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I don’t want them to know the secrets. I don’t want them to know the way I loved you. I don’t think they’d understand it, no. I don’t think they would accept me, no.

Merlin deleted scenes otherwise known as:

“Julian, it’s just too gay, we’ve got to cut it, I’m sorry.”


Because, because of Arthur’s reaction when Uther crushes the flower… ughashfkjhgh. And this line:

“Put me in the stocks for a week, a month even, I don’t care. Just make sure it gets to him. I’m begging you.”

Like, just- just how long have Merlin and Arthur known each other at this point? Because Arthur’s reaction is extreme. Truly. He screams ‘No’ when the flower is crushed, his eyes are wide with shock and he’s just staring at the crushed flower in Uther’s hand.

Then as soon as the cell door is closed, he rushes to the ground instantly and reaches through the bars to try and get the flower back. It’s obviously hurting him but he does it anyway and we don’t even see it but I bet he struggles for a long while trying to get the flower back.

Like that’s an extreme reaction if I’ve ever seen one. He begs Uther, for a start. Lays out a punishment, I mean, being in the stocks for a week? Perhaps that’s enough. A month? Jesus christ, Arthur, that’s so so extreme. 

But he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about what his punishment is, as long as Merlin survives. 

And, like, I thought that episode couldn’t get any worse but here I am crying internally all over again because Arthur was so damn DESPERATE.

He’d already been through so much trying to get the flower and that scene in the cells is so loaded. He just wants Merlin to live, he doesn’t care about anything else.

And I think that sums up Arthur pretty well, in terms of Merlin.

Arthur just wants Merlin to live, to be happy and smiley and he literally doesn’t care about what happens to him in order to get that.

People get so worked up over bottom!Arthur and I just don’t understand it. Fuck off with your weird pseudo-gender roles. Just because Arthur’s stereotypically “”“masculine”“” doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy bottoming. (Personally, I ship merthur and I think he and Merlin switch). The bedroom dynamic doesn’t change his character (e.g. it doesn’t emasculate him) nor does it drastically change the relationship with his partner, and to think so gives far too much emphasis on sex and not enough on the relationship itself. 

*rant over*

every morn and every night
some are born to sweet delight.
some are born to sweet delight,
some are born to endless night

(Take heart young warlock, for Arthur will rise again)

merlin fanart

Arthur grabbed a handful of Merlin’s tunic and dragged him down the sidewalk to the storefront window. Beyond the glass stood a statue wearing long blue robes speckled with stars, and a pointed blue hat covered with crescent moons.

“Is that-?“ Arthur gasped, and his face was going to split with his grin, absolutely it was, he could feel it. “That’s- It’s a-“

“Merlin the Magician Costume, yes,” Merlin said impatiently, reading the sign at the base of the statue.

Arthur looked at him with wide delighted eyes, then burst out laughing.

Merlin gave a loud put-upon huff. “It’s not that funny.”

Arthur laughed so hard that he had to bend forward, hands on knees. He was barely able to speak because of it. “You simply must- get those- robes-”

“I already have them.“

Arthur’s head jerked up. “What?”

Merlin crossed his arms over his chest. Defiant and embarrassed in equal measure, judging by the pink in his cheeks. “I said, I have them.”

Arthur pictured Merlin actually wearing the catastrophe of a costume, and burst out laughing again, even harder than before.

“You are being such an arse,” Merlin said, pulling Arthur by the arm back to his horse and shoving him toward it.

“I remember!” Arthur said, as he climbed back into his saddle. “The night I came back from Avalon! When you were still an old man! You had them on then!”

“I wear them for the Solstice Festival,” Merlin informed him as he climbed on his own horse. “It’s tradition,” he added defiantly, before urging his mare down the narrow street between the rows of parked cars.

It took several minutes of chuckling before Arthur got control of himself again. He had to wipe tears from his face, and even rub at his cheeks, because they were actually aching from smiling. He couldn’t even remember the last time that had happened.

“Merlin?” he called.


