arthur sh

  • Arthur & Merlin: yo Gaius we're gonna do this stupid thing
  • Gaius: No I don't think you sh-
  • Arthur & Merlin: bye
  • Gaius: Now listen here you imbeciles; you've been under my care for how many years? I get no respect around here. You hooligans are always prancing around the woods and getting hurt. Why can't you be more careful and make my pathetic life a little easier? It's because you only care about yourself. You ever think about poor old Gaius having to heal everyone? No. Selfish pricks. I'm not getting any younger you know! And anyways you boys are like 35 and you're still getting in trouble while playing in the woods. Speaking of which, why do you still look 18? Anyways you're not going

“Ahtatatatata. Nuh - Uh - Sh - I do not want to hear it. Just - shush-” He said, pushing his finger to the lips of the person in front of him. “If you are going to whinge at me any more about responsibilities or something equally as awful, I will be forced to carry you out of the building and barricade the door. Take this moment, before you speak, to lower your expectations of me. I was tired of the responsibility at home. I am tired of the responsibility here. If you loved the old me so dearly, why did you not marry him?”