bank robber Bionic Bunny chases some day, which pisses Arthur off. That was a shitty thing to say but apparently, it’s enough to make Arthur kick start his exercise routine.

He walks Pal, jumps rope as he watches TV, etc. Finally, it’s the moment of truth: time to try on the pants again.

And they fit! All his hard work paid off!

Arthur appears in the school play in his normal dress suit and even takes D.W.’s suggestion on how to act scared.

Arthur doesn’t have to weigh in anymore.

Grade: B-(This was a pretty good educational episode although I had an issue with the fat shaming language sometimes used. Don’t get me wrong–childhood obesity is an important issue but the lessons we should be teaching our kids are to eat healthy and exercise often. We shouldn’t teach our kids that fatness is something to be ashamed or afraid of and as a cause to tease others. Fatness does not always equal unhealthy. You can be thin and still have health problems. If this episode was done again, I’d throw out the Huskee bullshit and more things about Arthur being out of shape–he can’t keep up in soccer like he used to, he spends more time watching TV than playing, and he’s not eating well. That’s an important message for kids across the board–regardless of how much they weigh.)

Rating: 45% intense. Huskee suits are intense

((I’ve said this before I think but I can’t find the post so I’ll say it again:

I’m of the firm belief that Uncle Lance got the full story of what happened in the cave from Arthur. Probably when his nephew was out of the hospital, under his uncle’s care and most likely in the aftermath of a violent nightmare.

That much guilt and trauma had to weigh on Arthur something fierce, and I find it hard to believe he kept it all to himself all the time. Admitting it to Mystery (who already knows) and Galahad (whose intelligence is still a bit up-in-the-air, from what I can tell) is all well and good, but….Mystery already knows, and Galahad can’t talk back.

I’ve seen Arthur characterized a lot as someone who wanted to be blamed; he believed that he was at fault, and on some level, he wanted someone besides himself to know that….or maybe he just wanted someone to understand what had gone so horribly wrong, and reassure him that it wasn’t his fault. Depends on your characterization, I guess.

But, Mystery already knows the truth, and Galahad can’t judge, so neither of them would be good candidates for that self-depreciating need for judgement. Lance has known Arthur his whole life, and very well might judge him (or so Arthur thinks). Since he couldn’t bring himself to confess to Vivi, when he was fresh out of the hospital and still riddled with crippling guilt, Arthur might have seen his uncle as his best chance to confess (for better or worse), and gone for it.

Plus, when you’re on strong medication, you’re not exactly thinking clearly, and Arthur had to be on some strong stuff for the violent loss of a limb like that. In the wake of a hard-hitting nightmare, his thoughts would be about as clear as pea soup fog.

Whether Lance believed Arthur or not is up to your personal headcanon, but I like to think that he did. In-the-loop-Lance/‘Denmother’ Lance is my favorite headcanon and I will fight you on it.))