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Arthur Recap Season 9 Episode 3 Arthur Weighs In

Hello everyone! I finally finished that 10 page research paper that had been kicking my ass for this whole time and now I am back to our regular scheduled Mon-Weds-Fri posting. I still have 2 Season 4 episodes to finish but someone requested this one so I thought I’d jump in.

At a carnival, a ring master encourages a crowd to step right up and see the giant, supersized exhibits. One of them is the Poughkeepsie Pumpkin, which weighs more than a car. Jeez, those genetically modified foods are getting out of control. And on another note, wouldn’t that punpkin rot eventually? I bet these carnie folks just made a paper mache pumpkin.

There’s also a magnetic meteorite that can take people’s watches and spare change. I bet the carnie people refuse to give that stuff back.

And finally, there’s Elwood City’s Big Lump of Lumpiness which actually turns out to be a very obese Arthur.

I knew these genetically modified foods are out of control!

Arthur is rehearsing his lines for the school play and D.W. can’t resist eavesdropping. She tells Arthur to ham up his “G-G-G-Ghost!” line and he is all, “I am an ACT-TOR. I am subtle. I am Meryl Streep, not Gary Busey for God’s sake!”

However, as Arthur lectures D.W. on the importance of getting into character, his pants button pops off, nearly smacking D.W. in the face. That’s a shame. D.W. wasn’t being annoying in this episode but I still want retribution for her actions in Arthur’s Big Hit.

Arthur asks Jane to fix his pants but they are too tight. She thinks he’s had a growth spurt and he whines that he HAS to have dress pants since he’s playing a rich guy. Jane agrees to take him to the mall.

At Mill Creek Mall, Arthur can’t find anything that fits him so they ask the salesman for helps. He measures Arthur and points them in the direction of the “Huskee” corner which is basically the place for fat kids.

Arthur pulls out a tacky green and yellow checkered suit, disgusted. I don’t blame him. I get that the focus of this episode is that childhood obesity is bad but I’m annoyed that regardless, there aren’t decent clothing options for big kids. I don’t know what the line of thinking is here–What, fat kids don’t deserve to have cool clothes? Will expanded Huskee corners somehow encourage fat kids to stay fat? Everyone deserves to have nice things, dammit!

Anyway, Arthur imagines himself in the tacky suit taking his bow in the play and because he’s so “Huskee”, he knocks everything down.

Jane tells him that he looks nice but D.W. laughs at him.

Arthur plays soccer with Buster and Brain and the three are rehearsing their lines but Arthur gets out of breath easily. They take a break and Arthur asks his friends if they think he’s fat. “Of course not!” says Buster. “But…there has been a lot more of you lately.”

“THE MORE FOR YOU TO LOVE, BITCH!” yells Arthur but he admits that he’s been getting a little husky lately and doesn’t like it. Buster offers to tell him about the crazy diets his mom has been on but Brain points out that diets aren’t for kids, unless prescribed by a doctor. He suggests that Arthur just eat more healthy foods and exercise more.

D.W. promises to be his trainer and keep an eye on him. She follows him around to make sure he’s not eating junk food and even puts a baby monitor in the pantry so she can hear if he eats chips.

So Arthur’s eating healthy now–great! Except he hasn’t lost the weight in time for the dress rehearsal and he’s not wearing the Huskee suit. He decides to show up in his normal clothes and Muffy teases him for that. Ratburn talks to him after rehearsal and suggests that Arthur start exercising, or if he would like–sexercising!!

Either way, he better work bitch if he wants to fit into his pants! He tells Arthur how playing ping pong helped him get in shape and assigns the whole class to track their steps using a pedometer.

Arthur thinks he does pretty good with his 7,000 steps or whatever he got but realizes that he is a lazy ass since everyone is way more active.

Ratburn tells him to just keep trying and Arthur vows to do better.

Arthur gets sidetracked when he and Buster watch Bionic Bunny but D.W. makes fun of him and tells him that he can play the fat bank robber Bionic Bunny chases some day, which pisses Arthur off. That was a shitty thing to say but apparently, it’s enough to make Arthur kick start his exercise routine.

He walks Pal, jumps rope as he watches TV, etc. Finally, it’s the moment of truth: time to try on the pants again.

And they fit! All his hard work paid off!

Arthur appears in the school play in his normal dress suit and even takes D.W.’s suggestion on how to act scared.

Arthur doesn’t have to weigh in anymore.

Grade: B-(This was a pretty good educational episode although I had an issue with the fat shaming language sometimes used. Don’t get me wrong–childhood obesity is an important issue but the lessons we should be teaching our kids are to eat healthy and exercise often. We shouldn’t teach our kids that fatness is something to be ashamed or afraid of and as a cause to tease others. Fatness does not always equal unhealthy. You can be thin and still have health problems. If this episode was done again, I’d throw out the Huskee bullshit and more things about Arthur being out of shape–he can’t keep up in soccer like he used to, he spends more time watching TV than playing, and he’s not eating well. That’s an important message for kids across the board–regardless of how much they weigh.)

Rating: 45% intense. Huskee suits are intense