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The Signs As Gay Things From the Sherlock Holmes Books
  • Aries: “If you had killed Watson, you would not have got out of this room alive.”
  • Taurus: Walking arm-in-arm
  • Gemini: The constant reminders that Watson is not a completely reliable narrator
  • Cancer: The single missing page from Watson's letters to Holmes in Hound of the Baskervilles
  • Leo: The connecting door between Holmes and Watson's bedrooms in Baker Street
  • Virgo: Watson literally straight-up saying multiple times that Holmes isn't interested in women
  • Libra: Holmes playing Watson's favorite music while he falls asleep
  • Scorpio: Holmes getting Watson oysters to demonstrate his skill as a homemaker
  • Sagittarius: "I give you my word of honour-and I never broke it in my life -- that I will take a cab straight to the police-station and give you away, unless you let me share this adventure with you."
  • Capricorn: "double beds"
  • Pisces: Watson fainting when he finds out Holmes is alive

Moriarty is unapologetic because he is sure that there is nothing to apologise for.
Things happen. Good and bad ones.

He is aware that no matter what he or someone else does something negative or positive will occur.

That’s why he doesn’t have a moral compass. Moriarty has nothing to lose and he developed a ride-or-die attitude.

Knowing that the world will carry on spinning and he’s just playing one of the many roles that will become history he acts as he pleases.

A dead man has nothing to lose.

okay but

  • regular animals can turn into high-ranking demons by absorbing the energy from the demon realm
  • arthur is assumed to be captured/in the presence of the demons right now
  • cath is presumably still attached to arthur (and already has ties to the demons, considering it was sealed in the goddess amber in istar)

demon final form cath is more possible than ever now. wake up, britannia.

S: “Well look at that! Guess my rusty talking sword just beat King Arthur! Heheh!”

SH: “… Hold on…”


B: “…”

Thanks to @neonnautilus for drawing that hilarious idea from me, them, @verdoiier and @bitter-fell-child !!!!! Where Sonic and the Black Knight is actually an elaborate game of DND and Sonic just keeps rolling perfect d20s despite not even making a proper character!



anonymous asked:

Which sequence do u read Sherlock Holmes books?

And which book / story sequence should I read for Moriarty’s case?        

Sorry if I missunderstood your question but you are asking for the order in which you should read the SH books in, right?

The order doesn’t matter for most (like 90%) of the stories as they are all self-contained. However, I’d advise you to read A Study In Scarlet first since it’s not only the first published Sherlock Holmes story but also the story in which Holmes and Watson mee. You could go for A Sign Of Four next because not only is this the second Sherlock Holmes story but also because Holmes and Watson get to know eachother a little bit more. Furthermore, you certainly need to read The Final Problem (which is the Moriarty story you asked about) before The Empty House, as this is a ‘direct’ follow-up to the events of FINA.
I personally would adivse you to read His Last Bow (the short story not the collection of short stories) last because, even though it’s not the last Sherlock Holmes story ever written or published, it’s the epilogue.
When it comes to the order of the rest of the stories, it really doesn’t matter as I said before. You could go by the chronological order - which is what I did, exept that I didn’t read the short stories in the order they are already in but picked the ones that sounded the most promising or mysterious first and then read the rest, or maybe read all the novels first and then the short stories (I personally find SCAR and VALL rather weak compared to SIGN, HOUN and most of the short stories which is why I wouldn’t choose that order but maybe you really like them!), or go wild and chose which ever stories you want first.

I hope that helped. In case the abbreviations I used are unclear, you can check their meaning here - I’m usually too lazy to spell the title of most of the stories out, which I’m really sorry for.