“Do you have the hat too?”

"Never mind!”

“You do, don’t you!”

“Yes, all right? God you are such a-!”

“I think I shall command you to wear it,“ Arthur called, joyful at the mere thought of it, because oh my yes, Merlin in that hat-

“Not a chance,” Merlin said over his shoulder, though his own amusement was plain in his voice now.

“We’ll see about that, Merlin the Magician.”

“Yes we will, Once and Future Pain in my Arse.”


Sometimes, people ask Merlin how long he and Arthur have been dating.
“Twenty one years,” he’d tell them.
“Wow,” they’d say, “that’s a really long time.”
Merlin just nods.
Then there’s the inevitable silence as they do some frantic calculations.
“Wait- how old are you?”
Merlin just goes back to his food.
“But - that means you started dating when you – you couldn’t have been older than, what?”
“Three,” Arthur says. Usually at his point in the conversation he’d start stealing Merlin’s fries. Merlin would let him, but glare a lot, because that’s what Merlin does. “We got married behind the church.”
“Wait, hold on, you’re married?”
“Nah,” Merlin says, “I don’t think those kinds of marriages are valid.”
“Those kinds?”
“You know, with plastic rings, without witnesses, that stuff. Also, we weren’t of legal age, obviously.”
“We were three,” Arthur repeats, “and Merlin was wearing half a chocolate cake.”
“Was not. And if you hadn’t stolen my plate that wouldn’t–”
“But,” they’d say, a little desperate now, “I know, that’s a childhood thing, but that’s not actual dating. I mean, you guys had other relationships, right?”
Merlin stares, then. “No, why would I?”
Arthur always gets a bit angry at this part. “Merlin was my boyfriend from that day on. What, you think my ceremony was lacking somehow?”
“Wait no, I didn’t mean -”
“Because I got him flowers-”
“Dandelions, he got me dandelion, also roses, they pricked him, he still has a scar there-”
“And there was music-”
“Mum was making more cake, she always sings then-”
“And the cake, obviously.”
“Obviously,” their listener echoes. “And you never broke up? Dated someone else? Had crushes on other people?”
They both just shake their heads. Merlin spies Arthur’s abandoned hot cocoa. It has marshmallows on. Arthur, the heathen, doesn’t even like marshmallows.
“You’re not drinking that, are you?” He’s already grabbing it as he says it.
“Sure, go ahead, take everything I own, strip me down to my last shirt.”
Merlin smirks. “I intend to.”
At this point, the listener is usually defeated by their long, lingering looks and makes a run for it before they can witness some kissing. Or worse.
They probably didn’t get it, but it’s fine. After all, no one but Merlin and Arthur need to.


Merlin & Arthur | I would wait a lifetime for you

Arthurian Legend in Trollhunters

I marathoned Trollhunters a week ago, and I think I’m just getting more addicted to this show with each passing day! ^_^

And I have to know, does one else just love the connections and allusions to Arthurian legend? I’m a huge fan of Arthurian myth myself, and while not essential, I find this aspect of Trollhunters to be icing on the cake!

Things I’ve noticed:

-It’s actually mentioned in interview that Jim’s armor was inspired by the movie Excalibur (1981), a King Arthur fantasy film. I can definitely see it; before even reading that interview, the armor was already reminding me of knight-based films, including Excalibur. One noteworthy thing is that, in both Excalibur and Trollhunters, the armor seems to have its own glow.

-Speaking of Excalibur, Daylight basically is a bit like Excalibur, an exemplary and legendary sword of exquisite beauty and immense power. While Arthur was not the only one capable of wielding Excalibur like Jim is with Daylight, there is an essence of the wielder of the sword being a “chosen one” by magical means.

-They also visually reference the “sword in the stone” legend in the first episode…twice. It’s done comically, mind you, but still. Arthur draws the sword from the stone to prove he is the true king. Jim still draws the sword from the stone and holds it aloft as Strickler’s voiceover proclaims the amulet has found its champion. So Daylight is used as an allusion to the Sword in the Stone and Excalibur, the two fabled swords of Arthur.

