arthur on mountain


Almost like the most embarrassing sacrifice ever…

i laughed so hard at gen-yoshimoto’s fanart! Always pictures Arthur as a damsel in distress…need saving from Vivi or Lewis..heck even Mystery..

poor Arthur pfff


Mystery Skulls by the Lakeside

Mystery Skulls Animated belongs to @mysterybensmysteryblog and the rest of the MSA crew!

Tools/methods used: sketches with Faber Castell color pencils, inking with Artline calligraphy pens and editing on Adobe Photoshop CS2.

USUK Diet Mountain Dew parody :D Song by my queen Lana Del Rey 

yea I tried to draw them with pixel art and pop art style, and it was really much hard to draw~

I just think this song is fit with them ♥ Click here to listen the song 

Diet mountain dew, baby, New York City
Never was there ever a girl so pretty
Do you think we’ll be in love forever?
Do you think we’ll be in love?

Diet mountain dew, baby, New York City
Can we hit it now low down and gritty
Do you think we’ll be in love forever?
Do you think we’ll be in love?

Mountain Father Hike

Starting one-foot-at-a-time.
Back serrated - edge spinning.

Wealth songs wonder - bringing, backing.
Tracking off to wildernesses.
Whistling over-shoulder.

Orange backpack, leather worn boots.
Adventure rises out of the heart.
Detouring back to the right road.
Rhythm rivering, filling the valley bright.

“Story Through Woods” - The Amber Journal 12/2016

Hoy, dollinks, I’ve had a rough few days, so I’m entertaining myself by sharing a little bit of that book I’m writing. It’s Sunday morning, so most of you probably won’t even see this, but to those of you who do:

Please enjoy this excerpt, in which Bedevere tells Lancelot that he is aro/ace (which they don’t actually have a word for but is still a thing).


Arthur found the other kingdoms of Cymru reluctant to support the Saxons’ war. Taking Bedevere and Lancelot with him, he rode out to persuade them. Every time he returned to Camelot, he looked a little more disheartened. Privately, Lancelot did all he could to comfort his prince. In public he could only stand by and watch him suffer.

Many nights, the three of them huddled around a campfire in the woods. When Arthur shivered, Lancelot offered his own cloak. Bedevere looked on in disapproval.

Winter came fast in the foothills. Cold rain and sharp winds made mockery of their campfires. Arthur sat closer to the sputtering flames, huddled deeper into his cloak.

One night, when the rains had abated but the wind howled down out of the mountains, Arthur slept fitfully, shivering in two cloaks and three blankets. Lancelot crouched nearby, feeding the driest twigs he could find to the fire. The green wood snapped and smoked. Bedevere stood over him, silent and surly.

“Why do you dislike me?” Lancelot asked abruptly.

“I don’t.” Bedevere waited for Lancelot to stand before he continued. “But if you hurt Arthur, I will cut you into little pieces and light you on fire.”

“Oh.” Lancelot looked down at their sleeping prince. “Well, I have no intention—”

“Your intention is irrelevant. Only your actions matter to me.”

Lancelot thought that point fair, and he said so. “If I hurt Arthur, I’m sure I’ll want to be cut into pieces and set on fire.”

Bedevere made a small noise of amusement. “You really do love him.” He shook his head. “You never saw Camelot without him. It was a colder place before he came to us. He has this way of lighting up the whole world, just by being there.”

Lancelot studied Bedevere’s fond smile. “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you loved him, too.”

“We all love him. Not the same way you do,” Bedevere added before Lancelot could comment. “When you first arrived, I knew you would be trouble, the way you seemed to fancy everyone.”

Somehow, Lancelot managed to hold back his relief. “You don’t fancy Arthur?”

“If I fancied anyone,” Bedevere replied with a shrug, “I expect it might be him. But I don’t, and I haven’t, and I don’t think I ever shall.”

Lancelot gave Bedevere a sidelong glance. “I can’t imagine a life like that,” he said, “but to each his own.”

“Likewise.” For a long while they stood together in silence, trying to warm their hands over the sputtering fire. Arthur grumbled to himself in his sleep. At length, Bedevere said, “I won’t go easy on you if we become friends.”

“I expected not.”

“It’s my job to make you fighting fit.” Bedevere nodded toward their sleeping prince. “When he is too much himself, you will need to protect him.”

“Always,” Lancelot promised.

They kept watch the rest of the night, shivering as the wind buffeted them, feeding a dying fire.


The opening shot seems pretty nice too. Sunrises, mountain peaks, lakes (lochs), boats, Islands, and a whole lot of impressive views. Here’s the original caption:

My first visit to Scotland and what a place! We totally lucked out with the weather and enjoyed day after day of warm beautiful sunshine. I had heard and seen how beautiful the Scottish landscapes are but I was blown away seeing it with my own eyes. This video shows only a tiny glimpse of what the place has to offer, if you haven’t been, get planning you trip to Scotland now!
This was mainly filmed around Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park area and features Ben Arthur (The Cobbler), Ben Ime, Loch Lomond, Loch Long, Luss, Inverary, Loch Fyne and many more.

Inception Fic Recs

People always ask me for Inception fic recs and I’m terrible about remembering all of the fics I read or reccing all of the ones I love, but I’m trying to be better about maintaining records about things so here are some lists: here, here, here, and:

our shiny city by 8611 - art school AU

Don’t Judge a Fae by Its Color by cosmogyral_mad_woman - “Lost Girl” fusion

The Secret Life of Centaurs by Lenore - dreamsharing in baseball

Everything by allothi (everything by everyone I mention, frankly), especially Attached - in which Arthur has a pet penguin

Residual Affection by Tokyo_the_Glaive - haunting exploration of dreamsharing

You Had Me Hooked at Cthulhu by onthecount (crowry) - Eames falls in love with Arthur the YouTube star

Secrets to Immortality by haeronwen - Arthur as nanny (WIP)

Everybody must excuse us (if we walk on air) by Aja - happy

It’s Just a Twitch and It’s Part of His Style by fiamac - Arthur being BAMF

The Mind Has Mountains by wobblyheadeddollcaper - mountain climbing AU

The Importance of Being by sevenimpossiblethings - theater kids AU

One Olive, One Onion by involuntaryorange - hilarious origin story

An Unambiguous Cataloguing System by wldnst - roommate AU

Mismatched by RaininginExile - movie star AU

Everything by sarahyyy, especially Occupational Hazard - in which Eames writes horoscopes

Saveur by scribblscrabbl - food truck AU

Oh, and if you’re looking for meta, chasingriver put together The Inception Meta - Five Years of Inception Fandom 

That is, inevitably, only a partial list, but at least I am feeling slightly more organized in my head right now. 

(Gah! I didn’t even TOUCH on the awesome stuff written for NBT!!!!)


Spoopy Livestream Sketches! [Click the pics 4 more info!]

Wow!! I usually fail when i start up a livestream, but this time it was a huge success!!! The requests were hilarious and so much fun; thank you guys for coming! Also ahh thank you for those sweet, sweet compliments!~///// 
Will definitely do this again in the future!