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This was supposed to be a little sketch tribute that predictably turned into a tiny monster. Dx Thanks to Demi, Hana and OBQ for the extra push!

Inspired by Emrys Ascending by tricksterity, which I enjoyed tremendously. (Please please please update soon please. *grovels*) 

Uh… hello? He muttered in his mind.
Merlin Emrys! I- what are- what an honour! The Hat stuttered, and Merlin suppressed a laugh.
The honour is all mine, he replied. So… sort me, I guess.
But where to put you? You possess every quality of each house in massive quantities, you would easily belong in any house you wished! It squeaked out.
So you mean that I can just choose any house? You’re not going to sort me? He asked it.
I-Well, I didn’t exactly mean that, the Hat stuttered again.
Let’s start from the bottom then, shall we?