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This scene is even more gut wrenching than “there is no place for magic in Camelot”.  

It rips out your heart, no matter whether you think Merlin truly has faith it will happen (when you know it won’t), or whether you think Merlin is intentionally lying to himself here just to get through The Next Awful Thing Trying To Kill Arthur.


(Insp.) I’m sorry but awkward!Arthur just pushes all my buttons plus it’s funnier if you think Uther already knows and loves Arthur anyway and then has to listen to Arthur compare himself to linguini or something

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Barmaid - Arthur Shelby

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Request: I saw you needed more Arthur requests. Maybe one where the reader is the new barmaid at the Garrison and she’s usually quiet and shy but if her buttons are pushed she explodes so Arthur sees her when it happens and he teases her about it constantly. @weirdnewbie

Request: A quick arthur fic where he falls in love with you when you work with the shelby’s and he sees you punch a drunk guy at the garrison out cold? Just cute arthur being a sweety

Barmaid - Arthur Shelby

Harry hired you at the Garrison right before the pub was bought out by Thomas Shelby for his brother. Arthur seemed more interested in getting drunk than up keep of the pub, so you kept your job without incident. You had lived in Small Heath your whole life and Harry had given you the job at the Garrison as a favour to your father. You were not the outgoing type that was required of a barmaid in a place like Birmingham. Sometimes Harry joked that he went whole shifts not realising you were even there because you said nothing, just smiled and handed out drinks. You had a memory good enough to know who drank what and because of that you always kept a bottle of Arthur’s favourite whiskey in the cabinet beneath his desk in the back office. Harry thought it was funny that you did because, he told you often, Arthur probably didn’t even realise you existed.  

That was alright with you. It was stupid because he was nothing like the sort of men you used to see but you liked Arthur a lot. He was older than you but that didn’t bother you in the slightest, it was the dangerous nature of his job that frightened you. Not that it mattered anyway, Arthur was unaware that you pined after him.  

“You’re staring again,” Harry laughed, walking passed you.  

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  • England: How bad is it?
  • France: Well, fortunately, the blade missed your femoral artery.
  • England: That’s good.
  • France: No sweetie, you stabbed yourself with Excalibur. That’s the opposite of good.
  • England: Call me “sweetie” again, and Excalibur will be inside of you.
AsaKiku Headcanons

-Comfortable silences are golden and sweet to both of them.

-They are both hesitant and slow in the relationship.

-On a date, you can usually find them at the back of the restaurant, sitting close and leaning towards each other and giggling.

-They always watch and laugh at terrible, B-rated horror films together.

-Because Kiku is more hesitant than him, Arthur sometimes worries that he doesn’t express his love enough, so he says “I love you” the most.

-America likes to call them the “Not-So-Scared-of-Russia” couple. Kiku had to show Arthur “The History of Japan” video for him to get the joke.

-They always keep the others’ feelings in mind. Kiku is pretty accurate about predicting Arthur’s reactions, but Arthur tends to overthink and mull over the worst case scenario. 

-Arthur rarely calls Kiku by his name. Usually it’s “Love” or “Sweetie”. If Arthur does call him “Kiku” then it’s a serious matter or argument.

-Arthur makes a conscious effort not to raise his voice in an argument because he has seen Kiku visibly flinch at the volume in the past.

-Kiku hates it when Arthur is really pessimistic. For one, the negativity irritates him, but the worst part is that he is very awkward when comforting, so his reassuring and positive words tend to come off as insincere.

-“Don’t be silly. You’re the nicest, sweetest person I have ever met. Sometimes I think that I don’t deserve you.” This is what Arthur tells him when Kiku says something too self-critical. It’s ironic because Arthur criticizes himself in the process.

-They like to read a book together. They’ll switch off a turn every night before bed. They also like to switch the language between English and Japanese so they both get some good practice. The only rule: No horrors.

-Kiku likes to doddle little chibi versions of him and Arthur with hearts around them. Kiku is embarrassed by them and doesn’t show them to his boyfriend, but Arthur does occasionally stumble across them, and they always make him smile.


Or that one where  Arthur stumbles upon Aithusa in the woods and tries to adopt her because we all know Arthur has a strange affinity to all things Dragon and Dragon Lord coughcough

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Doctor Who Challenge: Reflections on America 

[1/?] The Impossible Astronaut

HOW did I forget how much I adore the beginning of Crucible of Gold???

Hammond running from the bunyips and literally falling off a cliff to land at the feet of ~hot outback rancher Laurence~ who literally sternly lectures the bunyips into submission and then pulls him up with one hand

and meanwhile hammond is just thinking ‘laurence??? beard????'