-Of course, the obvious Arthurian reference is that the Trollhunter’s amulet is the amulet of Merlin! (Guillermo del Toro has admitted he was going for “an Arthurian steampunk” vibe with the amulet’s design.) They even call the Trollhunter “Merlin’s Champion.” Merlin’s name is also mentioned in the riddle left by Bodus: The Myrddin Wylt obscured a Shadow’s bane. As Claire stated, “Myrddin Wylt” is an ancient name for Merlin (Welsh, to be precise). So I’m guessing, in this universe, there was an actual Merlin who made the amulet.

-Of course, Bodus’ riddle leaves us to wonder why Merlin, who, according to Kanjigar, crafted the Trollhunter’s armor “with a single purpose in mind: to protect both our worlds,” would “obscure” the very items capable of taking down a dark evil like Gunmar rather than having them available to the Trollhunter. What sort of dark secrets lay in the past of these artifacts that prompted Merlin to hide them? Why doesn’t he want the Trollhunter using them? They are dark items of evil origin - the Birth Stone, the thing that birthed Gunmar; the Killing Stone, a thing Gunmar killed, and Gunmar’s eye, a thing from Gunmar himself - so are they safe to use at all? Does using them spell trouble for Jim?

-If there was a Merlin, there was probably a King Arthur. But wait…if the Trollhunter is “Merlin’s Champion,” was Arthur a Trollhunter? But that would mean he would have to be a troll. Del Toro has claimed the incantation “For the glory of Merlin…” hints at the amulet’s origins and has promised to explore that later in the series, so…will we find out King Arthur was a troll? Or maybe one of his knights was a troll. (Man, a troll Lancelot with a human Arthur and Guinevere would be more than a little awkward.)

-Wait…what if Arthur wasn’t a normal troll? What if he was a Changeling? Hence why humans would remember him as human, but he was actually a troll.

-Or perhaps King Arthur was simply a human during the time of Merlin who showed friendship to the trolls.

-And if there is a Merlin and an Arthur, could there be a Morgan Le Fay? Could that be the mysterious witch who cursed Angor Rot?! She is called Argante, Lady Pale, Baba Yaga, and Eldritch Queen. Baba Yaga is a ferocious-looking witch from Slavic folklore and Lady Pale refers to “white ladies,” ghosts or images of female figures in folklore the world over. But what’s interesting here is Eldritch Queen and Argante. Argante is often cited as the queen of Avalon in Arthurian myth. She’s often equated with - get this - Morgan Le Fay. Furthermore, Morgan Le Fay is often said to be queen of the fairies or “fay people.” “Eldritch” means “weird and sinister or ghostly” and is often used to refer to something sinister, but what’s interesting is that it’s based on the Middle English word for “fairyland.” “Eldritch Queen” could mean “ghostly queen of the fairies”…exactly what Morgan Le Fay was in many Arthurian myths. This is backed by the fact that she sent Angor Rot to kill the Trollhunters, “Merlin’s champions,” for Morgan Le Fay is almost always shown at odds with Merlin.

Well, I thought that I was just going to geek out over King Arthur, but now I’m throwing out legit Trollhunters theories. Ah, I love it! XD

Gentle reminder that in the beginning, Merlin thought he was useless and might as well be dead. That the years before he came to Camelot were some of the loneliest of his life. That he needed to be reassured that he wasn't a monster. That when he first came to Camelot, he witnessed the death of a man who had magic, something he always felt isolated for. Remember that he finally found a purpose, a reason to live (and die). That he found the best friend he would ever have and how he worked so hard and lost so much just to make sure his friend was safe, only to lose him, too. I would imagine that all the things he felt before Camelot are the things he felt after his purpose fell apart in his arms, but at a greater strength. Reminder that Merlin can't fucking die, no matter how much he would like to. We all know he would.

~~~Somebody shoot me now~~~

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