arthur just knows ron's going to go off with harry and hermione

professor lupin

Harry’s train ride with Remus as seen by Lily and James

James: Yes Harry, go in that compartment. Come on, the others are full. He won’t bite, I mean he can but– *punches air* YES! EVANS! Remus and Harry are in the same compartment. 

Lily: He’s going to be his teacher all year what difference does it make that Harry’s in the same compartment with a sleeping Remus

James: He’ll wake up eventually

Lily: *laughing* Yeah, when they are getting off

*Harry is telling Hermione and Ron about what Mr. Weasley warned him about*

James: What the fuck does “Don’t go looking for him” mean anyway. He’s basically saying that there’s a reason that will cause him to go look for him.

Lily: Arthur was just trying to warn him James.

James: It’s Pads, the worst thing he will do is lick Harry’s face.

Lily: They don’t know that.

James: Oh, yeah.. Right.

*Train starts to slow down because of Dementors.*

James: Why are they stopping? It’s too early.

Lily: *shocked* Are those– Are those Dementors?

James: What the fuck does the ministry think? Sirius would get on Hogwarts Express?

Lily: Come on Remus wake up

James: Moony, now is a good time mate. 

*Remus wakes up, goes to check what’s wrong, then the Dementor attacks Harry, Remus casts Patronus charm a little later*

Lily: Why– Why is he attacking Harry? Why is Remus not casting a Patronus charm?

James: Because he can’t Lils. It always took him some time when he’s alone. Moony think about how we ran in the Forest mate, come on, there you go.

*Harry wakes up Remus gives him chocolate*

Lily: Well, something’s never change do they?

James: *grinning* Moony without chocolate is like– I don’t know what it’s like, I’ve never seen it. Now, since we got over this, Moony introduce yourself to Harry.

Lily: He won’t.

James: You think he didn’t recognise him? He looks exact–

Lily: Of course he recognised him don’t be silly, he just won’t. He is not ready for this.

James: *pulls his hair* It’s been twelve– TWELVE YEARS. I’m giving him one month.

Lily: *smiling* You do that baby.