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You wanted a prophecy, this is your prophecy: the man who pulled sword from stone - behold! Your born king!

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Arthurian Legend in Trollhunters

I marathoned Trollhunters a week ago, and I think I’m just getting more addicted to this show with each passing day! ^_^

And I have to know, does one else just love the connections and allusions to Arthurian legend? I’m a huge fan of Arthurian myth myself, and while not essential, I find this aspect of Trollhunters to be icing on the cake!

Things I’ve noticed:

-It’s actually mentioned in interview that Jim’s armor was inspired by the movie Excalibur (1981), a King Arthur fantasy film. I can definitely see it; before even reading that interview, the armor was already reminding me of knight-based films, including Excalibur. One noteworthy thing is that, in both Excalibur and Trollhunters, the armor seems to have its own glow.

-Speaking of Excalibur, Daylight basically is a bit like Excalibur, an exemplary and legendary sword of exquisite beauty and immense power. While Arthur was not the only one capable of wielding Excalibur like Jim is with Daylight, there is an essence of the wielder of the sword being a “chosen one” by magical means.

-They also visually reference the “sword in the stone” legend in the first episode…twice. It’s done comically, mind you, but still. Arthur draws the sword from the stone to prove he is the true king. Jim still draws the sword from the stone and holds it aloft as Strickler’s voiceover proclaims the amulet has found its champion. So Daylight is used as an allusion to the Sword in the Stone and Excalibur, the two fabled swords of Arthur.

-Of course, the obvious Arthurian reference is that the Trollhunter’s amulet is the amulet of Merlin! (Guillermo del Toro has admitted he was going for “an Arthurian steampunk” vibe with the amulet’s design.) They even call the Trollhunter “Merlin’s Champion.” Merlin’s name is also mentioned in the riddle left by Bodus: The Myrddin Wylt obscured a Shadow’s bane. As Claire stated, “Myrddin Wylt” is an ancient name for Merlin (Welsh, to be precise). So I’m guessing, in this universe, there was an actual Merlin who made the amulet.

-Of course, Bodus’ riddle leaves us to wonder why Merlin, who, according to Kanjigar, crafted the Trollhunter’s armor “with a single purpose in mind: to protect both our worlds,” would “obscure” the very items capable of taking down a dark evil like Gunmar rather than having them available to the Trollhunter. What sort of dark secrets lay in the past of these artifacts that prompted Merlin to hide them? Why doesn’t he want the Trollhunter using them? They are dark items of evil origin - the Birth Stone, the thing that birthed Gunmar; the Killing Stone, a thing Gunmar killed, and Gunmar’s eye, a thing from Gunmar himself - so are they safe to use at all? Does using them spell trouble for Jim?

-If there was a Merlin, there was probably a King Arthur. But wait…if the Trollhunter is “Merlin’s Champion,” was Arthur a Trollhunter? But that would mean he would have to be a troll. Del Toro has claimed the incantation “For the glory of Merlin…” hints at the amulet’s origins and has promised to explore that later in the series, so…will we find out King Arthur was a troll? Or maybe one of his knights was a troll. (Man, a troll Lancelot with a human Arthur and Guinevere would be more than a little awkward.)

-Wait…what if Arthur wasn’t a normal troll? What if he was a Changeling? Hence why humans would remember him as human, but he was actually a troll.

-Or perhaps King Arthur was simply a human during the time of Merlin who showed friendship to the trolls. (After all, Merlin’s amulet was first used by Deya the Deliverer, not a troll named Arthur.)

-And if there is a Merlin and an Arthur, could there be a Morgan Le Fay? Could that be the mysterious witch who cursed Angor Rot?! Just going out on a limb here - I’m not sure what Morgan would be doing in Bulgaria - but it’s possible.

Well, I thought that I was just going to geek out over King Arthur, but now I’m throwing out legit Trollhunters theories. Ah, I love it! XD

I realized something about majority of my ships...
  • <p> <b>Person A:</b> Charming, Intelligent, Can speak multiple languages, Straight A student<p/><b>Person B:</b> Loud, Obnoxious, Probably ate all the candy in the jar then guessed zero, Mega dork and proud<p/><b></b> But also...<p/><b>Person B:</b> Compassionate, Scary threat when provoked, Very chill when mellow, Keeps things bottled up and fakes smiles to get through the day, Very tol<p/><b>Person A:</b> Standoffish, High and mighty complex, Angry at everything and everyone, Cries at everything, Emotionally stunted due to tragic past, Very smol but will fight you<p/></p>
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