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30 Days of Call the Midwife (2017)

Day 13–Favorite Male Guest Star

Simon Chandler as Canon Arthur Gilbert (Episode 6x08) 

This was a somewhat difficult decision, but I finally decided on Canon Gilbert even though his appearance was fairly brief. In such a short time, I thought the character, backstory, and relationship with his daughter Barbara was very well portrayed on the show. Also, this guy perfectly fit my mental image of what Barbara’s dad would be like. I liked his scenes with Charlotte Ritchie. It’s somewhat sad that he’s going away for three years, because it would be great to be able to see him pay a visit to Poplar again!

I also wanted to mention someone else that I thought about choosing, but ultimately didn’t because I don’t really think of him as a guest star. The suggestion is that he’s going to be a recurring character, and I hope he will be because Reggie Jackson is such a wonderful character, and I love his relationship with Fred and Violet, and the wonderful performance by actor Daniel Laurie!


Chuck and Howard’s conversations in Season 2 (top) vs. Season 3 (bottom)
There seems to be a growing rift between them–they’re no longer seeing eye to eye (literally and figuratively), and that’s reflected in their body language and respective positions. They seem more adversarial in the shot from Season 3: there’s a desk between them, Howard has his legs crossed whereas Chuck is upright and seated with his legs squared and open, and there’s a lot more distance between them.

Just an observation :) maybe this is indicative of something, maybe not. 

I love how the light filters in through the window. Beautiful shots.