arthur isn't like that


Give me that role reversal AU with Prince Merlin where Arthur doesn’t have magic, is a deposed Uther Pendragon’s son and somehow becomes Merlin’s fakely magical manservant with a bitchy Gaius in tow. Arthur is the one who has to hide his identity as Once and Future King because… his friend Merlin is Crown Prince.

Give me Arthur pretending to have magic through science and sheer problem solving ability. Or how he doesn’t get credit for doing difficult things because he’s supposed to have magic anyway. And how much he adores watching Merlin do frivolous, beautiful magics  that he can’t even dream of doing.

Give me Arthur hiding Excalibur in his room when he’s not using it to defeat Undead Knights or plotting High Priestesses. Tell me about Merlin not knowing he’s Emrys, and just being a chilled out Prince who doesn’t know that Arthur has no magic at all and is actually in constant danger All The Time.

And bonus chalice, because Nimueh and Morgause are the evil queens of Camelot who don’t want to see the prophecy come true.

If we all collectively don’t watch tonight’s episode then Cal doesn’t die and we all (well I can) pretend that he’s off training to be a surgeon because Sam got him a training position in America. Okay? deal? everyone agree?

you can reboot as many times as you want but you’ll never take from me dolphins reporting to aquaman that they heard “yelling and screeching” from bruce wayne’s general vicinity at the beach which naturally made him think batman was being attacked when he was just having sex. arthur making fun of bruce for being called “Dee Dee” by his girlfriend and proceeding to joke “it’s not diana, is it? young man, that rope is not a play-thing!”. you’ll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands

i heard someone singing “you better shape up” on the street and my first reaction was “omg merthur grease au”

Two sides of the same coin

Arthur Pendragon & Merlin Emrys
The once and Future King & the greatest Sorcerer to ever walk the Earth

The last days mark my re-obsession with Merlin and here we are, I drew something. Funny to compare this accidental piece with the old one of these two (klick) from 2013.

594. The burrow was built when Molly was heavily pregnant with Bill and they needed more room. Arthur insisted on using muggle tools and he enchanted power saws that ran out of control and had hammers flying around and spent three days trying to figure out what you use a level for. By the time Arthur finished Molly was about ready to pop and saw how proud Arthur was so she reinforced it with magic and it became a tradition whenever she was pregnant Arthur would build.

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— Nikita Gill



  • What if when Arthur returns, everyone knows it? Like, Merlin isn't the only one. Imagine seers camping out on lake Avalon like a rock festival, holding up signs telling Arthur they love him. And when he rises, all naked and confused as cameras flash at him, a grinning Merlin (wearing a woolly Pendragon crest hat one of the seers knitted) will cover Arthur in a merchandised Arthur towel and beam all, "Hi, clotpole. So you missed a few things."

oh my gosh they’re so cute together!

but then you get further into the episode and realize that Gwaine likes Merlin a lot and Merlin likes Gwaine too but less because whenever Merlin opens his mouth all that comes out is ArthurArthurArthur

and then it’s sad

So this is how my morning went *laughs*

[6:30:50 AM] Dragoon Sama: no but like, i keep thinking about what happened when arthur woke up
Dragoon Sama: like he’s just in a panic, realizing he’s not in his own body, completely off kilter due to the differences
Dragoon Sama: and there’s the teens/young people, who can be just as bad as the old crazies but also tend to be more athletic, harder to get away from, and what sort of cult is this, what do they /want/?
Dragoon Sama: where were lewis and vivi and mystery?  were they safe?  if it was just arthur, that was better, but he wanted to know where they were (help him), and he’s trying not to panic
Dragoon Sama: and the mystery inc guys, they don’t /believe/.  they want to know why shaggy’s playing such a silly joke, how far he’s going to take it
Dragoon Sama: and by their acting like arthur/shaggy is the crazy one, only reinforces arthur’s fears that this is their plan somehow, they want him to forget his own life for some reason he can’t figure out.
Dragoon Sama: and it’s scooby who calms things down, who gets both parties to realize that there’s something Wrong here.  because scooby could tell.  shaggy, even if he were inclined to do such a prank, wouldn’t do it without scooby knowing.  he wouldn’t let it go this far, to the point he was in a real panic attack, /scared/ of his friends.
Dragoon Sama: oh hi are you awake
Dragoon Sama: i was just rambling to you offline didn’t realize u would be there
Dragoon Sama: >>

Charlie McCarthey: He smells DIFFERENT too which is what starts it. But instead of getting on edge, Scooby was raised that way-to be aggressive to strangers, especially ones so frightened they can’t peel themselves from a corner.
Charlie McCarthey: HIIIII yes I live