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Tyrion Lannister – Tyrion wouldn’t be able to look away. As a man who prides himself on sleeping with many, many whores, he also prides himself in having seen a lot of beautiful women in his life. But no one, NO ONE has ever been as beautiful as you.

Podrick Payne – Podrick would blush and stumble over his words, unable to do and say anything. Though, through his stuttering the word beautiful and lovely would pop up quite a few times.

Ned Stark – Ned would look away, quickly, and blush worse than even Podrick. He’d be tongue tied and awkward, suggesting more than once that you cover yourself. He do his best not to look, though more than once he may try to talk himself into “just peaking” but would chicken out at the last moment.

Bronn – Bronn would smirk and make several advances toward you. He would suggest several things the two of you could do and where to do them, he wouldn’t care if you were high born or low born.

Arthur Dayne – Arthur, forever a Knight, would instantly remove his gold cloak and wrap it around your shoulders. He would smile kindly and ask you what you were thinking stripping down to nothing in a place where he could so easily see you. Being a charmer, he might steal a kiss or two, but nothing more.

Sandor Clegane – Sandor would be uncomfortable around your naked form, but he wouldn’t try to hide his desire for you. If you were really important to him, he wouldn’t do anything without making sure it was alright with you and even then he would move very slowly and gently so to make sure he didn’t harm you.


Yara (Asha) Greyjoy – The personality trait that Yara/Ashara would find most endearing about you is your ability to always come back stronger than ever after being knocked down. Your “talent” of always thinking on the bright side and being confident in yourself and your abilities.

Myrcella Baratheon – In a world that is cruel, the personality trait Myrcella would find the most endearing about you is your ability to always be kind no matter what has happened to you in your life.

‘She wanted a very interesting name, when he leaves a room people wouldn’t forget it. Which I think is it definitely does that.
'I actually wanted, Arthur. I think you sound like a bit of a tank -…Arthur Payne. He’s not a guy you’d mess around with. I don’t think Bear is, either though

“Choosing the Red and White Roses in the Temple Garden” 
Henry Arthur Payne (1910)

This is the preliminary painting for a mural that currently hangs in the East Corridor of the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. The painting is a rendition of a scene from William Shakespeare’s play Henry VI, Part I (Act II, Scene 4). In this scene Richard Plantagenet, the Duke of York, challenges Edmund Beaufort, the Duke of Somerset, and urges his followers to declare their allegiance by picking different coloured roses: white for York, red for Lancaster.


Let him that is a true-born gentleman
And stands upon the honour of his birth,
If he suppose that I have pleaded truth,
From off this brier pluck a white rose with me.


Let him that is no coward nor no flatterer,
But dare maintain the party of the truth,
Pluck a red rose from off this thorn with me.


And here I prophesy: this brawl to-day,
Grown to this faction in the Temple-garden,
Shall send between the red rose and the white
A thousand souls to death and deadly night.

As legend has it, this confrontation was the spark of the 15th-century English conflict known as the Wars of the Roses. The historical basis for this event, however, has been severely questioned by late 20th-century scholars. The plucking of the red and white roses in the Inner Temple Garden, as presented by Shakespeare, is now widely regarded as a fabrication of Tudor propagandists to promote the birth of the new dynasty as the end of a tragical struggle between the houses of Lancaster and York.

Yet, if that confrontation indeed took place, it is only logical that it might have happened in late April or early May 1455, as the first actual battle between the two quarrelling sides took place on the 22nd of May that same year. Interestingly enough, the flower that comprised the Yorkist rose badge, a plant called Rosa Alba Semiplena, as all other medieval garden roses, only flowered during a short period of time in late spring and early summer. It would have been available for plucking at just the right time – a week or two before the fighting began. 


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Harry Payne (1858–1927) was an English military artist. Henry Joseph Payne, born at Newington, London, the son of Joseph and Margaret Sophie Payne. His father was a solicitor’s clerk. Married Susanna Terese Cossins at Camberwell on 16 June 1887. They had no children. With his brother, Arthur C. Payne, he produced many series of oilette postcards for Raphael Tuck & Sons and also did extensive work for Gale and Polden producing illustrations for their postcard series along with other military artists including Edgar Alfred Holloway, John McNeill, and Ernest Ibbetson.

In 1898 he and his brother Arthur created a series of chromolithographic and lithographic illustrations for an edition of Robert Browning‘s The Pied Piper of Hamelin.